Mount Pinatubo 1991 eruption Philippines

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Mount Pinatubo 1991 eruption PhilippinesMount Pinatubo 1991 eruption Philippines, Before the MP. Pinatubo erupted on June 12, 1991, Los Angeles has always been known for its life at night, not because American soldiers were in “R & R” during the Vietnam War and the years following, when Clark was still a U.S. military base.

But Pinatubo spoiled the fun, burying the city and much of Central Luzon tons of ash and lahars. Experts said it was the largest volcanic eruption in modern history. Pinatubo also drove the Americans, who were nevertheless at that time besieged by a growing clamor leaving Clark.

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In September 1991, the Philippine Senate in a historic move, voted against the extension of the US-RP Agreement military bases, to terminate the tenure of the U.S. in all its military bases in the country, including Clark and Subic.

More than a year in the eruption of Pinatubo in October 1992, Angeles was still a devastated city, with many of its wealthy citizens and the elimination leaving their homes at very low prices. October was the month of celebration Angeles, but still darkness enveloped the city.

Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan, occasionally rock n ‘roller, was in trouble as well. Getting to the city back on its feet, after the “double whammy” caused by the volcano and the sudden void left by the Americans (though Pamintuan was an anti-base activist himself), was a challenge faced .

The idea hit him like a stone in the head. He snapped his friends later: “Let’s rock n ‘!”

And Tigtigan, Terakado keng Dalan (singing and dancing in the streets) was born.

The idea was to bring back the element that characterizes Angeles City: fun. Pamintuan, together with his chief of staff and partner in the fight against Alex Cauguiran grassroots movement, convinced the shop owners who were affected by the volcano, mainly restaurants and bars, to open a store, and carry out tables and chairs along MacArthur Highway to sing all night and dancing to literally wake up the city and its citizens to get out and conquer the darkness with the rock n ‘roll.

He also spoke with his band and other musicians in the city to put their acts again in various parts of the MacArthur Highway.

The first Tigtigan, Terakado keng Dalan was held on October 30, 1992. As predicted Pamintuan, Angele? I came in droves. The city at night, lit up again, and people began to sway with the rhythm of life rock n ‘roll.

Pamintuan may have taken the idea of ??the traditional Oktoberfest in Germany, a veritable orgy of beer, a local version of which has been made every year by a local brewery, and carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. If these work parties, why not a local version?

Tigtigan became a regular event was highly anticipated and attended by tens of thousands of people during the two terms was mayor Pamintuan, three terms of then-deputy mayor and now Tarzan Lazatin and Pamintuan policy term Nepomuk’s nemesis Blue Boy, but using a different term to describe the event.

Tigtigan has become part of the national tourism calendar.

The event’s success can be summed up as an executive of the San Miguel Corporation, said. He said San Miguel, regular sponsor since, has never sold so much beer anywhere in just a single event.

The Tigtigan has since evolved from just an evening of music and dance. Other cultural events have been introduced since last year, which marked the return of Pamintuan as mayor. Due to its success, and to accommodate cultural and other events related to fashion, the festival has been held for two consecutive days, the last Friday and Saturday in October, ending the month-long Kuliat Fiestang.

The October 28 Los Angeles at 29 Rock City again. As in the common belief of the ancient tribes that loud music and the sound of drums and gong to drive away evil spirits, it seems that rock and roll ‘could take the spirit of the darkness of the city. In more ways than one, LA has risen from the ashes and prospered in a much better than when Pinatubo was a threat unnoticed and when the soldiers were gentlemen.

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