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October 11, 2010 by staff 

Minka Kelly, The former “Friday Night Lights” star dating Yankee Derek Jeter. Esquire has named the “sexiest woman alive.” It is apparently cooperate in this journalistic effort, have set amid the crumpled satin sheets for a photo -spectacular in the magazine as primary source material. For this, she realized that the box top left on the first page of the Post, but the most interesting, receives a salary of funny guy: hot pink, playing white describes brush script “Sexiest Woman Alive!” As if the words were fired at his chest in lipstick oiled, so to speak.

We cannot afford to contest the claim. But we enjoyed reading the way the message is able to pump herself a few inches of text to ensure the photographs, reproduced with permission of Esquire magazine, not only on the page. “Like we needed more proof that Derek Jeter is the luckiest man on the planet”, the story begins. Minka is considered a “succulent” “Superstar,” which “squirmed attractive” for a “hot” shoot. She decided against breast implants. “Craft” and “girl” to provide narrative twist: she looks neither, of course. And it is “wise beyond his age,” because she is happy, she does not know what his 30′s will! His mother was an exotic dancer, and sometimes when she had a nice bankroll to Michigan work, she awoke her young daughter out to the grocery store … “And here we are: the resolution of the conflict narrative. She is the daughter of a stripper with a heart of gold, which gives realness girl-next-door and glossy pin-up sxy. In essence, it meets all of the “form” usually breeds near a centerfold Playmate, without the turn-ons (pinstripes!) and turn offs (“tell the people!”). Brilliant!

Now to the main story: “CARL GAY RANT.” In case you were not late on this last night, our Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino seems to have had some problems with gays and Jews yesterday. Two synagogues, he has lectured on moral values (although it is a “live and let live”, “Do not Tread On Me” kind of guy), which included his opposition to children being “a brainwashed “to believe that hmosxlity was an” option “as good as heterosexuality. History records some of the back and forth on his” prepared remarks “which are, in most cases, versions printed speeches about to be read, circulated to journalists cite in their publications, and that eventually the difference in what he said. According to his campaign manager, there was some bad communication with the organizers of his two visits synagogue, and remarks as printed were not finally approved by the campaign. And therefore, from the “prepared remarks” that we do from today Post: “A prepared text of speech delivered by the leaders of the congregation, before delivery was much more incendiary declaring that God disapproves of hmosxlity and gays should be ashamed of themselves. “It would have been nice if we got a direct quote from here and put it on the wood.

Daily News: The News as Paladino’s diatribe is not very different, and even occupies roughly the same position as it does on the front of the Post. “CARL: GAY NOT OK”, which is a paraphrase anyway, and could therefore be either a characterization of the remarks as prepared or delivered. The quote is in the dek “says it is” not an equally valid option. “They have a thumbnail image of Paladino here, looking a bit more academic than the Post, which seems to have found a crop on an image Paladino in which he imitates the Joker from Batman movies. One thing, however: the News said that not only provide news, offering both “history” and “Lupica” on his spread. Lupica? The sports columnist and more are to sow his wild oats in the news lately. In a way, denounced a speech made by a guy in a Buffalo Real Estate Williamsburg synagogue about hmosxls, he runs with an obscure reference to the legendary St. John’s University basketball coach Lou Carnesecca and ends with a story about basketball coach Jack Donahue and a young Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Paladino Between whom he accuses of looking like he had recently fallen into a set of stairs, which is what you’ll want to do you, read the copy between the two.

It is worth mentioning that a story reacharound sports on the Giants win yesterday on newsstands “on its front page that Minka Kelly has obtained in the Post, which mentions only the Giants win in a thin blue stripe at the bottom of its forehead. We believe the News and Post do not share the rights to reproduce brilliant photo shoots from magazines, which today is the loss of News. ”

Comments: Rabbi Yehuda Levin, an opponent of abortion and gay marriage that has occasionally been a candidate for various offices, Jewish Week said yesterday that he had written the speech prepared for presentation Paladino Borough Park, and someone else, he was not at liberty to identify, wrote the speech prepared for the arrest of Williamsburg. There were two sets of prepared remarks distributed to reporters all yesterday. Paladino, who speak no prepared text, ad-libbed some but not all of the stuff the most incendiary speech real. It’s supposed to be a reason journalists should be careful not to “turn” the message he brought to the public in two public events.

What I do not quite understand is the willingness of the press to go with the remarks on delivery for treatment of their first page of the story, when they were distributed text under the auspices of an event campaign. Is not this what is called a “gaffe”? And the campaigns have not generally make the job of explaining the gaffe in public without hand journalists who cover them? Nevertheless, it appears that in many shops, after a few cries of the people Paladino (duly recorded in the articles), full “notes as prepared” disappeared into a black hole. For an application that is supposed to be fast and loose, this outspoken, what a remarkable level of defensiveness about his treatment in the media! And a press already pulling all games to play with the application Paladino, why beat around the bush this morning? What would have happened if the campaign had distributed Cuomo prepared remarks, only for Andrew to “fix” the ad hoc committee on the podium? Would he have been allowed to disown the document distributed to reporters at his event, before press time? Would not a full account of these comments have found their way into the newspapers?

Why was Yehuda Levin helped write this speech, in the first place? Not having to either endorse Paladino Levin political program or leave her now? This column is not a place to engage in media criticism seriously, Jack Schafer-style, as a rule. But when tabloids cost themselves a chance I think they would normally take if they saw clearly the campaign, it is a problem for us. (Or should I say “apparently” cost themselves the opportunity: The task of getting the real, physical copies of prepared remarks no doubt complicated by the fact that women reporters covering the event were Williamsburg prevented from entering Newsday, whose reporter Reid. Epstein has covered the event, prepared to publish comments * on-line, but it is not clear if the timestamp they did before the tabs began in bed.)

Despite its supplies on the morning shows today (which should earn more national notoriety Paladino: Could he get these invitations if he had not said what he said in the middle of a stone pumice new inexplicable tolerance of all Gay debate?), Carl has been easy this morning, and drive something a little less incendiary and catchy that he or she may have.

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