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May 13, 2010 by Post Team 

Missing MoneyMissing Money:Is it a problem with the lack of the Popular Party Money.The considered “dramatic” deficiency Cantabria not enough money in their accounts were closed in 2009 due to lack of money, a total of 186 million euros, and not only for see the data problem in itself, but the fact that there is a difference of up to 51 million from the figures provided by the Government itself in its financial adjustment plan approved in March, 135 million, and the condition of this week by the Minister Economy, Angel Agudo, $ 186 million.
“If this happens, the deviation from March to here, can not wait for 2010 when the expectations of 373 million deficit?” I asked the PP parliamentary spokesman, Francisco Rodríguez Argüeso. In historical perspective, this deviation of 37% shows that the management capacity of this government “over.” It is said that “We have eaten so far, but are able to manage with austerity, rigor and accountability of public funds have only one solution: pick up and drop.
I also remember that it is data Regional Intervention and in 2008 the Comptroller General of the State corrected the numbers up and forced to add additional 60 million euros.
Rodriguez did not want the number of diluted and compare the 186 million deficit in 2009 with other figures: 136 million cost-Pesquera Molledo section of the Highway of the plateau, the figure becomes almost equal to the annual budget Ayuntamiento de Santander, or a figure close to the initial financing agreement Valdecilla Hospital.
Economy Minister sarcastically responding to criticism of PP: PP very interesting debate, interesting. ” He recalled that members of the budget deficit are the two regional Authorized (0.75% of GDP, higher than 0.25% for investments) which would explain the differences and said they should explain why the WHO spokesman years happened in that position and go. ”
In any case, acute regrette public reading of the balance of regional accounts, 2009 was highlighted in the deficit figures, but that the gross savings and debt levels, Cantabria showing that “the best country’s public accounts . This shortfall, I said: Not only is authorized, but slightly lower than expected due to cost containment.
Iñigo de la Serna
The largest of Santander, Iñigo de la Serna, described as ‘scandalous’ Cantabria deficit of 186 million dollars, “almost as much as the general budget of Santander in 2010,” which are $ 192 million. De la Serna asked the Minister of Economy, Angel Agudo, “to give a convincing explanation of such a hole, what a great waste of money Cantabrians. Must give public explanations of where the money has gone Cantabria, with a deficit in 2009 than a hundred million in 2008, “he said.
De la Serna is recalled that “it is well managed public money from Santander.” The deficit of the City Council in 2009 “was 1.4 million euros, when the Ministry of Finance allows up to $ 10 million. Meanwhile, the Regional Government, which allowed the deficit limit is $ 135 million in September has reached 186. Agota exceeds the allowed and a 37% s’ else.

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