May 21 Mark The End Of The World ?

May 19, 2011 by staff 

May 21 Mark The End Of The WorldMay 21 Mark The End Of The World, By now, everyone has heard of our impending doomsday. The leader of a religious sect of California has proclaimed that the world faces “Judgement Day” May 21, 2011, produced with posters announcing, “The Bible Is Fair” and “Return of Christ as Judge.” The people behind this date, a broadcast ministry called Family Radio located in Oakland, California, say that since God warned Noah of the World Day of Judgement seven days before it happened, this also correlates with the Next Day Judgement of the seven “days” (specifically millennia) later. The public says that the flood back to 7000 years ago exactly on 21 May. The leader, Harold Camping says that one can know the date of the creation of the world, only by using a complicated set of numerological calculations. Through calculations, says one can extrapolate when the Bible “guarantees” the end of the world.

“The Bible has given us an absolute proof that 2011 is the end of the world during the Day of Judgement, will enter the final day of Judgement Day,” says the website of Family Radio.

Of course, this has caused much controversy and public criticism. The Restored Church of God but responded with a statement to discredit the press Camping and “Judgement Day” prediction. The press release confirms that there will be no end of time:

“You can know with absolute certainty” the world’s end “does not come this year! Most of those writing about the Bible do not realize this book is interpreted. The author of this book largest not let the most important questions those that involve the entire humanity, without prejudice to human interpretation. ”

Then say that most who read the Bible to remain ignorant of much of its meaning:

“They are completely unable to recognize the speed, sequence and timing of their prophecies. And this is on top of not really understanding what it means that any of them! So many simply can not untangle the maze of what occurs when, how and where and to whom and why, “and continues” For Christians, the issue the day the trial begins with what Jesus said about his return: “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor When the Son of Man comes “(Matthew 25:13). If people were reading verses base pairs, I never worry about May 21, 2011, because no one knows the day of Christ’s return:” In this day and that hour knows no man, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son except the Father “(Mark 13:32). These verses are opposed to any setting a date for the return of Christ, be an authority. ”

In the press release of the Restored Church of God will further confirm the authenticity of the date of the end of the world:

“Make no mistake: Every May 21, 2011 predictions from a false prophet. All Scripture is quoted this man-without exception-is distorted, mutilated and killed. The Bible warns that” evil men and seducers “(II Tim. 3:13) specifically in our time, but like all the other caveats, not paying attention. ”

As we reported earlier, the idea of?? The end of the world has been a subject of speculation, ridicule and general discussion, the fascination and fantasy for 2,000 years since Jesus Christ said that he would return. With views everywhere, has been an explosion of popular scenarios materials, ideas, theories, assumptions and interpretations of what will happen just before Jesus returns.

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