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June 30, 2011 by Post Team 

Love In The WildLove In The Wild, NBC premiered its new show tonight, Love in nature. This new dating show has more than 20 contestants sxy and unique in the jungle of Costa Rica, hoping to find true love. That was a great game? What was the first adventure? Read on for all the highlights of this new show and find that two contestants are eliminated first.

The contestants are taken to the jungles of Costa Rica, 10 women and 10 men a plane in another plane. The host Darren McMullen, welcomes participants to the adventure ahead of them. Each week the contestants came together as a couple and will have to deal with an outdoor adventure together. There is a winning couple announced after each challenge and get a couple of lucky night away from everyone else – the “Oasis”. As the winning couple is enjoying the Oasis, the other contestants are free to decide whether they are happy with their current partner or rather meet someone else. At the end of each episode two singles, a man and a woman are sent home.

No waiting on this show, the girls is immediately instructed to collect their “partner” of the first adventure. As one competitor said, “It’s like waiting to get elected to kick the ball in elementary school.” Dawn select the first number, so you have to choose first.

Here are the partners for the first challenge:

Dawn and Ines Christjaener Jared

Vanessa Guerrero and Steele Dewald

Erica Scherle and Miles Haefner

Mike Woods and Samantha Spiro

Jessica Soares and Sullivan Go

Kym Nguyen and Derek Leach

Heather and Benjamin Hooker

Dillehay and Adam Brandee

Jessica Jackson and Jason Soares

Teresa Trujillo and Peter Paris

The couples are told to pick up a bag and build a raft, which will start in a race through the jungle. The winner of the race becomes more control of the couples that come to stay. The women read maps while trying to lead men, of course, tempers are going to explode! Some couples have a soft adventure, while another fight. Balsa is and Jared are collapsing and floating in the water. Vanessa Steele lost her map and he has no idea where to go!

Outside of the rafts, teams must now start navigating through the jungle to an observation tower. Mike and Samantha are at the top and reach the first tower. The track tells the participants to climb the tower, enjoy the view and videotape of her first kiss! Mike and Samantha accepted the challenge and share their first kiss. Some liked the kiss, while others, like Teresa did not like kissing your partner.

Mike and Samantha zip line over water and are the first to reach the final destination. As winners of the challenge, the couple is left to carry the “Oasis”. The “Oasis” is a romantic destination, where the couple can get to know better, in a private setting. The last two to the destination is Dawn and Jared.

The winners, Mike and Samantha open the door to the Oasis and are amazed at how beautiful it is. It’s like the whole fantasy of a degree. The remaining contestants head to the bungalows, which of course have a bed of them. Where bunks really expected? Everyone is tired of the days, but singles cannot resist mixing in the hot tub. Ben Humor annoys the other contestants. Vanessa tries to claim her man Steele – she does not want any other woman looked at him!

The next day, Mike and Sam wake up in the Oasis and prepare for the date of her reward. The date is a romantic breakfast overlooking a waterfall. The romantic connection between Mike and Samantha continues to grow as they kiss and play in the water. The remaining couples wake up and examine how they think the job elimination process. Vanessa states that if Steele decided to partner with another person who will be devastated.

Everyone prepares for the first “act of choice of couples.” The pairs are called in order to finish the race, and each person has the option of staying with your partner or chooses another. The winning team has an advantage, and the winner chooses the person chosen cannot refuse. It is a game of musical chairs for adults! Let the games begin!

Samantha and Mike are in first place and its wonderful relationship; both of them choose to stay together. Heather and Ben are coming, and Ben decides he wants to change. Brandy asks Ben to accept your invitation, and she does! That leaves Heather, who chooses to associate with Miles. Erica is upset that Miles decided to leave their collaboration. Brandy is a former partner at the next, and chooses Kym. Teresa and Peter are the next two to Peter and wants out. Peter decides to Jessica and Teresa asked Skip. Jessica, a former partner Skip, asks Derek to be her new partner. Erica decides to Jason as her new teammate. The last two couples and Vanessa and Jared and Dawn Steele. Steele Vanessa and decide to stay together, so Dawn and Jared are eliminated. If you can follow it – we’re impressed!

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