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November 4, 2011 by staff 

Lsu Vs AlabamaLsu Vs Alabama, Kirk Herbstreit, a former Ohio State quarterback, who is one of the top college footballanlyst for ESPN, will be part of the network team covering LSU-Alabama today and Saturday as “College GameDay” emissions of Alabama Tuscaloosa campus Saturday morning. Herbstreit, who has been ananlyst for “College GameDay” since 1996, spoke to the Times-Picayune sports editor Doug Tatum this week about the fight between LSU, Alabama.
Although this is obviously the SEC teams, makes this game remind you of a classic duel with two Big Ten teams who like to run with the ball and play good defense?

“The style of football and the background of the two coaches, and the fact that somehow have maintained their style no matter where they’ve been, Nick Saban, back to his days of being head coach at Michigan State and even as an assistant coach at Ohio State, goes way back, and the same goes for Les Miles obviously working for Bo (Schembechler). It is a kind of keep the same style of football from around the world has been as a coach in chief. And now, “We’ll see these two teams have enjoyed great success by the flat-out harassment of his opponent on the defensive and being able to control the line of scrimmage on offense. I think that’s what is so interesting, not only are these two teams the two best teams in the country, but in reality reflect each other in the way they’re getting it done this year. ”

Do you think the fans – in this era of the Spread offense – it is refreshing to have two traditional crimes and dominate football teams this season?

“I can not feel the fans. I know the kind of meeting calling games refreshing myself. It’s kind of funny to see a quarterback in the center, fullback and a tight end and these players used in different ways. The has a sort of recoil, but I think as we have seen with college football is very cyclical, and four or five, six years, with the spread has been the trend in college football, and as we are seeing Now most teams seem to go back and seem willing to go more than a traditional approach. ”

What is the opposite one in the game that really intrigues you?

“I think the quarterback play of both teams is the game’s history. I know that’s not necessarily a confrontation, face to face, but I think because of what we just talked about, these crimes are so similar, when based in running the football. If I’m Nick Saban and I am (defensive coordinator) Kirby Smart from Alabama, I’m taking my chances putting people close to the line of scrimmage and out of my corners on an island there are a little. And if I’m on the other side and I’m (defensive coordinator) John Chavis, see (Alabama corridor) Trent Richardson, and I’m doing the same. As good as my defensive line and linebackers have been, I’m still going to cheat on my assurances close to the line and make these quarterbacks show that we can throw the ball under pressure. Do these receptors show that they can get coverage of the man. So I think the game at quarterback and play the selection will be the big thing here. Both teams have to be willing to throw in low running, take some risks. know if it’s incomplete is facing second-and-10, but in the former and 10 that I have become able to try to get some. Jarrett Lee is completing 72 percent of his passes in the first and 10, and AJ McCarron is completing nearly 70 percent of his passes. These two guys have to be put in a position to succeed , and I think pitching in the first and-10 is very important to do, because if I hit even if it does, it will remind the guards that he is not afraid to do that, and that may open some things in the running game. ”

Les Miles has not been used much since Jordan Jefferson has been reinstated to the team. Do you think it could have been saving for this game? Has had some success against Alabama in the past.

“I think you have to be careful with the chemistry of a football team. And you can not change the way a great game. I think that may negatively impact on what you’re doing. There are two answers to this question. No. 1: Jarrett Lee, I think it’s their offense I think he has a kind of taking the torch from the possibility that Jordan Jefferson gave him and I think his effectiveness and his leadership has been key to this offense, and I think … that leave that in the biggest game of the year would be a big mistake. With that being said, I think Jordan Jefferson, as he has for the past two or three games, is going to put your wrinkles, get area read. … I think they have been very clever in how it was used as Jordan Jefferson that wrinkle, and I’m not at all surprised to see Jordan Jefferson used, perhaps at first, in the same capacity, and then to see some point in a turning point in the game, turn to Jordan Jefferson and use some kind of action game, a kind of trick play. … I think we should stay with Lee, who is your boy, but at the same time the use of Jordan Jefferson as the wrinkle, but do not be afraid to use it in a way you can pull. He was 10 years-of-13 last year in this game, and has almost achieved as people have forgotten that he can throw the ball. ”

Do you think this game could get to special teams?

“Special teams, I think in this type of game, always plays an important role. Position on the ground, hidden courtyards, play a huge role in the outcome. I think the turnover margin and special teams will go a long way to determine who wins this game. … Is there someone who creates a turnover? None of these crimes to turn the ball over compared to the rest of the nation. I think all those things have an important role in this game. I think there’s no doubt about that (LSU punter) Brad Wing, we called some of their games, and have been amazed at his style and his ability to pin opposing offenses within 10 -. and 5-yard line … That kind of plays, sometimes overlooked, but suddenly leaves Alabama offense and are on their own 8, or inside their own 4. These advantages are very, very great for any team. Who can set the field position game and a shortstop, I think you will find that the winning team. ”

If both teams win out after this game is there any chance of a rematch in New Orleans on January 9?

“I think that scenario would favor if LSU were to lose a close, very close game. I think the voters will on LSU on the road and play in a hard-fought game. People would be more lenient to play a tough LSU rival on the road, and still have Arkansas as a top 10 opponent in the final year to try to influence voters to give them a chance to give it life. Alabama If you were to lose at home, I think there would be little more of, ‘Hey, you had your chance, you blew it. were at home. “That’s just thinking voters. I see it from a point of view, if I get to 04 December and the BCS standings come out, if we sit and clearly LSU and Alabama are the two best teams, regardless of the outcome of this game, the two best teams in the so that everyone feels they are the two best teams at this point, I’d say put the two best teams in the national title game. However, people feel that way, this game has to be a close game, no matter what you better be a tough battle, close game -. 24-20, 23-20, 20-17 has to be a tough battle, close game and if that happens then. I believe that entering a very interesting scenario always angry and finally Stanford Oklahoma State eventually annoying. If the two things happens, then I think there is the possibility of a rematch to happen. “

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