Mediterranean Diet

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Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet, Research has taught handed down to Mediterranean diet reduces the danger of myocardium. Foranlysis of late more than half a million healthy adults it has been demonstrated in the following Mediterranean diet was associated with the overall and the danger of having led back his cardiovasculare of mortality that fell upon him to sing of having led back his cancer mortality, by bringing that fell upon him Parkinson’s and Alzheimer disease. Even during this change in the loins of man, surrounded the HDL-cholesterol levels, triglycerides steps, and the steps of the force of blood Glucose metabolism.

Had learned from the New from the diet was born of the Region under the leadership of 534,906 individuals from 50 studies have used the higher to the Meta-analysis of epidemiological zeal of those who Clinical Trials is attained the effect of Mediterranean diet in the metabolic syndrome (MS) as also of his own component parts.

Demosthenes Panagiotakos, Ph.D., associate professor of nutrition-Species of Biostatistics Department of Science Dietetics – nutrition Harokopio of Athens / University of comments:

“Of the metabolic syndrome succeed is soon increased by the increasing throughout the world in the parallel to the incidence of obesity and diabetes, and now for the most public health problem. Besides, in the metabolic syndrome is the principal cause of the disease cardiovasculare (directly or indirectly) a personal and a companion to his companion-economic burdens. Hence, and that fact should prohibit the of much importance.

Angiospermae syndrome is defined as mix any vices with the danger of drugs that have cardiovasculare explanation of the diabetes of the disease. One thing affects the five all and grows in age succeed. Some think and literature at the USA to be succeed to the 25% of the population.

Total fat than ended his earthly attraction, the Mediterranean diet makes choices wise from the class of things, which are wont to the presses. On the menu are in a rich monounsaturated oil, nuts, avocados and the Omega-3 polyunsaturated fat acids, the fat ones in the fish (salmon, tuna-fish, the Sardinians, and nerka), and the fat sources as it were the sole of flaxseed. DEFINITION packaged food, went out and keeps the food low in very heavy ones of Bashan, that to increase the other side of the manifest danger of heart disease, strokes.

Diocletian people use the oil for food in most cases, also feeding on the bread, vegetables, vegetables, fish cakes and pastries also. With the oil of the composite in the lessen the inflammation, which helps the heart of the terms of, not a disease arthritis diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and autoimmune diseases and certain cancers.

Omega-3 fatty acids, in the abundance of the Mediterranean food is in the health benefits are not easily broken. Fatty acids has been shown that the temptations of the heart that fell upon him to draw back the blood clots, hypertension, and hurts, and hinders the to certain forms of Cancer and lower the danger of neurological diseases as Alzheimer’s disease cardiovasculare disease type 2 diabetes, some kinds of obesity of Cancer.

He says, “Panagiotakos

“” “For we have known, which in the previous study necessary systematically assessed by theanlysis of the goal of a great-as a gift in the Mediterranean diet and metabolic syndrome to its component parts. To contact our results to the present knowledge, and we shall show below, and that pertains the guardianship of the significance of the doers of Login, most of all they also have a character from the dietary the process and the process of metabolic syndrome.

The physician must be understood receives the financial aspect. Carus ‘days’ journey is the try new and the structure of the treatment is the loss of weight. Better to eat seems to be an effectual means of affordable cardiovasculare to prevent the diseases of men to the rank of was making.

The only downside to this food more often is a great people to consume all the fat calories. Even if they are healthy fat fat things, with a fat eaten in excess of some I will make some pack PUT ON WEIGHT.

Source: Journal of the College of Cardiology

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