Michael Dell Dishwasher Restaurant

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Michael Dell Dishwasher Restaurant, Michael Saul Dell, Owner of Dell corporation, who begin his career as a dishwasher and now become one of richest men in the world. An Inspirative Story from Michael Saul Dell.

At the age of 12 years, a man named Michael Saul Dell was working as a dishwasher at Chinese restaurants in Houston, Texas. Dell receives wages USD2, 30 per hour. Income received that he collected to buy stamps. Dell is fond of collecting stamps.

From his love of this addition, he received his first money of $ 1000 after selling his entire collection. In a young age, Dell often change jobs started to become a bus boy, worked as an employee at the store of rare stamps and coins, to be a newspaper vendor who provides a booking service by telephone.

However, Dell’s interest in the world of computers is increasing at age 15. After playing with computers at Radio Shack, he had his first computer, an Apple II, soon to be dismantled to see how it works. Dell then try to reassemble a dismantled computer. He was successful. After that, his wish in the world of increasingly powerful computers. At age 18, Dell changed the profession. He works to find customers for the Houston Post. Dell was still a high school receive a salary of USD18.000 per year.

Furthermore, Dell started a computer business in 1984 at age 19 years and was a student at the University of Texas, Austin. Dell college with hopes of becoming a doctor. However, the ambitions that he left and started his own business, buying and selling computers with the flag of “PC’s Limited” is performed from the university dormitory.

It was just USD1.000 Dell capital from the sale of stamp collections. “When I founded Dell in 1984, based on the premise that you can sell computers directly to customers with customized their wishes. The price is cheaper than the market. That was the radical point of view, “Dell said as reported by First Jobs Institute.

He lived an unusual business. PC’s Limited computer allows customers to customize their desired specifications. The price offered is significantly lower than market prices. This is understandable given the PC’s Limited does not have a store and not have to pay a middleman.

All computers are sold directly to customers by using the order form. “At Dell, we are constantly evaluating business to know how to fix and often times we do approach to consumers with a completely different way,” said Dell.

Direct interaction with consumers it can be used as an effective step, so the PC’s Limited was well received in the community. This response makes Dell overwhelmed in allocating their time and business college. He decided to drop out and focus more on running the business he had pioneered.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the community to make Dell’s expanded his company by producing the first computer called the Turbo PC. Marketing system is done through various computer magazines by providing specifications to choose from consumers.

This makes the PC’s Limited could achieve gross opinion of USD73 million in the first year and position ourselves as the only successful companies with such a marketing system. Then in 1988, PC’s Limited changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation.

At the same time, Dell began to conduct on-site service systems. In 1992, Dell’s success earned him run the business was named the youngest CEO in the history of the world that has a big company and get listed in top 500 companies of Fortune magazine (Fortune 500).

At that time the 27-year-old Dell. Then in 2003, Dell Computer Corporation changed its name to Dell Inc. “When I started
company, so many ideas beyond the conventional business practice. If there are people who say that it will not work, I do not really listen to them, “he said.

In 2004, Dell resigned as CEO and he chose to sit on the board of director. But to save the company from
downturn, in 2007, Dell returned as CEO, replacing Kevin Rolling. Thanks to the expertise and innovations it does, Dell Inc. has a lot of progress.

Not only selling personal computers (PCs), now Dell Inc. also provides sales of various information technology-based products such as laptops, servers, storage media (storage), printers, PDAs, MP3, cameras, television. Dell’s expertise in business no doubt.

This is evident from its success makes Dell Inc. as one of the world’s leading computer company, to succeed was ranked 41 in the list of Fortune 500 Companies 2011. Not only that, Dell also successfully won the title as one of the richest people in the world according to Forbes magazine in 2011, with total net worth reached $ 15 billion.

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