List Of Converts To Judaism

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List Of Converts To Judaism, This article lists people who have converted to Judaism and have a Wikipedia article about them. This article does not differentiate between the different branches of Judaism. See also Who is a Jew? on issues related to the acceptance of conversions throughout the Jewish community.

(A number of prominent figures, such as Madonna, have recently become followers of “new age” version of Kabbalah, derived from the body of Jewish mystical teaching also called Kabbalah, but do not consider themselves – and are not considered – Jewish.)

Christian Proselyte Communities
Bnei Menashe
Bene Ephraim Claim to be Jews who converted to Christianity, then converted back to Judaism
B’nai Moshe (Inca Jews)
San Nicandro Jews
Veracruz Jews
Former Christian clergy/theologians
Nicolas Antoine, was a French-Christian Protestant theologian
William G. Dever, a former evangelical minister who converted to Judaism and became a world-renowned Biblical scholar
Ahuva Gray, a former Protestant Minister
Asher Wade, former Methodist Minister
Ole Brunell, former Lutheran Minister. Shlomo Ben Avraham “Ole” Brunell, former Lutheran minister from Finland and Australia. Along with him, his wife Ruth (formerly Runa), two adult daughters, two teenage daughters, and a former son-in-law also converted.
Skipp Porteous, former Pentecostal minister
Other Christians who converted to Judaism
Abraham ben Abraham Potacki, Polish count, the famed “Ger Tzedek” (former Roman Catholic)
Moses ben Avraham Avinu
Aquila of Sinope, Bible translator
Tom Arnold, actor
Rafael Cansinos Assens, Spanish poet, essayist, literary critic and translator
Abraham of Augsburg
Carroll Baker, American actress
Elizabeth Banks, American actress
Steve Bedwell, Australian comedian
Polly Bergen, American actress and singer
Dany Boon, French comedian
Elizabeth Brewster, Canadian poet
May Britt, actress
Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize-winning Australian-American journalist and author.
Campbell Brown, American television news reporter (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Drew Bundini Brown, assistant trainer of former heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali
Sarah Brown, actress
Eddie Butler, Israeli singer
Yisrael Campbell, comedian (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Kate Capshaw, actress (ex-Methodist)
Nell Carter, singer and actress
Cristian Castro, a Grammy Award-nominated Mexican pop singer.
Elizabeth Jane Caulfield, linguist and musician
Connie Chung, American television journalist
Warder Cresson, politician
Jim Croce, singer/songwriter
William Holmes Crosby, Jr., physician, considered one of the founders of modern hematology.
Sammy Davis, Jr., entertainer

Sammy Davis, Jr., entertainer who converted during recovery from an automobile accident
Natalie Dessay, French soprano
William G. Dever, archaeologist.
Jacqueline du Pré, cellist
Patricia Duff, political activist and United States Democratic Party fundraiser
Hank Eng, Chinese-American politician
Miss Elizabeth, also known as Elizabeth Ann Hulette, was a U.S. professional wrestling manager.
Isla Fisher, model and actress (ex-Methodist)
Luke Ford, journalist.
Aaron Freeman, journalist and comedian (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Capers Funnye (ex-Methodist)
Carolivia Herron, author (ex-Baptist)
Natan Gamedze, former Protestant, linguist and a Swazi royal, now a black Haredi rabbi.
Lord George Gordon, nobleman and politician
Reuben Greenberg, police chief of Charleston, South Carolina.
Lars Gustafsson, served as a professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas
Mary Hart (* 1950) American television personality, long-time host of the entertainment program Entertainment Tonight
Carolivia Herron, writer of children’s and adult literature.
Monica Horan, actress
Joel Horlen
Carolyn Jones, actress
Thomas Jones (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Jon Juaristi, Spanish writer
Semei Kakungulu
Felicity Kendal, British actress
Cameron Kerry, politician, brother of John Kerry (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Jamaica Kincaid, author
John King, American television journalist (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Mathilde Krim, Ph.D., founding Chairman of amfAR, a well-known association for AIDS research.
Lenny Kuhr, a Dutch singer-songwriter
Anthony Lake, American diplomat, political figure, and academic.
Dr. Laura, American Radio Personality
Nahida Lazarus, German author, essayist, scholar, and literary critic
John Lehr, American film and television actor and comedian
Julius Lester, son of a Methodist minister and a children’s author (ex-Methodist)
Elliott Maddox, former Major League Baseball player
Richard Marceau, Canadian politician
Anne Meara (* 1929) American comedienne and actress, partner and wife of Jerry Stiller (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Adah Isaacs Menken, stage actress
Marilyn Monroe, actress (ex-Christian Scientist)
Santa Montefiore, novelist
Françoise Mouly, French artist, designer, and art editor of The New Yorker
Michael Netzer, American comic book artist
Jeff Newman (baseball)
Martha Nussbaum, American philosopher and academic
Bob Nystrom, former NHL player
Lorna Patterson, American film, stage and television actress
Rebecca Pidgeon, a Scottish-American actress, singer and songwriter
Moses Prado, professor of the classic languages at the University of Marburg
Roger Rees, actor
Abraham Reuel, a German, who was a pilot in Hitler army, and who then became a Jew and citizen of Israel
Mary Doria Russell, American author. (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Jackie Sandler, American actress
Norma Shearer, American actress
Shyne, a Belizean-American rapper
Karol Sidon, a Czech Orthodox Rabbi, writer and playwright
Daniel Silva, American author of thriller and espionage novels
Dubrovin Stanislav
Kim Stanley, American actress
Venetia Stanley, socialite
Joseph Abraham Steblicki (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Margo Stilley, American film actress
Annette Taddeo, businesswoman and politician
Elizabeth Taylor, actress (ex-Christian Scientist)
Karen Tintori, American author of fiction and nonfiction (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Andre Bernard Tippett, a former American football linebacker for the New England Patriots (ex-Baptist)
Jacob Tirado
Ivanka Trump
Bob Tufts
Ike Turner, American musician, bandleader, talent scout, and record producer. Son of a Baptist minister.
Chris Van Allsburg, children’s writer
Conrad Veidt, German actor
Mare Winningham, actress-singer (lapsed Roman Catholic)
Jackie Wilson, American soul singer.
Steve Yeager
Katarzyna Weiglowa, Polish martyr
Nikki Ziering, model
From Atheism or Agnosticism
Christian B. Anfinsen, Nobel prize-winning chemist (Orthodox Judaism)
Will Herberg, known as a social philosopher and sociologist of religion, as well as a Jewish theologian, he is also former atheist and Marxist of Jewish ancestry who was raised atheist
Suzy Menkes, fashion journalist
Hilary Putnam – Philosopher raised in a Jewish-atheist home
Mary Doria Russell
Mare Winningham
From Islam
Reza Jabari – Iranian.
Avraham Sinai – Lebanese member of Hezbollah who had an Orthodox conversion and lives as a Haredi Jew in Tsfat.
From various ancient religions
Aquila of Sinope (Acylas), from traditional Greek religion
Bithiah, from traditional Egyptian religion
Bulan, king of the Khazars, from traditional Khazar religion
Jethro, priest of Midian and father-in-law of Moses , from a Mideastern religion
Makeda, queen of Sheba, from a Mideastern or Ethiopian religion
Dhu Nuwas, king of Yemen, from a Mideastern religion
Obadiah the prophet, from a Mideastern religion
Sh’maya, Sage and President of the Sanhedrin, apparently from a Mideastern religion
Avtalyon, Sage and Vice-President of the Sanhedrin, apparently from a Mideastern religion
Onkelos, Hebrew scholar and translator, from ancient Roman religion
Ruth, great-grandmother of King David, from a Near Eastern religion.
Helena, queen of Adiabene, from traditional Greek religion.
Izates bar Monobaz, king of Adiabene, from a Persian or Mideastern religion.
Symacho, wife of Izates bar Monobaz, from a Persian or Mideastern religion.
Monobaz II, king of Adiabene, from a Persian or Mideastern religion.
Khazars, a semi-nomadic Turkic people from Central Asia (historical Khazaria), many of whom converted to Judaism en masse in the 8th and 9th Centuries CE from a Khazar religion.
Osenath, from Canaanite religion (her name relates to Anat)
Zipporah, from a Mideastern or northern African religion
Yael, from Canaanite or another Near Eastern religion
Flavia Domitilla, from traditional ancient Roman religion (possibly to Jewish Christianity, as she is also a Christian saint)
Titus Flavius Clemens (consul), great-nephew of the Roman Emperor Vespasian, from traditional Roman religion (possibly to Jewish Christianity, as he is also a Christian saint)
Fulvia (wife of Saturninus), wife of Emperor Tiberius’ close friend, Saturninus, from traditional Roman religion.
Tub’a Abu Kariba As’ad, from Arabian religion, was the Himyarite king of Yemen. He ruled Yemen from 390-420 CE.
Paulina Beturia, from traditional Roman religion

From Samaritanism
Sofi Tzadka

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