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January 26, 2011 by USA Post 

Michele Bachmann Response, (AFP) – Fired-up U.S. Republican Party papered over crack on the measure to cut spending, Tuesday, they mounted a frontal attack on the hours of the policies of President Barack Obama before his State of the Union speech.

Enemies of the White House in the House of Representatives have rallied nearly 20 Democrats voted with the chamber of 256-165 for a bill calling non-binding on the government to do with what it spent in 2008.

“The American people rejected the idea that we can spend and borrow the path to prosperity,” Speaker of the House Republican John Boehner said, referring to November 2 routs of the Democrats by Obama Voters angry against high unemployment.

“We listened, and tonight the American people whether Obama did the same,” Boehner said after the House approved a symbolic measure, which reflects a Republican campaign promise.

Moreover, the Republican House majority leader Eric Cantor said the House would vote the week of Feb. 14 – when Obama is due to unveil its annual budget – the renewal of a spending bill stopgap expires in March 4.

“So we are serious in achieving our commitment to reduce expenses,” Cantor told reporters.

Republicans also preemptively rejected the word of the White House, Obama proposes a five-year freeze in non-security discretionary spending in order to contain the runaway deficit of the United States and deflate the rising debt of the United States.

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel has called Obama’s approach “insufficient” and warned it would “lock” the Democrats ‘job killer’ political past two years, unlike the “more serious” Republican approach.

In the Senate, Mitch McConnell top Republican supported Obama to use his annual agenda setting – mid-way through his re-election in 2012 – to do more than simply a change of rhetoric in politics.

“We all have noticed with great interest that the president seems to want to go in a different direction. We hope this is not only a change in rhetoric at the center, but also a real change in the center, “said McConnell.

But the Republicans face their own trouble spots, including a push by many party members of the House’s most conservative to cut spending more deeply than their leaders were planning to do so, amid dire warnings that the Democrats the cuts will stall rather than the speed of economic sputtering U.S. recovery.

And party leaders laughed about the internal dissent that archconservative “Tea Party” movement initiated a firebrand legislator, Republican Representative Michele Bachmann, offer their own televised rebuttal of Obama’s speech.

Senior Republicans – Bachmann and itself – insisted his remarks were not in competition with the official Republican answer to be offered by the House Budget Commission Chairman Paul Ryan.

“We are all on the same page,” House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier, adding: “. Most of us who can get the message out there, the better”

“Paul Ryan is our official response to the GOP,” itself would have said Bachmann, on Monday morning in his home state of Minnesota. “I’m just reacting to what Obama said … This is not supposed to compete in any way. ”

And Steel noted that it was common for legislators to comment on annual speech of the President’s agenda setting.

“Whether through a press release, Twitter, Internet, television, radio, via Facebook or by other means, almost all members of Congress will share their thoughts,” he said.

Republican support also noted that Obama gave his own answer to the predecessor of George W. Bush ‘s State of the Union in 2008, while it fell to another Democrat formal objection to the party.

Bachmann, who has fueled rumors she may run for president in 2012, is known for heated rhetorical attacks on Obama and his politics: She called last week for a “revocation” and denounced the president’s state of health care signing the Law Review as “the crown jewel of socialism.”

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