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October 12, 2010 by staff 

Medal Of Honor Review 2010, We’ve seen other dogs at the top of the current generation falter a bit (like the Nintendo Wii and Activision Guitar Hero own series), but Call of Duty has not skipped a beat – to the chagrin of Electronic Arts (ERTS), which has seen its rival Medal of Honor the skids just as Call of Duty soared into the stratosphere.

The dual action series won their wings like shooting the very first film made the Second World War.

In fact, they are family. Infinity Ward’s studio (now owned by Activision) Call of Duty that animated was actually initiated by members of the development team of Medal of Honor.

But April 28, 2007, marked the day that Call of Duty Medal of Honor left in the dust.

It was then that Activision has unveiled the first call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare trailer, which took the series on the Second World War and blown into the modern era. We were only playing a virtual saving Private Ryan. Modern Warfare is a playable Black Hawk Down, which was a billion times better than the actual play Black Hawk Down.

The result was absolutely deafening buzz that players enthusiastically expressed their desire on all blogs and forums on the web.

Modern Warfare, released in November 2007, was one of the games most critically acclaimed of the year, an average review score of 94%. Consumers have responded in large numbers, eventually, buy more than 13 million copies, making Modern Warfare one of the releases of the most successful entertainment of all time.

EA’s Medal of Honor: Airborne was released in September 2007, just three weeks ahead of the juggernaut Halo 3, was a bomb at the box office. The bombastic Modern Warfare made the Second World War on the topic of Airborne, which was really a terrible game, look completely out of touch.

To add insult to injury, Activision evicted more Axis-snuffing beating with Call of Duty: World at War in 2008, although the Second World War on the theme of first person shooters had supposedly spent fashion.

Subsequently, the 2009 Modern Warfare 2 is the biggest Call of Duty still win a place as one of the biggest entertainment release in history with sales north of $ 1 billion.

The verdict was – Call of Duty won, and EA wisely shelved Medal of Honor Airborne, after the debacle.

However, EA is bringing it back tomorrow for the first time in three years with minimum titled Medal of Honor, bringing the series in 2002-era Afghanistan, with real life the wicked Taliban.

EA has basically Medal of Honor: Modern Warfare. In fact, if you took the image of all of EA’s promotional videos, I would have guessed that I was looking for a Call of Duty Thurs

The question becomes: Can EA turn with Call of Duty game obviously following the call of duty modern style?

I will not guess, for three very important reasons:

1. Bad Timing

Release date for EA’s Medal of Honor he sandwiches between Halo and Call of Duty Reach: Black Ops, the latest editions of two franchises in the industry dominant action.

People can buy as many games, especially when they are in the same genre. Come November 9 (release date Black Ops), Medal of Honor sales are likely to drop.

2. Players are soured on Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor: Airborne has left a bad taste in the mouths of a few souls unfortunate enough to have owned it, effectively giving a bad name to a series-revolutionary times and loved. Frankly, it’s just been too long since people have played a good game Medal Honor.

Meanwhile, the Call of Duty franchise has been increasingly popular, and even the less famous – as in the 2008 World at War – have become a huge success.

3. The bar is extremely high

EA has made tremendous progress in the department of quality control in recent years, but use to derail the momentum of service is simply a monumental task.

Players rejecting a series they were glued to the years will require a combination of sterling reviews, a new wave of consumer interest in the Medal of Honor series, and a disappointing Black Ops.

At the end of the day, the buzz on Medal of Honor is generally positive, but there is literally nothing compared to what we saw when Activision Call of Duty restarted in 2007.

EA is taking the right steps to rebuild Medal of Honor, even if not the most creative. It does not look like enough.

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