London Police Chief Resigns

July 18, 2011 by staff 

London Police Chief ResignsLondon Police Chief Resigns, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Paul Stephenson, resigned on Sunday following the criticism of the police investigation into a scandal phone hacking that has rocked British politics and stirred Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp media empire. Following are reactions to the news: Prime Minister David Cameron (STATE). “Sir Paul Stephenson has had a long and distinguished career in the police and I would like to thank you for your service for many years, many Under his direction the Metropolitan Police made good progress in the fight against crime, continued vital work in the fight against t*rror*sm, and had notable successes, such as guarding the Royal Wedding. ”

“While I know today must be a very sad occasion for him, I respect and understand his decision to leave the Met, and I wish him well for the future.”

“The most important thing is that now the Metropolitan Police and the Metropolitan Police Authority to do everything possible to ensure the telephone investigations of police corruption and the alleged piracy proceed with all speed, with full public confidence and with all the leaders and resources necessary to carry an effective conclusion. ”

Ivan Lewis, Labour Party opposition mouthpiece (on the BBC


“The House of Commons on Tuesday must be completed for at least six weeks (summer vacation). That cannot be correct in terms of the magnitude of the crisis now facing the country. At least the House of Commons needs more time to sit for this week, and Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and others have to answer some fundamental questions. ”

Jonathan Tonge, Professor of Politics, University of Liverpool:

“If the head of the Metropolitan Police can be waived because of a connection due to a reckless decision to appoint someone connected with the News of the World as its public relations consultant, a spectacular thing, silly does then show openly extreme decision-making by David Cameron, in terms of appointing Andy Coulson. David Cameron is obviously not going to give …

“David Cameron was warned by a lot of people do not appoint this man. He continued, ignoring the advice of people who probably knew better. If the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police can give, raises questions about David Cameron. David Cameron going to ride this, but question marks about his trial will not go away and this will be a lasting stain on the reputation of David Cameron … Head of the press these days is one of the key appointments any prime minister can do, and Cameron has done, probably the most spectacular event reckless in British political history. ”


University of Nottingham DIRECTOR

“What this suggests is that to have any association with News International is quite toxic at the moment.

“So what used to be an advantage has become a distinct disadvantage and in a way that nobody could have thought two weeks ago.

“David Cameron Association News International is closer to (Stephenson) was and is a great political issue”.

“We know he was seeing (Coulson) two months after his resignation. And we know that his relationship with Rebecca Brooks is very close, so I think that what I suggest is that if anyone has resigned because the publisher of the place he happened to be in the era of News International, David Cameron, has many more reasons to quit, if we think it’s legitimate. ”

Yvette Cooper, Labour opposition spokesman on Home Affairs

(Home Secretary)

“It is surprising that Sir Paul has taken responsibility and answered questions on the appointment of Deputy Director of News of the World, while the Prime Minister still refuses to acknowledge their misjudgment and answer questions on the appointment of director news of the world at the time of the initial inquiry by phone hacking. ”

“People ask why different rules apply to the prime minister and the Met, especially when, as Sir Paul himself said, unlike Andy Coulson, Neil Wallis had not been forced to leave the News of the World “.

“It is also a very serious problem that the Commissioner met felt unable to tell the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior on this issue with Neil Wallis operating due to the prime minister’s relationship with Andy Coulson. It seems that their committed relationship with Andy Coulson has put the commissioner in a very difficult position and made it even harder for the Met to maintain confidence on this difficult issue. Both David Cameron and (Interior Secretary) Theresa May should assume their share of responsibility in this situation. ”

Wyn Grant, politics professor at the University of Warwick

“I do not think this is a crisis that will overthrow the government. It is clear that Cameron has made misjudgments in this whole affair, and will suffer damage to reputation, but nothing he has done has been has so far revealed that forces him to resign. ”

“What does David Cameron has made is beyond the acceptable limits? Invited (Andy) Coulson at Chequers (the official country residence of Cameron) after he had resigned. However, his argument is just inviting a friend and he did not know everything he knows now. So I’m not sure that the corpus delicti is why Cameron is concerned. ”

Tim Bale, politics professor at the University of Sussex

“The text of the statement points to the parallels between him and the prime minister is quite impressive. It will not make Mr Cameron do the same, but it reminds people of the problem once again Coulson.”

“It has almost become a crisis of governance in the UK. This waiver takes us beyond a few bad apples and a crisis of governance. There is a sense things are out of control. Just when you think could have a pause for breath in this story, something else happens. ”

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone BBC TALK

“The officers under him had not given the information they should have done on the extent of piracy telephone and the degree of collusion between senior officers and senior citizens gathered in News Corporation. I think it was badly let down “.

“It was very honorable to say that only in his defense out of the way and allow someone to come in. officers with information held by Sir Paul Stephenson about the extent of piracy telephone and scale relations between unacceptable members of the police and News Corporation, who have to go. ”

London Mayor Boris Johnson (statement)

“It is with great sadness and disgust that tonight accepted the resignation of Sir Paul Stephenson as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

“I would like to emphasize that I have absolutely no reason to doubt the complete integrity of Sir Paul and I think it’s a good public servant, passionate and committed to have made a lot of good for our city.

“Sir Paul believes, however, that the phone hacking saga now threatens to become a major distraction during the runup to the Olympics.

“I was convinced that someone else and should be allowed to take their work forward so that the focus can return to the police and reducing crime.

“I would like to pay a personal tribute to his outstanding leadership in the Metropolitan Police.

“He has helped the crime by nine per cent in three years. Has put more police on the streets, protected, safe neighborhood teams and increased patrols a million a year on the streets of London.

“It’s a sign of his work and determination that crime on public transport has decreased by 30 percent and the homicide rate is now at its lowest level since 1978.

“If there is any crime for members of the Metropolitan Police is now vital that must be exposed and clarified the ongoing investigations.

“But it is my firm belief that Sir Paul and the vast majority of police officers have dedicated their lives to the public good and therefore we owe them our thanks.”

Chuka UMUNNA, Labour MP for Streatham LONDON SEAT (TOO


“It’s quite an extraordinary story. The speed with which this is taking place is unprecedented.

“As a Member of Parliament in London, I think the priority … is that we have police that can get the public’s trust and secondly, you can get on and do the job against them.”

“The speed and the time involved with this resignation is very marked difference in time to Rebecca Brooks to resign.”

“It’s very refreshing to see someone at that level of accountability.”


Select Committee (Radio 5)

“I’m really surprised. As you know, the Commissioner had to appear on Tuesday (before the committee), obviously, I hope they still do and should do.”

“It seems like you’re saying is why it is doing (giving) is to preserve its integrity, but also to demonstrate that, at this particular moment, what is needed is leadership to the Met.”

“Within a week of high drama, every hour you spend on something else that happens in this particular story. Obviously has assumed responsibility … and I think that should be given credit for it.”

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