Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid

January 30, 2011 by Post Team 

Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid, On Saturday, Gibson appeared alongside pop star rival by 80 Tiffany in the TV movie “Mega Gatoroid vs. Python” on SyFy. Gibson was an animal rights activist and sxy Tiffany has played a park ranger sxy … yes, they both looked like they were headed for the Halloween party in “Mean Girls”.

While movies of the week SyFy tend to fall into the “so bad it’s good, it can only have been bad. The unsubtle nod to the rivalry of twenty-five years, would could be cute one or two decades ago, but now it’s really, really, really old news.
Python vs. Mega. Gatoroid could be the perfect movie SyFy Saturday night. He promised that his title: mega-companies pythons and alligators huge, people eating and the next. He had requested this kind of star power washing-up in 80 pop singers Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. Gibson played a radical activist for animal rights. Tiffany depicts a park warden with his uniform unbuttoned enough to reveal that she has been trying to smuggle twins newborns in the Everglades. The horror began promisingly in the opening moments, when a python ate a dog and then vomited on. So far, so good.
Things started promising enough, with her boyfriend of Tiffany kissing a bunch of backwoods yokels Everglades shouting things like, “Kiss her like a man -! Put yer tongue in his throat” But pretty soon, people were bidding farewell to each other by saying “Later, Gator, and Tiffany was feeding chickens super-steroid-filled alligators and then scream too consciously,” There is nothing crazy about it! What could go wrong? ”

Worse yet, Mega Vs Python. Gatoroid had a real connotation: The 80′s manufactured “feud” between Gibson and Tiffany worked into the plot here by militant animal bites guard against Gibson Tiffany’s I-hate-campaigners. When both have a catfight running around, pulling hair, which was set at a party rather than the pythons and alligators, the film had lost its sense of purpose.

This is the kind of things we like to scream at our TV screens. When they do, it just seems awkward. I did not pay at Mega Vs Python. Gatoroid of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson look try to relaunch their careers by showing how knowledge and ironically they are I just wanted to see some strange evil monsters and such terrible unconsciously, but sincere, Eric Roberts has been acting in Sharktopus.

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