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January 21, 2011 by USA Post 

Logitech Revue, The software is available on the “Logitech Revue”set-top boxes and HDTVs Sony and it allows users to stream content from services like Netflix on the Web and Internet access. However Google has required companies to not talk about Google TV products at CES. Why? Because Google TV is obviously lacking.
Google TV has not had the impact that the company had hoped. They hoped to enter the room of consumers’ lives and stay there. As the end of the year 2010 is approached near, surveys show that Google TV could be a big failure and it is not even close to the company’s expectations when it was launched.
But is Google TV fault? That’s the question everyone. Google has had few ideas that were not appreciated by the public. During the first TV ad Google has increased people’s interest and they were all waiting to see the potential of the software. The excitement is gone quickly and same stores are now filled with television sets Google. Consumers can now easily use the Web to learn about new devices on the market. So in this case too, it was easy for them to realize that Google TV is big on potential, but few features.

Another reason may be the influence of Apple TV. A new version of the device was released to the projecting end of this month and although not revolutionary people turned to the most popular. Another thing that let people down is the fact that applications do seem to promise next year, although promised to consumers this year.

Of course at CES we had a chance to talk about playing with the review of Logitech, which is a product set-top-loaded with Google TV. We talked to Kevin Simon Logitech offered on this product, Google TV that usually brings to the game, and what makes this journal different from other Google TV. GoogleTV is essentially an operating system for televisions that provides easy access to several of the so-called Smart TV features we see fit in the latest TVs. Surfing the Web, make video calls and watch streaming video are among the proposed features.

The product itself seems quite nice and controllers for it are really a notch above your average, while Gordon spoke in his element above related to Smart TV, we’re still a bit unsure quite where this segment is all in the head and if these products seem obsolete in all too short a period of time. One thing we can say is that it makes much more sense to buy a separate product similar to this journal and add it to the best TV quality (picture) you can find, rather than basing your TV purchase Next on the Smart features it has built in.

Unfortunately, quite a major obstacle to our majority in the UK readership is that the Journal is not yet available in the UK and we are still awaiting word on when it arrives on our shores. American readers can now buy the Journal and 299.99 direct from Logitech and other retailers.

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