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Mr Poppers PenguinsMr Poppers Penguins, Jim Carrey is Mr. Popper, a family comedy about a man driven business that has no idea when it comes to the important things in life – until he inherited six penguins. While Popper’s penguins turn their swanky apartment in New York on a snowy wonderland in winter – and the rest of your life upside down – that teach valuable lessons about the human family … or not. ‘Mr. Poppers Penguins is a contemporary update of the winning work. The film is available in the U.S., and 05 August in the UK. Check out what Jim Carrey had to say about the film below.

You have done visual effects movies before. Is there something easier to work with the effects? And did you just look at the script that will deal with some X and when would be the king penguins are there?

Jim Carrey: I really have no idea how we would go about it in day to day. Sometimes I like to, you know, what happened is that I liked working with real penguins. Animatronic Penguins were a small problem because everyone has a cell phone, or some sort of plate in his head, or whatever these days, or some type of electronic device. You know, iPads and things that go everywhere. And so you get types of joysticks go, “Are you?” “I am not.” “Are you?” You know kind of “Why is your arm movement?” So we opted for a lot of things CG. But most of the penguins are real because I love working with animals. I like to join your energy, and often come to us in the whole and not be there. And be willing to work with the X on the floor, or for some tennis balls or whatever and you will hear in the distance in their habitat goes, “ahhhhh.” Just like that. Would interrupt the dialogue anyway. I’m going, “They might as well all be here. Carry Out” and many times we have done in the last minute.

Do you have a favorite memory or a funny story about working with penguins?

Jim Carrey: I have a bit much… That was a good thing, it was a good thing. I think…. I love that scene, the dinner scene, you know that we are supposed to meet them sitting in their chairs just pecking at the fishplates. But it was fun because I had the camera in the face and then would back dolly. I did not know what to do with it. Had wrist back and had the Cowboys, who had a broom to separate types holes and keep the penguins as a horse race or something. And the head, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” trying to get the fish. And then they go, “Okay, Jim. Ready? Go!” Should be called distraction, I swear, because it is basically chaos. And I kind of had to stay and have fun with it. But when that sort of thing happens inside I’m going, “Yes,” you know, “Enjoy nature.” So it was a good memory.

There is some physical humor in this film; you’re still finding new things you can do with your face …

Jim Carrey: My class in front of the opera in its own today. It’s just a little makes you want to do. Sometimes it is appropriate and sometimes not, and usually, sometimes in the editing room, we’re like, “That is not human, we want to have that, wait a second, the eyebrows, is not supposed they are able to do that. That’s going to distract people, full speed ahead. “But I still do things, little tricks and fun things that I created when I was 10 years old. All this comes into play. And the game is when you’re a kid is so super important. I’m so lucky that my life was never backward until he was 11. Because I had a lot of big game and a lot of creativity still comes into play for me.

To what extent the experience as a foot support in a performance likes this?

Jim Carrey: No doubt, makes you more comfortable with yourself and comfortable to be creative in the moment. Working with the penguins can have a plan, but we do what we do, you have to be on their feet.

It is a great workout. I used to go and do stand-up. I used to do training. I used to think of it as training as an out night after night, without a plan at the Comedy Store. And two thirds of the time people threw chairs at me. And one third of the time it would be a flow that was kind of God given, something like that felt lucky to be part of. That made me feels comfortable.

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