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November 14, 2010 by staff 

Manny Pacquiao Fight Live, We learned two things today. Yushin Okami, injury or restriction on a whim, Dana White, is the next opponent for the title of UFC middleweight. And Manny Pacquiao may have to go up to 160 pounds soon. Next, I attack the day’s news with the ferocity of a combined six shots Pacquiao.

You can not say enough. Spike TV has just begun to air live events when the UFC goes abroad. There is no excuse for this anymore. Is 2010. The communication is instantaneous. You should not have to resort to watching a stream of compressed Internet live sporting event. Spike is forcing fans to treat ESPN Internet roaming like zombies. It’s time to grow and the air of premium content as adults.
Antonio Margarito should not be forgiven. I have the feeling that some people feel that Margarito expiated their sins by beating Manny Pacquiao caught up with him tonight. Not for me. Nazim Richardson called Margarito attempting to load his gloves. And although there is evidence to suggest so is not to infer that Thomas Bayes Margarito probably was not taking his first trip to Paris. It says something about the state of boxing, when writers and sports media in general react with disgust and mild mere condemnation of all procedures rather than just moral indignation that seems to be reserved for steroids in baseball.
A lot of other writers will be better able to describe the domain Manny Pacquiao show again tonight. I was very impressed in the latter rounds. Margarito vanished after placement of the last offensive stand in the middle rounds, and Manny began to hit with precision and litter while moving laterally. Not only walk sideways and throwing jabs well. Shuffling and landing multi-hit combinations. Very impressive things.
A final point on the boxing debate. I had a brief conversation on Twitter with the estimate by Dave Walsh at fault head legend about how the HBO crew handles all the racks before the main event shenanigans. While I agree with Dave that the crew should have refrained from interrupting the Jones / Soto-Karass fight several times, I think HBO and broadcast equipment is required to keep the audience informed of important news about the characters holders. Especially for a card of this stature that a large percentage of the audience bought the pay-per-view for one, the big fight. A second point made in relation to the MMA. Never heard of this during a UFC broadcast. Not during a fight card. No in between fights. No pre-main event. In the world of the UFC, these things as if there were. Take the rematch between Georges St-Pierre and BJ Penn at UFC 94. According to multiple sources cageside, NSAC executive Keith Kizer was shocked when I saw the body Phil Nurse Georges St-Pierre bath with Vaseline. No mention of Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan.
Who do you list as the best Nate Marquardt win? Demian Maia Martin Kampmann? I think that’s a fact overlooked people coming into this fight. Maia and Kampmann are both on the smaller side of 185, especially Maia is a great style fight Marquardt. That’s not to take anything away from those wins, but …
I picked up against Okami (although I note that a bet p**ped Okami on Twitter during the event) in our predictions bloody elbow, citing its pattern of slow starts. So, of course, Okami comes out aggressive from the start. And the difference was made. Okami also showed his continued progression in his footwork, and showed that backup Nate kept near the fence most of the fight.
FightMetric released its report for the fight. Their algorithm scored the fight 30-28 for Okami, with a round of 10 to 10 seconds. I scored the fight 29-28 Okami, Marquardt to win the second round. I saw a handful of cards Marquardt around the ‘net, but three people I trust – Jordan Breen, Josh Gross, and Thomas Lucas – all agreed with my card.
Besides FightMetric files, Amir Sadollah kick broke the record in a UFC fight with 46. He broke the record previously held by Anderson Silva (39 against Thales Leites in five rounds) and Forrest Griffin (38 against Hector Ramirez in three rounds.)
Even the adjustment of status, I hope that the assimilation of WEC UFC events of this caliber removed. Okami vs Marquardt is a legitimate event B-main show, although it lacks any kind of drawing power. Zuffa fills the bill with a handful of episodes, however irrelevant. I understand that there are other incentives in the game of these programs abroad, but I’m not sure that the treatment of the German people to a glorified MFC show is to ingratiate the sport to a new market. The fact that the show did not suffer at all when he lost his main event is quite revealing.

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