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Mothman, Deputy Millard Halstead Courthouse Mason County said: “I know these kids all their lives. They had never been any problems and they are really scared that night. I took them seriously. ”

Although he traveled to where the creature has been seen, the deputy found no trace.

The following night, Nov. 16, people with guns combed the area, but only as they were heading toward their car made a number appear behind him. The creature was reported to the summer in a sort of fixed position, but then he rose slowly from the ground, large and gray, with glowing eyes.

November 24. Four people allegedly saw a flying creature, and November 25, a creature was reported on Route 62, standing in a field.

Several observations of several of the “shadows” were reported until December 1967, after which he was never seen again.

There has been controversy over the comments of “Mothman”.

The Mothman is a creature would have seen in the area of Point Pleasant in West Virginia, USA

The reports show that human-sized creature with large reflective red eyes and two wings with butterfly-like, were made between November 12 to December 1967.

People who claimed to saw “shadows” were also described to 7 feet high, with an unusual cry has been heard from a mile away. The skin is gray or light blue under his feathers, varying in color, and possessed great strength as he had been seen lifting a heavy object like a car.

On November 15, 1966. Two young couples from Point Pleasant were traveling late at night as they passed the West Virginia Ordnance Works, when they noticed two red lights in the dark by an output of the plant. They stopped the car and I quickly discovered that red lights belonged to an animal, shaped like a dog, but bigger, maybe six or seven feet tall with wings folded against its back.

Terrified they drove toward Route 62, where the creature supposedly chased them at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour.

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