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Mexico UruguayMexico Uruguay, Welcome to the live video updates with and this time we have a little heartbreaking as the future of football is on the world stage of the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2011 in Mexico by the host country Mexico and Uruguay.

Remember to update your browser occasionally to make sure you do not miss a moment of action and keep you up to date as is the case, warning that a long will we have posted video highlights new.

92 min: GOAL! The score at halftime of Mexico. Video up.

90 min: Four minutes of added time … you will feel like a time for the Mexican fans 100k.

88 minutes: just a couple of minutes to go and Uruguay is pushing everyone forward, leaving wide open to Mexico to start another goal on the counter. Uruguay has no choice and while the young side has a skeleton of shifts of defense.

86 minutes: It’s all over Mexico in the final stages and Rodriguez almost double the lead. Uruguay is just hanging. Video up.

81 min: Substitutions all over the place as a desperate Uruguay empty its reserves on the bench. Twenty-four teams set to lift the trophy three weeks ago…. and now you’d be mad to bet against the premises of Mexico. Football time cliché is a fun game though.

79 minutes: Mexico and Uruguay, hanging from the end really needs more children later.

70 minutes: Good age to wait for the free kick and not worth it, and you grab a player’s head on the wall. Uruguay goes along and has a chance to half at the other end, but Sanchez shows his resilience to keep them at bay. I imagine that the strike the kick to take a few minutes mean added to the end of it.

65 minutes: a free kick for Mexico’s right out of the box with racing Cubero the target and have your say, after one of their defenders handled six meters outside the area. A real opportunity here to start the Mexican wave – caused by a second goal, of course.

61 minutes: the heads of the hands on the bank of Uruguay, to miss a golden opportunity. San Martin has Surrogate acres of time, Mendez free the center square, but decides to shoot and star in the post. It should have been level. Video up.

57 mins: A yellow card to Silva and Mexico are separated. Silva had promised to shake off the dust challenge that chapter and back behind the ball. Free kick just outside the bar that swings and thus became the bar. Video up.

55 minutes: A momentary lapse in defense Tostado sent away and show some dazzling feet, but over-complicates things a touch. I needed to stand, dismissing a Mexican player charging through a thunder on the rise in celebrations goooaaaaallllll network and then – but that did not happen. Cubero stops overconfidence in one hand and a weak shot in the arch.

53 min: It’s naptime in New Zealand – but not hot, and this type of action on the tube there is no chance of anyone getting something kip. Good also as the head only came to see in football. . And if you were a fan of Mexico would be saying things are going to plan.

49 mins: Uruguay stuck a bit while waiting for the official to raise the offside flag is not lucky for Uruguay and delivery in the penalty area is a touch too high for the striker Pierre.

46 mins: Uruguay has taken the early lead in the ball and territory and received the first curve of the second half. But it is Nout.

We’re back after the break and the fans are eager for action back on again – and who can blame them? Have there been any quality young men. Hopefully there will be more coming in the second stage.

That halftime Mexico 1 – Uruguay 0

44 min: Young Meixcan side is looking to add to your advantage and the Knight is a blow to one, but the angle is too narrow. One minute of added time in the first spell.

40 minutes: a great effort by Mexico Fierro striker who seems to be entering your account. He stops at a dime, looks up, takes his place and almost nails it. Video up. It then creates a little chaos in the box. Nice player am there.

35 minutes: Very close to an immediate response from Uruguay, as it crashes against the post. Video up.

33 min: Goal of Mexico. Great work by the captain who gets away Brise? O video close range.

29 min: Ohhh, Mexico should have taken the league by Varela, who was forced to wait for the ball, but still a great delivery into the box should have produced more. Video up.

26 min: Best strike of the game lies with the local team and the foot of Escamilla. Bodies behind the blockade, but breaks Uruguay side and should have done better. It should have been fired to the left, but Alvarez was elected and just slip out of his boot wide. Video up.

23 min: Camilla is in Uruguay to Aguirre when he has a head clash with the Mexican goalkeeper. He has been subtitled as a result. Video up.

21 minutes: Ah, now we have the local team to start playing football. They work in an environment in Uruguay by the left flank and in the last few minutes seem to have been camping in wanting to turn on the style … Anybody got a match?

18 minutes: The two sets of back are working well on top when danger approaches. Possession is to Mexico 57% or 43%, but most of the ball has been in the Mexican media. Four shots on goal for Uruguay (one white, and a weak one at that), not from Mexico so far.

16 minutes: First color chart is the final and very yellow shade of the Uruguay striker. Little rough, but that is welded.

13 mins: First shot in anger as real Méndez de Uruguay volleys. He will be doubly angry at the outcome. Video of a couple of c3acks in the white sticks.

11 minutes: First corner of the game is much more than Uruguay. What will we see? A message delivery flat front? Curling now? He’s gone away, but disappears Mexico and tries to break. Uruguay received a standing, which was great as its fast pace is something off the field for Mexico. However, to see a hat in the crowd …

9 minutes: A lot of useless data – is 23 degrees in the stadium and is partly cloudy and have a dry field. The humidity is 73% … Svein Oddvar Moen of Norway is in control of it. End of useless information.

5 minutes: Not a lot of action, but give the adrenalin levels a chance to settle. Cubero, the man from the sticks of Uruguay, only broke one of the lengths of the pitch. A pair of free throws clumsy assigned by both sides, but that’s the nature of an end … regular football coverage will end the match in the people’s nerves.

2 minutes: Uruguay gets an effort on the goal of a mile, but never troubled Sanchez in goal as he swallowed it whole. Ref only putting up some of the young players like the chance to become a bit much for some and reducing the excitement about.

1 min: We’re underway in a packed stadium in Mexico City. Heck, just listen to the home help is defeaning. A solid support for the local’s luvin it.
Launch is not far from popular …

Ahead of today’s FIFA Under 17 World Cup final between Uruguay and Mexico, President of football, Sepp Blatter spoke in Pachuca, Mexico and played the way credit that the country had hosted the tournament.

“Naturally, the organization of this World Cup, with such success is a very positive result for the Mexican Football Federation and for all fans of Mexican soccer.”

Also attending the press conference was Junji Ogura, President of the Organising Committee for the Under-17 World Cup, congratulated Mexico for qualifying for the finals and there will be a great event.

“I would like to congratulate Mexico to qualify for a final that promises a great festival of football in the Estadio Azteca flagship” Ogura said.

Yon de Luisa, the tournament director, he referred to the success of the tournament.

“Overall we are very pleased with the experience people have taken with them after reaching these stages and see the quality of football is amazing coming from the young age of 17. We are very pleased to have received top football players the world in this category (age) in Mexico. ”

Uruguay and the host country will face in the final of the World Cup on Sunday in 17 at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

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