Lunar Eclipse

June 15, 2011 by staff 

Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse, On June 15, we see the Moon longest and darkest eclipse century. On this occasion, gives you everything you need to know about the phenomenon. Here, Gayatri Kaul explains the meaning of the eclipse in different cultures. Wrapped in tales of mystery and superstition, the human psyche has always possessed the spirit of the moon in the dark fantasy.

Werewolf howling at the ghosts and demons little is left to the imagination scared. Obviously a rare event of a lunar eclipse would throw these thoughts into a bottomless pit predict impending doom and destruction.

In China, the dragon eats the moon
For the Chinese – the first to have noticed a lunar eclipse (about 1000 BC during the Zhou Dynasty in the Book of Songs) – the sight of a crimson-stained moon in darkness led them to believe such an event presaged ill predestined events of famine and disease.

Literally canyoning their fears in the air, the Chinese in order to defend against the “dragon” who ate the moon. The red eye in the sky was also used to determine the success of the emperor.

In Japan, earthquake
Their Japanese neighbors also do not have the moon in bright, celebration of lunar eclipses to be synonymous with earthquakes, a very scientifically explainable phenomenon in modern times due to increased gravitational attraction at the event. Even today, one could find people with the aim shot the moon at the battle of the eclipse.

In India, it is bad for pregnant women
Back home in India, the colloquial term superstition Chandra Graham launches generously at the event where the rituals are carried out several to defeat the bad luck of the eclipse bears.

Cover with water and food with tulsi, bath after the eclipse, withhold food for the event, are usually followed by purification of suffering that may arise.

Pregnant women take a leading role, protecting your baby from deformities and scars by refraining from common household chores such as weaving, cutting vegetables and fruits, or even sewing.

In Pakistan, it is time to seek forgiveness
Across the border, you could find women as a company of the same precautions. A woman reportedly told a Pakistani newspaper on the unfortunate birth of your child with a finger missing. The missing finger was attributed to his court with an apple during the eclipse – a fact that limits the superstition.

However, the Islamic culture, rather than fill the phenomenon with superstition, ascribed a score more merciful to it. The sun and moon in Islam are both connected to the reverence of God. Therefore, a moon swallowed slowly due to be followed by the reverberations of the Salatul-kusuf (a special prayer for the lunar eclipse) to God, seeking forgiveness and the greatness bestowed upon him. The custom two arcs and two prostrations during prayer of two cycles called rakat seen in congregations throughout the duration of the eclipse.

In the Christian world, the wrath of god
Similarly, a bloody moon symbolizes the Christian mind the wrath of God pouring out his wrath on the man. Often lunar eclipses have been linked to the crucifixion of Jesus, which describes a charred sky with a moon angry. A moon swallowed again, concerns the coming of Judgement Day and the end of the world.

Drums to the fees
Therefore, the Chinese writings to the telescopes of the 21st century to be Christian, Hindu or Muslim – a moon in the sky ghost ink encourages people to weave myths and folklore of the mysterious apparition. If it’s drums in India, China or royalties in a rationalist in the terrace, June 15, certainly will have everyone looking at the moon.

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