Monday Night Raw

August 16, 2011 by staff 

Monday Night RawMonday Night Raw, One night after a chaotic and controversial SummerSlam, the 951st edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you live from the Casino Valley View Center in San Diego, CA.

After the first undisputed WWE champion, CM Punk was crowned after a controversial call director of special operations and referee Triple H, the new champion was attacked and reported a return of Kevin Nash, prone to leaving Alberto Punk Del Rio to take advantage of their money in the Bank title shot to become the new undisputed champion of the WWE, “the aristocrat of Mexico” will make his first defense against the undisputed WWE title against the owner of San Diego “Master the 619 “Rey Mysterio.

The results match Falls Count Anywhere Match: John Morrison defeat. R-Truth by pin on the outside of the ring after a knee to the face.
Kelly Kelly & Eve def. The Bella Twins by Eva setting one of the twins after the Evesault Bella.
Jack Swagger (with Vickie Guerrero) def. Alex Riley by pin after the pump Swagger.
Non-Title: Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne def. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty deposited by Evan Bourne Michael Bourne McGillicutty following air.
WWE Undisputed Championship: Alberto Del Rio (c) def. Rey Mysterio for the roll-up to retain.
Detailed results

One night, after accounting for the pin even though CM Punk John Cena’s foot being on the bottom rope, allowing CM Punk to become the undisputed WWE Champion moments before Kevin Nash made his surprise return , for which punk Alberto Del Rio and allowing cash to become the new champion, RAW starts with the Director of Operations for the WWE, Triple H. COO states that a lot of people are “upset” about how things were going at SummerSlam before apologizing to the fans and for John Cena, admitting that he committed an “error” in counting the pins in spite Dinner to be standing on the line during the battle for the undisputed WWE title, adding that if not “mess up”, none of them could have won. Triple H then said that he had “no problem” in raising the hand of the then undisputed WWE champion, CM Punk. Triple H tells everyone that, despite his long friendship with Kevin Nash, who had “no idea” Nash plans to participate at SummerSlam when he left tickets for the event of Nash, but that was the last time I spoke to him. “The Game” and then reveals that he has invited Kevin Nash to appear on RAW and Nash told him that as long as Nash can tell the “truth” then appears to explain their actions! Triple H says Alberto Del Rio after cash money in the Bank contract to ultimately become the new WWE Undisputed Champion saying it’s just the way Money in the Bank works. Triple H follows that last week, promised that after SummerSlam, they should just “an” undisputed champion of the WWE and is Alberto Del Rio.

Triple H introduced the new WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio made its appearance in the ring to speak for the first time since winning the gold. The new champion of the States has been saying for a long time, it was his “destiny” of becoming WWE Champion. River continues to say he had no intention of profiting from their money in the bank at SummerSlam, but the “fate” does what he wants and “could not resist” benefit at such a time. Del Rio claims that some people are just “born to be great” and is “the greatest of the greats,” adding that he wants to “represent” fans with “honesty” and “passion”. River continues to say he’s going to be a champion for the fans, his “people” before reminding everyone that he will be making his first title defense against Rey Mysterio San Diego itself, adding that all “love” Rey Mysterio. Del Rio proclaims that he “loves” to Rey Mysterio and “love beat” Mysterio, he has made a career out of it, adding that it won the “little Chihuahua,” Rey Mysterio defeated King and then, fans have a ” new hero, “in Alberto Del Rio! In his first defense of the WWE Championship, Alberto Del Rio can hold its own against San Diego Mysterio, Rey or “The Master of the 619″ get the WWE Title?

After losing R-Truth on RAW last week, the opening match of the night I saw “The Prince of Parkour” John Morrison is one to one with the man who put him out of action on two separate occasions, R-Truth in a falls count any party. At the end of a single party that spent minimal time in the ring, was John Morrison suplexing R-Truth in a chair commentator before delivering a knee to the fierce face of Truth that led to Morrison’s victory collecting outside the ring.

One night, after participating in a fight in pairs 6-Man at SummerSlam, the former WWE Champion The Miz makes his appearance on RAW as Miz reveals that he has asked to come around to greet a guest in the crowd “The Subway Guy ‘Jared Fogle. The lady never sure, then tells Jared he can do a better job as a pitchman Jared subway. Miz then proclaims that the only reason that “baked crispy chicken sandwich” is “trend” is because of him. Miz continues to be a “star” before proclaiming that it will be champion again.

One night, after Beth Phoenix to surprise with a roll-up to retain the title at SummerSlam Divas, Divas Champion Kelly Kelly teamed up with her best friend Eva to deal with the Bella Twins Divas tag action. In the end, it was the eve of hitting the Evesault one of the Bella Twins routes to pick up the win for her and the Divas Champion. After the game, the celebration was short for best friends like the Divas of Doom, Natalya & Beth Phoenix comes out, sarcastically applauding the victory Eve & Kelly Kelly.

One night after shocking the world to come through the crowd and deliver the Jackknife Powerbomb CM Punk, Punk costing the WWE title, six-time world champion Kevin Nash appeared on RAW to explain his actions. Nash begins by thanking Triple H so lets get to RAW, reminding everyone that Triple H has been his friend for almost twenty years and is also the godfather of his son. Nash goes on to say he was seeing when he got a text SummerSlam before revealing that the text asked him to “stick winner” of the main event, regardless of who was the champion! Nash goes on to say that he “lost” being in the ring, but what he did at SummerSlam was “business”, adding that he and Triple H need to enter the “same page”.

Kevin Nash was ready to leave the ring, but before he could do it, the man he was told he was out at SummerSlam, the former WWE CM Punk, interrupted Nash. Punk calls what Nash said a “bunch of crap,” before asking Nash if Nash Triple H said to “jump off a bridge,” then do Nash, adding that he believes that Nash would be jumping off a bridge “good for business.” Punk follows that neither Triple H and Kevin Nash has no idea what is “good for business’ and telling Punk Nash answers to” watch your mouth. ” Punk telling Nash responds to “see the show” because he says what he wants and whoever answers Punk Nash telling her “world just changed.” Punk then says that the points of Nash Triple H story is a “liar”, adding that maybe Triple H is telling the truth, and Nash is the “liar.” Nash asks Punk if you want to see the text that was sent to him and Punk responds by reading a text that Punk’s younger sister sent to him last night saying: “OMG, Kevin Nash, WTF, thought I was dead, lol. ” Punk follows that Nash is “alive” and in person, but Nash “career is dead.”

CM Punk keeps saying he’s “pissed off” in a lot of people, but it is annoying to Alberto Del Rio, because he has done what he did Del Rio. Punk after the states, as Triple H is now the chief operating officer, he is bringing back their “old friends”. Nash says that all Triple H has been “shook things”, but Punk says he is the one who “shook things.” Nash then calls Punk an “indy-riffic little wannabe” who has been in WWE for five years and made only “two major events.” Punk challenges the knowledge of main eventers Nash, Nash called revealing that the late, great Eddie Guerrero a “vanilla midget”, adding that it is 2011, not 1994. Punk tells Nash to “go to 1996″ when he “changed the business” with Scott Hall, ensuring that everyone, including Punk, has “guaranteed money” and said Punk should say “thank you, Mr. Nash. ” Nash then said that if this is where the business is, where a man who “looks like a chef the short term a Waffle House is the champion,” says a Punk “take a shower, hit the weights, get a clue ”

CM Punk responds by saying that he entered the WWE as CM Punk and goes like CM Punk, and then appear somewhere like Oz and Vinnie Vegas or “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel. Punk then says enough with the “sarcastic” and if Nash wants to fight, then you can fight! Punk then makes its appearance in the ring but is stopped by a line of security guards. Punk states that he is “surprised” that the WWE Triple H became COO Nash “untouchables” by sending a security team that is not to kick Nash “ass”! Punk then, if everyone is looking back Nash, then no one is looking back to Triple H before Punk says he will get answers from the COO own!

Among racks, Kevin Nash goes to the office of his friend and chief operating officer of WWE Triple H, but while Nash did not find Triple H, the executive vice president of talent relations John Laurinaitis confronted him. Executive Vice President tells Nash that Triple H is in a meeting with CM Punk before punk way that spoke to him at SummerSlam and how he spoke with Nash were “totally unacceptable”. Laurinaitis Nash then invites him to speak at his office in “somewhat important”, before both men head to the office of Executive Vice President. What this business is important to John Laurinaitis has to speak with Kevin Nash?

With the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero to discuss among themselves about the comment, Riley was in action on RAW as “A-Ry” was one-on-one with “The All-American American” Jack Swagger. During the match, Vickie Guerrero left the announce table, but not before taking his hat Jim Ross’ cowboy hat as Vickie used to distract the referee, putting the hat on the referee. These antics distracted the referee and Alex Riley, allowing Jack Swagger to take advantage, leading to the pump Swagger Riley way to pick up the victory. After the match, Dolph Ziggler cowboy hat breaks before returning to JR

Moments after Vickie Guerrero helped in his victory over Alex Riley, Jack Swagger confronts Vickie Guerrero backstage and thanked Vickie for helping out. Swagger Vickie then says that does not have to “prove nothing” by Vickie Dolph Ziggler has former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion, adding that Edge was “nothing” before he met Vickie and Dolph would be “nothing” if not Vickie. Swagger continues to Vickie that “looks good” and “a great coach,” stating that past greats like Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and “Classy” Freddie Blassie all had “several customers” before Vickie advises Swagger thinking about “expanding” its “roster”. Vickie Guerrero follows the advice of Jack Swagger and manages more than one superstar at a time?

After racks, CM Punk comes to the office of Triple H, but is disappointed to find the wife of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Stephanie tells Punk that she really is “sorry” for how Punk lost the title WWE SummerSlam in, adding that “technically,” Punk does not win because John Cena’s foot was on the rope. Punk tells Stephanie not to worry because everyone “deserve” before departure.

WWE Champions team was in action on RAW and David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty faced the team of Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne in a non-title match. Ultimately, it was Kofi Kingston problems that impact in Paradise Michael McGillicutty, allowing Evan Bourne Bourne blow air on the way to Bourne & Kofi defeat Team Champions in WWE.

Then it was time for the main event, one night after collecting the money in your bank-in-the-bag to finally win the WWE Undisputed title CM Punk, the new WWE Undisputed Champion Alberto Del Rio made first title defense against the proprietor of San Diego “Master 619″ Rey Mysterio. In the end, Rey Mysterio looked close to regaining the title as King of the WWE comes to the 619 Alberto Del Rio, but when King went to the top rope splash, Del Rio has his knees up, driving them into the mid-section of Rey Mysterio before rolling to collect the win and successfully retain the undisputed WWE title. After the game, Alberto Del Rio was determined to hurt Rey Mysterio in front of his home crowd as the undisputed WWE Champion Rey pulled the arm on the bottom rope before hitting the arm of King at the announce table. Del Rio, then throws Mysterio back in the ring, locking in the cross armbreaker Mysterio, but luckily for King, John Cena runs out and attacks of Del Rio, forcing a hasty retreat for the champion.

John Cena tells Alberto Del Rio has “plenty of reasons to be angry,” and could be angry with Triple H, but it is not. Cena then says he is angry with Alberto Del Rio, since, after all he and Punk is in the ring during his match of undisputed WWE title at SummerSlam in an attempt to “integrity” of the Championship WWE, Del Rio’s business for himself and walks like a “champion.” Cena then screams River “is not a champion,” which is an “objective” and “the destination of gold” is the title of the WWE makes “all” their “enemies.” Dinner follows that CM Punk “deserved to be champion,” but Del Rio “charged in a suitcase and I was lucky,” adding that Del Rio will not be “the same fate” if ever defends his title against Cena and “destination” Del Rio John Cena is a “whipping” of your “ass”! After a successful defense of the WWE Title against Rey Mysterio, new champion Alberto Del Rio now has to keep an eye on a potential competitor in the new # 1 John Cena. John Cena gets his chance Alberto Del Rio and the WWE Championship? What will happen on RAW next week as the controversial saga involving Triple H, Kevin Nash, and continues CM Punk? Next week, answers or just more questions?

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