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October 1, 2011 by Post Team 

Luke Modern Family NolanLuke Modern Family Nolan, Modern Family has reached that magical place in the comedy-dom, where the characters have become so indelible that you can win without laughter jokes. Do not get me wrong, there were plenty of jokes in the episode of ‘Phil on Wire’, but they are so seemingly effortless that you are laughing before they even know why.

Our story begins with three cam tracks (Eric Stonestreet) announcing he will do a juice fast. As Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) explains, this is far from the juice fast for the first Cam. Cam diets are legendary for their six stages.

First stage: The Broom: Cam launches in which all foods can not be juiced.

Stage Two: Attack Mitchell: self-explanatory.

Stage Three: The soap actress, in which Cam breaks the water network Lucci-esque.

Fourth stage: A Rush of epiphanies. “Look at this, the architecture is everywhere,” Y “. Spanish make great athletes,”

Step Five: Desperation Again, self explanatory.

Stage Six: Rage.

Stage Seven What surprises waiting for? Unfortunately, Mitchell is about to discover, at a party at his boss. However, since rapid Cam Mitchell decided to join in the hope of the game is out … so you can imagine that this plan addresses: Mitchell in the ocean in search of a seal lion.

Meanwhile, in Dunphy, Phil (Ty Burrell) and Luke (Nolan Gould) have apparently discovered the documentary “Man on Wire,” inspired Phil to rediscover his dream of walking a tightrope. Claire (Julie Bowen) on the other hand is left to deal with Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Alex (Ariel Winter), who now share a math class and a fraternal dispute more pronounced than ever.

Although the episode is titled “Phil on Wire,” Phil’s story is actually very small compared with that of Kate and girls and Cam Mitchell and diet. Not surprisingly, however, is how the story of Phil, again at the end to provide inspiration, and one of the best jokes of the episode.

“What was I thinking when I was there? If I can do this, then I have two ways to get through my garden.”
Claire and the girls’ story was not as strong as the rest of the stories of the episode, but Claire’s failed attempt in finding a good response against a parking guard half (?) And her confrontation with the guard afternoon were Claire terrible moment.

“… Sorry law & Order: Special parking is not my fault.”
As Jay (Ed O’Neill) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara), Gloria hates Jay dog ??Stella. The dog wakes you up at night, eats only her shoes and Jay not to punish. Instead, Stella sleeps in her bed, a privilege not offered to Manny (Rico Rodriguez), Jay and shower with the dog.

Frustrated in her attempt to prove that the dog is out to get her, the story ends with the Gloria poor hands and knees with one of Jay’s shoes in her mouth in an attempt to show how badly the dog Jay . Even the modern family dog ??knows exactly when to use the camera to get the laugh.

“Phil on Wire” was not as fun as the pair of one-hour episodes of the third season opened Modern Family, but the weakest of the modern family is still better than almost any other comedy on TV . Do not you think?

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