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August 11, 2011 by staff 

Live Pga ChampionshipLive Pga Championship, The PGA Championship is the grand finale of the golf season for men. Game On! The blog of the live action. Tiger Woods finished with 77 by 7, its worst first round score ever in the first round of the PGA Championship.
Some departure times of the top contenders: Dustin Johnson (1:25), Rickie Fowler (1:25), Rory McIlroy (1:45), Darren Clarke (1:45).  TNT coverage begins at 1 pm ET

3:31: McIlroy curls in 15 feet for birdie on hole 6. He is -1 for the day, and apparently all the drama he quit due to a wrist injury is put to rest for the day.

3:28: Great shot by McIlroy approach at No. 6. Not shaking hands after every shot now, for many it is more poignant.

3:21: For those coming late to the party here is a quick restart. Stricker shoots 63 to take Jerry Kelly by two strokes. Tiger Woods imploded after being shot and 77 -3. But the biggest news is the injury he suffered in McIlroy No. 3. Have been playing decent, but the icing on the injury for a few holes. He so far. Each time you double your club McIlroy show against a shameful theater remains root.

3:18: taps in his birdie McIlroy easy par-5 fifth. He’s back at par and even looks like McIlroy will hold your wrist pain.

3:15: It sounded like someone from the PGA from the medical staff McIlroy said that it would not hurt the wrist more to continue playing. Enter the bunker and cranks a shot that was a couple of inches into the cup.

3:11: A coach is with McIlroy, and rubs in the right wrist and thumb. McIlroy appears telling you the worst pain is running through the bottom of your wrist. A large amount of poking and prodding going, and a lot of McIlroy said: “Yes, yes.”

3:06: McIlroy is short with an approach shot on hole 5. It has said only that a coach is on the road. The duration of this last shot suggests that either pulling back or that the sting is running his arm is impeding your footage.

2:59: To summarize the situation Rory McIlroy. The No. 3 of his tee shot was in some trees and relied on a root tall, large. TNT commentators immediately expressed concern about balancing the root. He went ahead with it, but the club went out of their hands, the tilt, and has been moving the wrist since. PGA officials have called for a trainer or therapist to get out. McIlroy has teed off in the hole 5.

2:55: McIlroy misses a long birdie try # 4. Hit wide to stay in one, and then wrapped the ice again in his right wrist. He is talking with playing partner Darren Clarke, and looks set to go to T fifth.

2:48: McIlroy cannot keep the club in its next release. He is talking to an officer of the PGA. Looks like it will hold it on the fourth hole.

2:47: The first five places in the ranking are Americans. In the clubhouse: Steve Stricker -7/63, -5/65 Jerry Kelly and Scott Verplank -3/67. Also outside are hot starts Shaun Micheel (-3 to 5) and Ryan Palmer (-3 to 3).

2:45: McIlroy gets away with only a bogey that put him one after three holes. He is walking to the next exit with an ice pack on his left wrist.

2:42: Shot McIlroy bunker is a difficult question, with a rapid increase. He comes and immediately enhances their wrist. TNT commentators McIlroy wonder why not just call it a day, but he seems determined to hang in.

2:39: McIlroy gets out of the rough admirably with his third shot on hole 3. He had a tough shot, where his next step took place just before crashing into a tree. He is in a bunker, and still flex the right wrist, which bore the brunt of the attention that the roots of large trees two shots behind.

2:34: In addition to possible injury, McIlroy is also awaiting sentencing. His lie, after his last shot flew left, requiring a drop. No injury time, but has asked for a bag of ice, and putting in the right wrist.

2:32: Rory McIlroy is arguably a big problem after doing battle with a result of large tree on the third hole. McIlroy attacked the shot, and his club went flying. He has been holding his wrist while trying to address how another lie hard. The club shaft is bent by the impact. Looks like it will take some time off here.

2:24: Stricker on TNT, talking about his round of 63, and the opportunity he had in the first round of 62 in one of the main. “I really had no expectations going into the round today, but had a good start…” 62 In his attempt, “I realized I was 62, but I was not thinking that it was history I can not complain about that last putt gave me a good effort…”

2:15: Stricker birdied Contest is just right, but still equals the lowest score in the history of the PGA Championship with a 7-under 63.

2:06: Stricker is an excellent approach shot on hole 9 and will have about 9 feet for a birdie and a round of 62. That would be the first time a major campionship.

1:59: Steve Stricker was a little short in a long birdie effort at the 8th hole. However, it is still at -7 and a birdie on the 9th hole that could end the day with a record of 62.

1:57: Alexander Noren crumbles on 15 par 3. Goes into the water, then into a bunker and triple bogeys to fall back to -1.

1:47: Couple other results: Adam Scott was up near the top of the leaderboard for a while, but the winner last week at the Bridgestone cooled bogeys in his last two holes for a round of 69 -1. Davis Love III was in the other direction, ending with consecutive birdies to finish at -2/68.

1:44: At the top of the standings, Steve Stricker is cruising. Is -7 to 15 holes after a couple of pars. Tied in second to -4 are Alexander Noren of Sweden and American Jerry Kelly, both through 14 holes. Noren had an eagle on hole 12, but only bogey No. 14. Kelly only birdie on No. 5.

1:36: It’s not exactly a surprise, but TNT said that Tiger has rejected a request for an interview after his round of 77.

1:30: Just to recap major-to-God-awful Tiger Woods trip: had four birdies, three of them in the first five holes to get it out the door to -3. Then came the first of his three double bogeys. There were also five bogeys. Played the final 13 holes at 10 and had to have been in at least a dozen bunkers. Also fell into the water twice.

1:25: Tiger’s par putt just right curls at No. 9 and closes the day with another bogey. He is for day 7 and the return of the 77 is the worst score of Woods in the first round of the PGA Championship. Twice he has shot 75 in the first round at the PGA, and then recovered with scores of 69 the next day. You must make at least tomorrow to have any hope of making the cut.

1:22: Tiger out of a bunker and goes to another. He digs out of it and has maybe 12 footer for par on the final hole.

1:19: Phil Mickelson bogeys the last hole and have to settle for a round of 1. TNT later says the course has a very interesting mix of difficult holes that threaten double bogeys and a pair of par 5 to have many opportunities to score.

1:14: Stricker continues to pore over. The No. 5 birdies to go to -7 through 14 holes and a two-stroke lead. T tiger shot in the hole 9 is right. It could be in another bunker.

1:09: Tiger birdie try from 12 meters in hole 8 curls to the left and lost maybe a half inch. You’ll be in six to the left a hole.

1:05: Tiger out of the bunker into the hole 8 and is on the green. Alexander Noren of Sweden suddenly jumps into contention with an eagle on the 12th hole that comes to -5, a shot behind Stricker.

12:59: Steady as she goes for the tournament leader Steve Stricker. It has three pairs directly to stay in the -6 – with a three-stroke lead – through 13 holes.

12:57: Pit of 467-yard par 4 eighth has been playing perhaps the most difficult in the field today. T tiger shot is not a deep bunker. Mickelson pars to stay at even par 17. He has one last chance to end the day in the red.

12:52: Tiger’s tee shot left him 25 feet for birdie on the par-3, 184-yard No. 7. He lets try a short foot and taps in for par to stay at 6.

12:46: AP reports that a strange accident damaged cutting edges of two sheets of the previous night. Apparently, there was a sharp increase in dew point, causing the mower brushes stick in the grass, according to the head gardener Ken Mangum. The greens are 14 and 17 are damaged. They will be treated as “ground under repair”, ie the golfer can move his ball when it falls there or have to putt through it.

12:42: Tiger to bogey putt stopped about 4 inches short of the hole 6. He has a double bogey that puts out six. After leaving to -3 in the first five holes, which now seems destined to miss the cut?

12:39: Tiger takes a fall after going on the water and put it on the green with his fourth shot. Will a child of eight feet to escape with bogey.

12:36: Things continue to go downhill for the Tigre. From the bunker that is dropped in the water in the hole 6. It was a difficult shot, just bad aim. Elsewhere, Adam Scott has cooled off with a bogey that dropped to -2 to 17, and Bill Haas suffered consecutive bogeys to -1 10.

12:32: Phil Mickelson has not been able to mount a charge. It is wide, even through 16 holes. In his last eight holes had seven pairs and one birdie. Tiger is in trouble off the tee again, landing in a bunker right on No. 6.

12:28: Tiger gets on the green, leaving himself a 3 feet for birdie. That drains the recovery from a stroke, finally, and in 4 to 14 holes.

12:24: Tiger is in good shape in the whole par 5, 565-yard fifth. His second shot sails over the green, but is in good shape to get a hit back here.

12:20: Jerry Kelly is another hope of the United States this week. He finished the second round to -3, tied for second with Adam Scott.

12:14, Stricker birdies back and extends his lead to three strokes. He is to -6 to 10 holes.

12:10: Tiger out of the bunker on hole 4 but leaves himself a 30 feet high. You cannot sink and dropping another shot at five. That also makes it eight in the last 8 holes.

12:05: Tiger hangs his head after his tee shot on the par-3, 219-yard fourth hole. He is in a bunker again.

11:59: Tiger has an uphill, 10-meter putt for birdie on hole 3, but has a good line. For the pair is established after a series of bogeys and stands at 4 to 12.

11:54: Steve Stricker pushes his lead to two strokes with a birdie on hole 18. He had five birdies and bogeys rather than the back nine, and now goes to No. 1.

11:52: You can hear more songs of Steve Williams. Adam Scott has caught fire with back-to-back birdies and tied for second with Bill Haas to -3 to 14.

11:48: Back-to-back bogeys Bubba Watson decline of -2 to 10. Is a package of seven tied for fifth?

11:42: Another blow lost to Tiger. Are 4 to 11 holes and seven in the last six holes? He left his par putt short path.

11:38: Tiger goes from the street to another bunker on hole 3. Stricker pars are -4, alone in the lead, 8. He is one of nine Americans in the top 20 at the time.

11:33: Tiger is on the street at No. 2. Just your basic, solid tee shot, it really needed.

11:31: Bubba Watson bogeys and down to -3 through nine holes. Steve Stricker That leaves only the lead through seven -4.

11:28: Tiger drops another hit. I could not sink a 10-footer to save par. That puts him in 3 and 6 of the last five holes.

11:22: It’s getting the wrong kind of day at the beach of Tiger. He hits out of the rough and a bunker on hole 1.

11:16: Tiger is left from the tee at No. 1 as it begins the first nine holes.

11:09: Woods completed his first nine with a double bogey. He’s gone from -3 to 2.

11:06: Woods blasts from the bunker with his fourth shot. Is about 12 feet for a bogey on hole 18. It got ugly fast for him.

11:01: This is getting painful to watch. Woods’ third shot at No. 18 is on its way to the left. His hand comes out of the club and is a wrong approach from all angles.

10:58: For all who have Steve Stricker in Las Vegas, is now tied with -4 and Watson for the lead. Meanwhile, Woods’ mounting problems. His tee shot on the 18th hole was plugged and it’s 40 meters on his second shot.

10:54: Woods, 3 wood really is, and go right again. Everything depends on being in the bunker. All their problems have come up with errant shots to the right.

10:51: Woods, who has had problems with the driver today, approaches No. 18, 491 yards, par 4.

10:47: birdie putt Woods along the 17th hole means the hole. Collector will have a pair that calms down a bit.

10:45: This is a league table of all the U.S.. -4 Watson is being chased by Stricker, Haas, Jerry Kelly and Sowards.

10:43: Woods plays safe on the 17th hole. It is safely on the green with about 18 to 20 feet for a birdie. After the adventure of the No. 15 and 16 was probably a smart move by Woods.

10:38: Woods gets in a bogey putt on the 16th hole. He has turned his three hits and is in even with two to play in his first nine. He goes to No. 17, 207 yards, par 3.

10:35: Bubba Watson now at -4, and the only leader.

10:34: It’s hard to believe we are seeing the mini-crisis of Woods. He had played well to get to -3. Then a double-bogey at 15 and is in serious trouble at No. 16, is back in the sand. Another bogey (at best).

10:32: The last generation used to seeing (Tom) Watson contend in the majors and now the following is Bubba Watson. He is tied at -3 with Ross Fisher, Steve Stricker and Bill Haas.

10:30: Woods, from 169 feet in the sand, has extra club to get over the lip. As soon as he uttered an expletive and hit the left side and cut end.

10:24: The wheels are now coming out of Woods. Hit the sand in the hole 16. His ball really flew. All Woods’ poor shots have flown right direction.

10:21: Woods, Harrington and love about No. 16, 476 yards, par 4.

10:18: Ross Fisher, Bubba Watson, Steve Stricker and Bill Haas are leading the field of -3.

10:16: Disaster is in the end Woods. The double-bogeys No. 15 and get a -1 in his first nine.

10:14: Woods now has a long putt bogey. This is a necessity for man.

10:06: Oh no! Woods goes into the water at No. 15, 260 yards, par 3. He hit in the area that is verboten in this hole. Playing partner Davis Love III and Padraig Harrington also shot horrible, but in the other direction to the crowd around the green. The day he’s playing well, Woods has hit two tee shots terrible, but had a big comeback at No. 12. That can not happen in the hole 15. You will have to chip for par.

10:05: Fisher only bogey No. 16, which puts a group – including Woods and Stricker now – at the top to -3.

10:03: The leader Ross Fisher of England is being chased by a crowd of players from the U.S. including Woods and Brendan Steele (-3), Bubba Watson, Steve Stricker and Bill Haas (-2).

10:02: Phil Mickelson Here’s your update. After a bogey to start in the No. 10 has had one birdie and four pairs. Given that the experts are saying the back nine is playing easier than the front, Mickelson has to get a bit dazed, in his Get-Along.

9:57: Another birdie for Woods. He is -3. Turns out he could have been playing us for the last two weeks. Either that, or Bryon Bell is the largest in the history of golf caddy.

9:52: We’re seeing Tiger harvest now. Was 106 yards in his approach and hit a sand wedge to five feet. A unit of 352 yards in the perfect position certainly does not hurt.

9:50: Here is a wonder: Ryo Ishikawa of Japan is at five after six holes. He already has a double bogey and triple.

9:46: Brendan Steele has joined with Watney to -3 -4 Ross Fisher follows. Currently there are six U.S. players in the top 10.

9:43: Woods has a copy of the driver in his hands at 14. After flying one in the multitude of No. 12, hit a monster draw. He has seemed to fix what ailed him.

9:41: Steve Stricker, many experts thought to win this series, is now a -2 to start the round with back-to-back birdies.

9:38: Luke Donald now -2, while trying to get away the best players ever “to …” list. Woods hits his 3-footer to stay at -2.

9:37: Woods of the Gaza strip the ball about four feet. Now you have to par, but faced a difficult putt for birdie that could have rushed beyond the hole. His touch seems to be perfect at this time.

9:33: Of 109 meters from the sand, Woods is only on the back of the strip No. 13. Have a long putt for birdie.

09:30: Ross Fisher is a threat to run and hide in the group. He is at -4, after five holes. Nick Watney is -3 after three holes and Steve Stricker birdied the first hole.

9:26: Shot Woods, T (a wood 3) at No. 13 does not have the bunker, but not in the horrible position in 372-yard par 4. Nick Watney is -3 after three holes.

9:24: Woods birdies No. 12 (par 5 and the third hole) and is at -2 after starting birdie-birdie-par. This could be an interesting day. After his tee shot into the crowd, Woods hit a great 3 wood and then had a wonderful bunker shot to set the birdie. Watney Fisher and remain the leading -3.

9:21: After a terrible tee shot, 30 meter wide street, Woods has reached a remarkable bunker shot and now is 8 feet to birdie the par 5 No. 12. If shaved would think that was 1997 again.

9:20: Nick Watney has teamed up with Fisher at the top to -3.

09:15: The Woods approach at the par 5, No. 12, the crowd enters the bunker, but he stays away from water. He used a choked-down 3-wood. A quite remarkable recovery. But then what we are accustomed to Woods in the incredible business.

9:10: Ross Fisher is taking a flamethower the place. He is -3, after four holes. Romero, Woodland, Steele and Watney are at -2.

9:08: Love, Woods and Harrington are on the par 5 No. 12. They started back on the back nine. Woods takes first driver and the ball sails into the crowd. Your club will fly from their hands. A picture really, really bad 30 yards right.

9:06: reset the standings: Romero, Woodland, Cink, Fisher and Watney at -2. Tiger Woods is at -1 and Mickelson is back to par. But his early for everyone.

9:02: Woods put in shade to light refers to the hole and he will touch on a couple of remaining -1 after two holes.

8:58: Nick Watney has joined with a group of 4 to -2, with Fisher, Cink and Woodland. That’s three U.S. players at the top. These colors do not run brother.

8:57: The focus of Woods Hole 11 (his second hole) 150-meter distance is longer than would have liked. That is safely on the green with a putt for birdie, but he would have liked something closer to where I was. Woods said Wednesday he felt that his feeling would return.

8:52: Woods fairway wood has the No. 11 (his second hole) and divide the street. Woods is -1, along with Davis Love III and Adam Scott, among others. Gary Woodland, Stewart Cink and Ross Fisher lead to -2.

8:47: Woods birdies the first hole. This could be their return march to greatness. He started at the par-4 No. 10. Davis Love III birdies too. They’ll be talking about other things besides the Ryder Cup, if this continues.

8:45: Birdie for Adam Scott. Steve Williams has his head back in the game. Nick Watney joins Scott Ross Gary Fisher -1 with Woodland and -2.

8:42: Woods has a chance to birdie the first hole after a nice approach. Woods is playing with Padraig Harrington and Davis Love III.

8:37: Bad start for Phil Mickelson. The bogeys his first hole. He started on the 10th hole, a par 4. Now a duel between Gary Woodland and Ross Fisher -2.

8:35: reset the standings is U.S. Gary Woodland to -2. It is followed by Sowards, Charlie Wi, Jason Dufner, Stewart Cink, Ross Fisher and Brendon Steele.

8:30: There are seven players at -1 and five are from the U.S. Now, how to answer the question of whether a local guy can win a major? Hey, kid, because we love it.

8:24: Stewart Cink has joined the parade of players from the U.S. -1. Cink will not have to pretend you’ve been there before.

8:23: Posted above but worth repeating. AP golf writer Tweet Doug Ferguson. And that rings true: hole 17 has a patch of brown strips of fcked up, but no big deal. Tear Mild party dress …. player complains that the piece of turf will be the same complaints about having only 3 / 4 tank of gas in the car free.

8:20: Adam Scott pars the first hole. Maybe he needs a cart again to light a fire under him.

8:17: reset the standings. Bob Sowards. Jason Dufner Gary Woodland and all -1. USA! USA! USA!

8:12: Bob Sowards now at -1. If this continues, a lot of golf writers will be Google or of his biography.

8:05: Brandel Chambleeanlyst, said Tiger Woods would have been Jackie Robinson, but probably more like Ty Cobb. Very interesting statement.

8:01: Andres Romero wins first birdie of the day at the par-4 No. 1. Romero for the field: Come and get me mates.

7:57: For all you golf dogging U.S. because we have not won a major since 2010. The classification is now Craig Stevens, Ryan Moore, Bob Sowards. Everyone, even at par. That’s a lot of red, white and blue in there. Of course, if the past is prelude, they will be playing the Stars and Stripes Forever, but not for long, and my friend Dale Austin used to say.

7:52: Golf Channel just showed Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson from side to side on the practice field. TV would be a blow if they are closed on Sundays. Mickelson is shaking a pair of orange. Maybe it’s the color of their new power.

7:50: Craig Stevens is the leader after his first hole PARRINGAS. Brendon de Jonge and John Rollins both bogey. The field is now pursuing Mr. Stevens.

7:48: A recommended reading. Steve USA Dimeglio TODAY writes about golf for the next big thing.

7:35: Just FYI. Brendon de Jonge, John Rollins and Craig Stevens are the first trio in the course. For all fans of Peter Gunn is not the same Craig Stevens.

7:33: AP tweets fun golf writer Doug Ferguson. And that rings true: hole 17 has a patch of brown strips of fcked up, but no big deal. Tear Mild party dress …. player complains that the piece of turf will be the same complaints about having only 3 / 4 tank of gas in the car free.

7:30 am: While we wait for the first group to finish his first hole here is a tweet from the wisdom of the legendary golf writer Dan Jenkins: The key to winning in this case will keep it on the street so you can cut the vegetables in the middle. They are bigger than downtown Atlanta.

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