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October 4, 2011 by Post Team 

Meredith KercherMeredith Kercher, Tears of relief rolled down her face, Amanda Knox is on the verge of collapse, as a judge last night cleared him of the death of Meredith Kercher.

A jury found the 24-year-old, did not participate in the 2007 murder of British knife Meredith student whose semi-nkd body was found in the apartment she shared with American in Perugia, Italy.

Experts said that police investigating the attempted murder and found DNA evidence was so weak that it should have been used to convict anyone of Knox and her then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, who also authorized the murder, leaving only one person in jail – Rudy Guede

But Foxy Knoxy and walked away from court a free woman, Meredith’s family spoke of their surprise at the verdict and pledged to appeal. Father John said the family home in Coulsdon, Surrey: “It’s ridiculous. How can they ignore all the other tests. I thought the judge might play it safe and uphold the conviction, but reduce the sentence. However, this result is crazy.

“There were 47 wounds on Meredith and two knives used. One person could not have done that. What happens now? Does that mean that the police need to look further murderers?

“It makes a mockery of the original test. We are all shocked, we could understand the sentence reduction, but full liberation, wow.”

Meredith’s sister, Stephanie told how the victim had become almost “forgotten” during the appeal of 10 months.

Before the verdict was read, Knox had made a passionate plea of ??innocence in court.

Speaking in Italian, said: “I did not kill, I do not rape, I did not steal. I was not there. I’m not who you say I am.

“The perversion, violence, lack of respect for life. I did not do the things they are saying that I did. I lost a friend in the worst, most brutal, inexplicable way. I am paying my own life for something not have.

“I had good relationships with everyone who lived in my house. I was messy, sloppy, but I had good relations. I shared my life, in particular with Meredith. She was always very kind to me.

“Meredith died and I always wanted justice for her. Do not run from the truth and I have never found elsewhere.”

However, as Meredith’s father, mother Arline, brother Lyle Stephanie and tried to reach an agreement with the verdict, Knox’s family was off the court and spoke of her relief.

Sister Deanna, said: “We are grateful that Amanda nightmare is over. She has suffered for four years for a crime he did not commit.

“We are grateful to the court to have the courage to seek truth and to reverse this conviction.

“We are very grateful for all the support we received from around the world, people who took the time to investigate the case and could see that Amanda and Raffaele are innocent.”

Father Francesco Sollecito said. “I allowed some tears tonight,” Speaking of Meredith, said: “We will remember her fondly.”

After the verdicts were delivered, taunts were heard outside the court building. Hundreds of people gathered in the streets shouting “shame” when they learned of the decision.

And there was commotion inside as Knox was quick to embrace her family and legal team. She was released last night and plans to fly to the U.S. today.

Arline, Stephanie and Lyle left the court without comment. His lawyer Francesco Maresca said: “The family to respect the decision of the court, but do not understand.

“They are confused as to why the sentence was revoked, but they have faith in the judicial system.”

Meredith’s father revealed prosecutors plan to appeal against the acquittal. But Knox feared by then be back in America. He added: “It would be difficult to extradite her back to Italy.” Before the verdict of her son and daughter, said he always strives to forgive her murderers.

Lyle said: “It’s hard to talk about forgiveness at this time. Four years is a very long time, but on the other hand, is not and is still very, very raw.”

Asked how the family remembered her, he said it was “as if it had gone on a long break and have not been back yet.”

Stephanie added: “Forgiveness does not enter it at this time.

“Without a definitive end to all it will be hard to forgive anything at this time.

“What everyone should remember is the brutality of what happened that night and all that Meredith must have felt that night.

“Everything that happened, fear, terror and not knowing why. She did not deserve that, does not deserve that, I loved this place.

“It’s very difficult to understand what happened that night without knowing the truth.”

Putting her hand on the arm of her mother, she said she had come “to remember Meredith in a city that loved him.” His sister was in the studio a year in Perugia at the University of Leeds. She had only been in Italy for two months, when prosecutors say he was killed in a brutal sex game went wrong.

His throat had been cut and had been sexually assaulted. Guede drug dealer, was convicted on 21 murder of Meredith in another trial and was sentenced to 30 years. Barman Knox falsely accused Diya “Patrick” Lumumba’s assassination. She said yesterday that it must pay 19,000 pounds in damages.

Much of the appeal focused on the examination of DNA on the knife, which is considered the murder weapon, which indicates that the test might be flawed. The defense team also challenged the testimony of Knox and Sollecito sightings near the crime scene, claiming that it came from unreliable witnesses, a homeless heroin addict who had been discredited in other trials.

The most damning revelations came from two court-appointed experts who poured scorn on the forensic investigation of the murder scene.Key the original trial was a kitchen knife in the kitchen 30 cm Sollecito, and a bloody clasp Meredith bra.

Blood stains on the home they shared mixture contained DNA from both Meredith and Knox. Prosecutors said that fingerprints found at the scene matched those of the Americans and was with luminol, which reacts positively with blood.

However, on appeal, experts said DNA testing was flawed and should not be relied upon to secure a conviction.

It is crucial that experts said there was no DNA testing Knox at the scene of crime – against the police forensic claims. She and Sollecito said they were not in the woman’s apartment that night, but went together to his.

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