Mass Effect 3 Ending: New ‘Mass Effect 3′ Ending

April 7, 2012 by staff 

Mass Effect 3 Ending: New ‘Mass Effect 3′ Ending, If there’s one thing this whole debate over Mass Effect 3?s ending has shown, it’s that the internet holds power. Vast power, like an epic fireball spell that incinerates everything in sight until only charred ashes are left to blow in the breeze. This power was held by thousands of internet users recently who – after a massive, relentless campaign of moaning about Commander Shepard’s send off – managed to get Bioware to give in and announce this week that they’re creating an additional piece of story content for Mass Effect 3 designed to give gamers the closure they seemingly crave.

Let me tell you first of all where I am. I’m just like most of you – I’ve played through every single scrap of Mass Effect several times, read the novels, indulged in things I missed by reading them on wikis and even persuaded my fellow ManaTank writer Eric Pederson (by way of gentle prodding) to get off his backside and finally play Mass Effect. In other words, I’m a bit of a fan.

When I first started playing Mass Effect 3, I started boycotting the majority of the internet after seeing complains start to arise about the ending (I was about halfway through at that point). Even so I managed to spot a few people’s moans by posts on Twitter, and a it filled me with a sort of cold dread to see so many people complaining about the ending, so much so that throughout the entire game I was sat wondering to myself what the hell was so bad about it.

After finishing it, I’m still wondering. I know I’m in the minority here but I really do believe that Mass Effect 3?s ending was both dramatic and a fitting end for Commander Shepard and I applaud Bioware for not taking the obvious route and having a ‘save-the-day’ moment and everything being happy. Good narratives don’t work like that people. Remember Return of the Jedi and the Ewoks? Remember how rubbish and stupid that was? Good, that’s what Mass Effect 3 would have been like if everything was fine and dandy. Except it would have been Hanar instead of Ewoks.

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