Michele Bachmann & Presidency

June 14, 2011 by USA Post 

Michele Bachmann & PresidencyMichele Bachmann & Presidency, Despite all the idiots this or that questions the Republican debate yesterday, it is a consensus: A world of reduced safety and regulatory networks, where Rick Santorum’s views on abortion and the rights of not stand out as gay at all ends. And where Bachmann, who announced her candidacy on stage, it seems reasonable and “mature.”

Experts said Mitt Romney, the winner, but Romney is facing the distrust of “values” voters and the general indifference of everyone else. CNN, which aired the debate, said “at the end, all praised each other, with Romney saying that any of the seven on stage would be a better president than Obama.”

In a competition over that had more children and grandchildren, Bachmann beat them all with her impressive an objective the promotion of 23 children. They are mentioned a total of three times.

Bachmann certainly knows how to put on a show, but the problem one, according to John B. Judis in The New Republic: “She has the charm of Palin and her sexual charisma.” More than a wink, perhaps?

Bachmann is clearly more interested in pretending to be rational. Also required on the Early Show this morning that would be the “voice of reason” in the White House, where he has been missing for too long. ”

New Hampshire is not the “social question” bastion of Iowa is, but in recognizing the equal rights to marriage and to serve openly in the military, and the right to abortion, the candidates are ranked fairly in OPPOSITION.

Here are all lining up to outdo each other on a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman, just after Bachmann sounded fairly reasonable to say that does not interfere with New Hampshire law to legalize gay marriage.

On abortion, Rick Santorum was asked, strangely, if I thought Mitt Romney was very pro-life after being pro-choice as governor of Massachusetts. Said for the second time, he had “taken bullets” for abortion. We are not the only ones who listened and grinned, knowing he has actually “taken bullets” in this “debate.” Bachmann was asked about exceptions for rape and incest, that Pawlenty have been respected; she replied that it was a small proportion of cases and that it was on the right to life.

The picture was more confused by Do not Ask, Do not Tell, as seen in this video, with some favoring the restoration of a handful policy and practice saying you should not spend more time on it (and some, like Bachman, being as vague as possible). Romney said sullenly that we should be talking about jobs and the economy.

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