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May 18, 2010 by Post Team 

Mark SouderMark Souder:Mark Souder resigned his seat in Congress on Tuesday, confessing to an affair with an employee and a final eight-term career as a Republican from Indiana.

In resignation, he apologized to God in a walking, public statement in all capital letters. “I have sinned against God, the wife of my and my family MUTUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH part-time member of my personal” he wrote. “My consolation is that God is gracious and merciful God to those who sincerely seek your forgiveness as I do.”

Forgiveness, however, is not a quality he shares with his Lord Souder. No Republican has been more outspoken in Congress in its moral condemnation of Americans who use illegal drugs. To punish such sin, Souder defended vigorously defended the law and perhaps less tolerant of federal books: the refusal of the federal student aid for any student convicted of drug possession, no matter how insignificant.

Souder passion led war on drugs his promotion to chair the Government Reform Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources, which had jurisdiction over the national and international anti-drug efforts and had supervision of the Office of the White House National Drug Control Policy, also known as the office of drug czar.

Souder was chairman of the subcommittee that between 2001 and 2007. During those years, about 200,000 students were denied college aid for drug violations, according to figures uncovered by a Freedom of Information Act by Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), a longtime enemy of Souder. In Souder own state, 8,903 students were denied aid during that time.

Opponents of the law Souder argued that it would be difficult to develop a more counterproductive public policy. Souder responded by calling on the opposition – largely teacher organizations and church groups – a coalition of “small but determined group of drug legalization.”

Souder hard trial extends to those whose errors are much softer than his. In a video of abstinence produced with the help Souder, who had sex sentence a victim of AIDS, which had argued against its abstinence-only. “I was particularly offended when two young are added to the scientific table is, “says Souder of a recent congressional hearing,” And they said, one had AIDS, and I said, if it were not for an abstinence program that it not t ‘give instructions on how to put the condom correctly, there would AIDS. In other words, the fault of everyone but his own. ”

When he resigned, however, Souder put some of the blame on Washington “for his decision.” TOXIC ENVIRONMENT IN WASHINGTON DC, ANY PERSONAL flaw is exploited, often twisted for political gain. Going to resign rather than put my family through that painful, drawn-out process, “complained Souder.

Souder is not a criticism that takes lightly. While I was writing this reporter for Politico, twice Souder wrote letters to the editor to complain about his previous work for the Marijuana Policy Project.

Now that Souder’s career is over, your opponents in the community of the reform of drug policy remain the last word.

“Personally, I really do not care what Mark Souder does in his private time,” said Tom Angell, SSDP a former senior official now with the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. “But now that he has committed a great mistake of yours, I hope it will start working to undo the harsh drug laws that have defended and have prevented people from going ahead with their lives after making mistakes. I am sure that more than 200,000 students have lost the support of the university under penalty Souder Higher Education Act drug would be glad to have your help now lobby to have more free time. ”

Souder and his lover CLOCK preach abstinence:

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