May 21 & Judgment Day?

May 16, 2011 by staff 

May 21 & Judgment Day?May 21 & Judgment Day?, A weekend for some while on a road trip to Santa Barbara, went through the left side of the radio dial interest college radio stations. Having lost all trace of college radio, somewhere near Santa Maria, I found the show “Open Space” on the family radio.

Very quickly I became riveted by the religious talk-show calls. I learned that the day of the trial was reportedly scheduled to arrive on 21 May 2011 and would start with a swarm of earthquakes around the world. The host says that we have been beyond the “church age” from 1988 and, in fact, “the churches of today are ruled by Satan” and are “right at the end of time” with “. Salvation is only going to outside the churches. “After doing some quick research on my phone I realized that I had seen some posters on the Day of Judgement, but had no idea that 1) it was too early and 2) was largely being promoted by a massive radio network.

Of course I wanted to learn more, so they organized a time to visit the Family Radio Oakland when I returned to the Bay Area. Family Stations, Inc. was founded in 1958 with the purchase of Kear-FM in San Francisco and has since grown to a massive network of 66 Christian radio stations in the United States. Emissions also sent around the world (as far away as Turkey, South America, Russia and South Africa) through short-wave radio and the Internet. Programming even go as far as Taiwan and the submarine cable that allows the transmission in China. Moreover, they have two television stations (in San Francisco and New York) and broadcast several shows (including Open Forum and the Family Bible Study) on television and the Internet.

Family Radio President and CEO Harold Camping has been host of the live call in talk show “Open Forum” for 50 years. In what initially began in 1961 that was meant to be simply an open forum for listeners to call and ask questions about camping on the season. Although expected to hear questions about music, programming and finance, but instead were besieged with calls asking about the Bible. Since those early days the show is transmitted at least 5 days a week. For the past few weeks (as the day of reckoning is coming), Open Forum has been broadcasting live 7 nights a week 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time. In addition to the Open Forum, Camping hosts “Family Bible Study” which was recorded for both radio and television. NTQuMTQ3LjQwLjE1Mw==

When I visited family radio on Thursday, May 12, Camping 89-year-old was taking his final “Family Bible Study” during lunchtime. As a diverse group of maybe 50 people gathered in the studio audience and the crews of both Univision and filmed the action Nightline, Camping walked around the world through a series of passages from the Bible before concluding with a short turn Q & A with the audience. He started studying the Bible with a prayer and she could not help noticing that referred to the staff of radio family were not believers. This was my first clue that not everyone in the building was counting the days until May 21 and was a big surprise for me.

As expected, Thursday’s final study of the Bible is largely the Day of Judgement. Camping said he would come on Saturday, May 21 at 18:00 local time, which means that wherever you live, what will happen at 6pm. He promised, “We will be able to see … those who are being abducted,” and said that “when they are raptured” you get “eternal life.” He added, “is just a fantastic gift, wonderful to not pay anything.” But then, his study of the Bible was diverted into the territory of fire and brimstone, as he said, “When believers are raptured” will be a “final conviction of those who remain.”

Apparently, May 21 will mark the beginning of hell on earth of the unbelievers, as the world does not end until October 21. Camping argued that the people left behind to feel something like a ‘sting of a scorpion to be a “final blow”, as they realize that others have been kidnapped and do not have. Camping seemed almost giddy as he anticipated May 21, describing the moment: “When we are trapped and the world sees us.” He added that when that happens, “the trial of God is upon them and they are left behind.”

After the Bible Study that will tour the entire family of radio operation. It’s all a set with television studios, radio studios, movie production, printing department, international department (which translate materials into 68 languages), team of Internet and mail room. Most radio programs originating in the study of Oakland and run on other stations (including the total energy of AM and FM stations and translators) through automation.

As on May 21 Family Radio has been working overtime to spread the word not only through their radio and television, but also by a variety of marketing tactics including RV travel trailer in the U.S. and Canada, posters, pamphlets, religious, You Tube, videos and free bumper stickers. I also saw many people on the Family Radio had the Day of Judgement T-shirts and trucker hats, but it is unclear to me if they are available online. When I visited the department of the Internet I learned that the Family Radio website has been lively, with 3.25 million visitors in April. Interestingly, I learned that most web traffic has come from outside the United States, with China as one of the largest countries outside the United States as visitors.

The atmosphere around the offices of family radio was happy as people gathered for lunch in a common room after studying the Bible. Families with young children milled about and a man who had traveled from New York for the “last two weeks,” took a break in the lobby before heading out to the streets with the literature on the Day of Judgement. He said his family thought he was crazy.

In practice, I was curious about the plans of network programming after 21 May. My tour guide Rosa said she did not know and added that they are “just let the Lord to stop it.”

There was a sign announcing that Friday, May 20 would be a paid holiday, but there was no mention of the work program for the following week. I’ve also heard that the programming has been produced usually several weeks in advance, so if May 22 comes, there should be material to play. Harold Camping was vague about the future as programming goes, but admitted to me that, “We have a lot of staff who do not respect us at all and for their sake there are some programs that are in the can. But probably … we certainly do not use it, but for their sake, they think they could use it. “Despite that, he said that everyone was helpful and loyal, but disagrees with the prediction about the coming of Day of Judgement. I asked what the staff expected to occur no believer in the net after 21 May and Camping said: “I am not the CEO. God is the CEO. You have to ask.” When asked what his plans Camping for 21 May, I said I’d probably be watching TV and listening to the radio to hear what was happening around the world.

Camping and their supporters are firm in their belief that the May 21 starts of the end. According to the area, “Facts Regarding May 21, 2011,” this time is a certainty. The brochure states, “The large number of signs and evidence absolutely guarantee biblical Judgement Day is May 21, 2011.” Yesterday, Camping, Open Forum said, “people are dying by the millions.”

Of course, there are plenty of skeptics. Billboards competing for a group of atheists proclaim that the Day of Judgement is false and Rapture Day parties are not provided. Callers skeptical “Open Forum” Camping have ridiculed for being a “false prophet” and the Open Forum on Wednesday, a caller even asked, “Are you on crack?” Surprisingly, this question elicited laughter Camping, he replied that ‘d never done cocaine.

For those who are following Camping, the day the trial begins far from the headquarters of the Family Radio at about 23:00 Pacific time on Friday, May 20, 2011. As will be 18:00 on May 21 in New Zealand, this should mark the beginning of the end. We’ll have to see if there is radio silence on May 22 or if the family radio network continues its emissions.

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