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Man Attack Rupert MurdochMan Attack Rupert Murdoch, One protester was quick Rupert Murdoch, as Baron of the media bore witness to British lawmakers, leading to a confrontation and the suspension of the hearing. A man came running after Murdoch and Wendi Deng, who rose to defend her husband, beat him.

Police in the back of the hall committee were holding a handcuffed man with white foam apparently covering his face and shirt. The foam also seems to be dotted with Murdoch in the attack on Tuesday afternoon.

Rupert Murdoch clashed on Tuesday with a delegation of legislators by phone hacking scandal that has rocked the global empire, rebounding from tough questioning before regaining his composure and rejecting his interrogators with flashes of his legendary toughness.

The higher Murdoch hit his hands on the table and said the day was the most humble of his life, becoming nervous when committee members peppered him with questions and turning to his son James some answers.

He recovered after a time of questions and answers with legislators, pushing back the firm denial of wrongdoing.

Murdoch, 80, said he was “shocked, horrified and ashamed” of piracy phone a schoolgirl killed by her now closed the News of the World. He said he had seen no evidence that the victims of 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks and their relatives were subjected to any of his papers, and added that he believes the FBI had found no evidence that an ongoing investigation recently.

Murdoch said he was not responsible for the scandal of piracy, and his company was not guilty of willful blindness.

He repeatedly struck off questions about operations at the News of the World, saying he was not really in touch with the newspaper or did not know what was going on there.

The value of the Murdoch News’ Corp. added about 1500 million while being grilled, trade 3.8 percent to 15.54 y. The stock has taken a beating over the last couple of weeks, losing about 17 percent of its value, or around and 8 billion.

Rupert Murdoch said he lost sight of the News of the World because it is a small part of your company and spoke with the editor of the newspaper only about once a month, talking more with the editor of the Sunday Times in the UK and The Wall Street Journal in the U.S.

James Murdoch apologized for the scandal, telling British lawmakers that “these actions do not meet the standards of our company aspires to.”

The younger Murdoch said he was shocked and surprised that his company paid the legal fees of Clive Goodman Real journalist who was jailed in 2007 for spying on the voicemail of the assistants of the king.

Murdoch said he was not aware of the payments had been made to the news that the reporter in the world, and he was not sure he signed off on payments.

He said the company initially did not look further into alleged phone hacking in 2007 because the police had said the case was closed. But evidence emerged once again the company contacted the police and “did the right thing.”

Rupert Murdoch acknowledged, however, not investigated after the former head of Murdoch’s UK newspaper, Rebekah Brooks, told parliament for years that the News of the World had paid police for information.

Asked by lawmakers why there was an investigation, said: “I did not know him.”

He says the News of the World “is less than 1 percent” of his News Corp., which employs 53,000 people.

Murdoch said he was informed that his company had paid large sums – 700,000 pounds (and 1.1 million) in one case – to resolve claims of victims of phone hacking.

James Murdoch said his father realized the settlement “in 2009 after a newspaper report. It was a confidential agreement.”

He said a civil case that the nature and size would be addressed by executives in the country in question – in this case, James Murdoch, chief operating officer of News Corp. ‘s Europe and Asia.

The elder Murdoch denies that the closure of the News of the World was motivated by financial considerations, saying it was closed because of criminal charges.

It has been speculated that Murdoch wanted to close the Sunday paper to merge its operations with six days a week-Sol, which some have said they will relaunch as a publication of seven days.

Politicians also pressed for details about the links of Murdoch ‘the prime minister, David Cameron and other members of the British political class.

In a separate hearing, lawmakers questioned by London police reports that officials took bribes from journalists to provide privileged information to the tabloids and spoons to ask why the force decided to close an investigation before hacking phone after charging only two people.

Detectives reopened the case earlier this year and are looking at a potential of 3,700 victims.

The scandal prompted the resignation and subsequent arrest of Brooks and the resignation of Wall Street Journal publisher Les Hinton, sunk Murdoch’s dream “to take full control of the lucrative satellite network British Sky Broadcasting and questions about their ability to maintain global control of his media empire.

Rupert Murdoch is willing to prevent the crisis spreading to the United States, where many of its most profitable assets – including the Fox television network, 20th Century Fox Film Studio, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post – are based.

From London’s police chief revealed that 10 of the 45 press officers in his department worked for News International, but denied any link between the undue force and the rule of Murdoch media.

“I understand that there are 10 staff (Public Affairs) who have worked in the international news in the past, in some cases, journalists sometimes do work experience with the organization,” said Paul Stephenson.

News International is a division of Global Corp. Murdoch British newspaper

Stephenson denied wrongdoing, or know the News of the World is dedicated to hacking the phone – but acknowledged that in retrospect, he felt ashamed of the force had hired Neil Wallis, a former newspaper executive, as a consultant public relations

When asked about his relationship with Wallis, who was arrested last week, Stephenson said he had “no reason to connect with Wallis telephone hacking” when he was hired to work part time in 2009.

He said now that the scale of piracy phone in the paper has become, it is “shameful” that Wallis worked for the police.

Stephenson, announced his resignation Sunday, saying the accusations about his contacts with Murdoch’s News International were a distraction from their work.

The assistant commissioner John Yates, who testified before the highly anticipated appearance by Murdoch and Brooks, followed him out the door.

Yates said that with the benefit of hindsight that have reopened an investigation into the wiretapping of voice messages.

Yates said that if “now know” how the phone hacking scandal involving, I would have done something different.

He has denied wrongdoing in the scandal.

The strength of London Metropolitan Police said on Tuesday it had asked for a watchdog to investigate the head of public affairs for the scandal – a police officer of high rank fifth being investigated. Police Complaints Commission Independent observes the role of Dick Fedorcio in hiring former News of the World Executive advisor to the police.

Lawmakers also questioned Fedorcio Tuesday with Stephenson and Yates.

But it was the appearance of Murdoch and Brooks was drawing huge public interest.

Murdoch’s car was surrounded by photographers on his arrival at the hearing on the scandal that has spread from his media empire through the London police, and even the prime minister’s office.

The Range Rover pulled away quickly, returning back to parliament a half hour before the hearing would begin.

Members of the public and reporters lined up hours in advance in hopes of a place in the small committee room, which has about 40 people. More will be able to see in an overflow room, and TV news channels in Britain are anticipating high ratings for appearance.

Cameron interrupted a visit to Africa and is expected to return to Britain for an emergency session of Parliament on Wednesday about the scandal.

A former news journalist of the World, Sean Hoare, who helped blow the whistle on the scandal, was found dead Monday at his home. Police said the death was “unexplained” but not being treated as suspicious. An autopsy is being carried out on Tuesday. Hoare was in his forties.

Brooks spokesman David Wilson said police had given a bag containing a laptop and documents belonging to her husband, former racehorse trainer Charlie Brooks. Wilson said the bag does not contain anything related to the phone hacking scandal and that he expected the police to return soon.

The bag was found lying in an underground car park near the couple’s home on Monday, but it was unclear exactly how it got there. Wilson said Tuesday that a friend of Charlie Brooks intended to release the bag, but he only said that left him in the “wrong place”.

In New York, News Corp. named commercial lawyer Anthony Grabiner to run its management and Standards Committee, which will address the scandal. However, News Corp. board member Thomas Perkins told The Associated Press that Murdoch, 80 years old, has the full support of the board of directors of the company, and was not considering raising head operations Chase Carey to replace Murdoch as chief executive of News Corp.

Class of News Corp. ‘s widely traded a shares fell 68 cents to 14.97 and Monday – 17 percent since the scandal revived July 4.

Independent Police Complaints Commission is also studying British Piracy Police say phone and bribery, including one that helped Yates to get a job inappropriate for the daughter of Wallis. Wallis has been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications.

London police also confirmed that once employed a second story above the employee of the World, in addition to Wallis. Marunchak Alex had been employed as a language interpreter Ukraine with access to highly sensitive police information between 1980 and 2000, the Metropolitan Police said.

Police said he acknowledged that “this could cause concern and that some professions may be incompatible with the role of an interpreter,” and added that the matter be examined.

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