Lost Series Finale Theories

May 24, 2010 by Post Team 

Lost Series Finale Theories:Raise your hand if you spent all night dreaming of the end of Lost.

So do I.

My gut reaction to the end of the end of the series 2 1 / 2 hours (and check out the transcript of our live blog) was what the hell is this? But then I started to think about (obsession) about it as I prepared for bed at midnight, and then I dreamed all night, and when I woke up at 5 this morning here’s what I decided:

1. The starting material of the island really happened. The plane crash, the survivors happened, it was all real. Boone’s death was real, and Shannon. The magical healing powers of Locke and Rose Island happened. Things polar bear and foreign matter, but it all happened.

2. The flashbacks were real. Jack, with a broken marriage, Kate’s career, the torturer Sayid, Hurley and bad luck.

3. The flash forwards were real. Everything after the island really happened. Jack alcoholic who has to go backwards, Kate’s mother, Sun-seeking vengeance single mother.

4. Dharma things happened. There was a group of scientists on the island who were trying to exploit “the source”, the same source that Jacob spent centuries protecting. For scientists, was a source of energy. For Jacob (and those who came before and after him) was the source of good on earth.

5. Things island post-nuclear-bomb happened. Desmond popped the cork, and Jack put the cork again, and Locke and Jack had his final confrontation between good and evil and the island began to crumble, and Sawyer and Kate and Richard Miles and Lapidus and took off all . Then, Jack died on the island (though it was the deadly wound longest ever), exactly in the same place where he first woke up in the island, with Vincent at his side. Finally, letting go. Jack, always the seeker of inner peace, found at last.

6. The key to flash to the side is when Christian told Jack at the end “there is now.” I think all those gathered in that church is dead, but I think they all died while in the accident. I think they lived their lives, however, were intended to, and died when they were supposed to. I think the flash forward was the point “they had all unconsciously accepted when they were together on the island. It explains why things went well for everyone in the side – Sun and Jin happily ever after with their baby, Jack with son who always wanted; success Hurley, Locke put his father in a vegetative state, able to Sayid to “save” to Nadia. The reason Ben is out of the church is because he is not dead yet (to steal from Monty Python). But he got his redemption and forgiveness of Locke, and that five years ago, Benjamin Linus ever expected to become the character that became?

So that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it (I think, I have not read anything about the Internet yet.) As the episode itself goes, I thought it was epic. The epiphanies that we saw, loved and moving (Charlie and Claire win, hands down), the dramatic tension between Locke and Jack looked at the pitch just right, the way Richard embraced his newfound mortality was terrible.

Above all, however, the emotion that ran through the cast, Jack and Kate farewell island, Jack and Hurley try, “” the look on Sawyer’s face when he “found Juliet, and Ben Hurley the sequel, Hurley and Ben in the church (“you were a great number 2″ – cried my eyes at that), everything was so … true. So, although there were a lot of things that happened in the past six years that us crazy and then turned to say, literally, nothing, never mind. In the topsy-turvy world of Lost that became obsessed with love and in the end it was all about love.

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