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May 7, 2011 by staff 

Manny Pacquiao FightManny Pacquiao Fight, There is a quiet dignity that characterizes Naazim Richardson as he grabs a brief respite in the final compromise on Thursday to the media in charge of “Sugar” Shane Mosley faces pound for pound kingpin Manny Pacquiao night Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Richardson, Philadelphia boxing coach pure and simple, which has quietly become one of the best coaches in the sport, you’ve probably entertained all imaginable questions as possible in the past two months related to Saturday’s game.

Still, no matter how stupid research, Richardson maintained his calm Zen.

“I’ve had jobs that are much harder than this,” said Richardson, referring to their previous occupations in the construction and working in the shipyards.
“[Journalists] does not mean no harm. They’re just here to do their jobs. Some of these guys are only saying:” We have to go report, and the guy knows nothing about boxing. He just shows up and says, ‘Hey, blow your guy?

“Either the day of the fight,” Is your guy ready? ”

“No, we came for the buffet. We thought we were going to give a room and a buffet and had come anyway, but my guy is not ready. ”

Richardson, wear your kufi always present the top of the head to indicate his Muslim faith, seems to have the pleasure of imparting wisdom, however.
His son Rock Allen is also a professional wrestler with a 15-0 record and seven knockouts, with another son named Bear, who is also a promising amateur. It seems that boxing is his life.

Wonder why Richardson has become a coveted interview by the media. His use of similes and illustrations hint at the depth of his intellect boxing, at the same time be able to simplify the complicated strategies of boxing journalists who may have even wrapped their hands before.

And when, prior to 2009 Mosley fight with Antonio Margarito, Richardson discovered an illegal practice in Margarito’s hand wraps, Richardson became an instant star in the sport.

Richardson on Saturday task is not easy, however, many believe that if someone can devise a strategy to overthrow the dominant force in this sport, it’s him.

“It felt like it was a hard task, but after going on Pacquiao studied and saw the openings, so I’m calm,” said Richardson, who coached the Pomona native of Big Bear, CA.

“I am strong I see an error in Pacquiao are going to be able to systematically exploit to the point that we will be able to dominate, but mine is my uncle to stay with him?

“My uncle is a complex type and the game plan is so simple that it may not be complex enough for him. When you have a genius and I am trying to get this kind of reading Dora the Explorer, which would be difficult for get their attention. But even a genius, if you have a child of three years, Dora is all you need. ”

Richardson has trained 39-year-old former light welterweight and junior middleweight champion with a record of 01.06.1946 (39 KO) for the past three years and has tried to diminish the appetite and to combat rely more on strategy.

Richardson said that, with his father and former trainer Jack Mosley, Shane would get into great shape and the wing just using his natural speed and power to overwhelm their opponents. It worked mostly with what Mosley a 38-0 record that included a victory over Oscar de la Hoya.

But as Mosley has aged, his reflexes and resistance faded became incompatible, Mosley has ruled against difficult opponents styles he knew how to deal with his explosiveness.

“As you age, you have to put in place where you are going to attack, how are you going to attack, how can we make changes,” said Richardson. “You go there with a strategy so that if something goes wrong, you have something to return. You do not want your fighter to fight in your heart forever. You use that as your reservation, which is the backup.

“You go out there with his intellect and if things become trendy, digging down and I have to go to the sand. I do not want to start getting to the point, let’s have a game plan.”

Even in his biggest win together – the work of the ninth round demolition of Margarito – Mosley impulsivity is almost the best of it.

“He comes to me in the first round and whispers in my ear that he is ready to jump on the guy there. I said:” Shane, what happened to the game plan? I tell Shane, we find him, but want to make sure I have it. I will not go after him and he escapes, then we have to restore.

“You see a lion, a zebra approached me and throws up a little too soon, then you have to chase and run a little and zebra escapes. Now you have to chase him again.

“Wait until he got his head in the water, you approach him at an angle where the ground is soft all around and he can not get that grip to dig out.’s here or in the water and can not swim. ”

In preparation for Pacquiao, who is even years younger than Mosley at 32 years and has a record of 03.02.1952 (38 KO), Richardson acknowledges that getting your game ready for combat is not the same as it could have been for ten years.

Richardson has created a niche in the sport as a statesman of boxing coach, with his pupil Bernard Hopkins in 44 following the footsteps of George Foreman and Archie Moore as the poster child for the achievement after the first.

“One of the difficult things that you have with the old fighters, especially when they were in circulation when they were young, is their belief. They feel that I have to believe in them. They do, but often get disappointed in what still capable of doing.

“Then you have entourages and the people around them saying, ‘Hey, you can still do this, you are still the same man. Listen to the man; change is the natural evolution of life. Everything will change. This is the way God intended for us all.

“None of us is as fast as we simply do not. In reality brokers may be better now because we have more experience. We know that you need not start as quickly as we can while in the third turn.

“But we are not what we were.”

That may be the reason why former heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver, who achieved much success in their late 30′s, does not decide to support the potential for Mosley on Saturday’s fight.

Tarver, who will be discussing the fight on Showtime Pay-Per-View, which is available for the purchase of AT $ 54.95, wondered aloud if Mosley continues to have the fire to overcome this great challenge.

“When you look at last two fights Mosley, the tie with Sergio Mora. Three years ago would not have happened,” said Tarver. “Mosley has to answer some questions, which is really in your career now? Age is just a number, it can hurt a fighter for his age, and you have disabled it by what you see. You have slowed a little?

“Look at the fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., which had a good round and a great round. What happened in the ten rounds, that’s what surprised me, because I know old Shane Mosley, the fighter powerful / counter-puncher, Floyd would have their hands full all night instead of just the second round. Somewhere we must begin to wonder, are they still the same fighter he used to be fierce? ”

Richardson believes that Mosley is still a fierce fighter. And he thinks Pacquiao agrees with him.

“See, that’s why everyone is fighting on the defensive. Do not be surprised if Pacquiao fights defensively. In fact, I expect Pacquiao to fight him on the defensive, especially at first.”

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