Ligature Hanging

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Ligature HangingLigature Hanging:It will not be easy to convince the village to remain Kokong found hanging under a tree outside the village, belongs to Ogorogile
Bonanni, a man who was looking for him since October of last year.
[Kokong population] This is despite the forensic reports, which have been brought to their attention by the police. This week, the voice went to the bottom of this issue to find out where the confusion lies. It was clear that confusion and uncertainty caused by the fact that the autopsy results after the failure of the statement of cause of death, and lack of confidence in police investigations, and how terrible a decomposing body was incomplete and the allegations by traditional physicians that may prevent the Ponant to Zombie.
However, the DNA) tests confirmed that the remains belonged to Bonanni, but after death can not tell because of the nature of death was found on a decomposing body and incomplete. The pathologist who performed the autopsy said the body had died three days before the autopsy after death.
“The deceased’s body was decomposed and incomplete, and was found hanging by a rope from a tree in the skin of land Thebeeyoo Mokha. And the body is decomposed and partly mummified. The skin is difficult and bronzish in color and adherent to the bone,” read part of the report.
It was also suggested that the report verbatim what has been discovered at the site of the accident was the President and the shell of his ribs under the t-shirt. Lower part of all gold, including the insides, stomach, intestines, kidneys, ureters, suprarenal glands, bladder, pancreas, and generative organs, among others.
“There is no ante-mortem fractures or injuries were present in the body. And slightly inclined completely encircling groove such as a present under the ligature measured 30×3.5 cm, with no significant bruising in the tissues beneath. Mummified skin edges in the coastal margin is lacerated. Membrane absent At the bilateral level. in the mouth and tongue partially open mummified. collapsed eyeball bulged left and right of the eyeball. scalp hair is black and 1.5 cm and 1cm black beard. skull intact with the brain decomposed, “said the report.
Ligature Hanging 2The scene was horrific in fact that even these elderly villagers, such as Keaobaka Keofitlhetse and the village chief, spent sleepless nights Maologa Moalafi after to see what remained. “I did not like what I saw and I spent three days failing to sleep. If not the body of rights, but the dead monkey. What we want is our child that we know is still missing and the dead. We will continue to search for, and we will not tire, comes the next year or in the next year after, we search until we find him, “he said Keofitlhetse villagers gathered in the main Kokong Kgotla this week.
The argument is that if it still belongs to Bonanni, where he was on the rest of the body. Medical examiner results indicate that there are animal waste and claw impressions on the ground, suggesting that it could be devoured by wild animals.
Pathologist further reports that the clothing found scattered at the scene and identified as belonging to his sister, Bonanni, KebaemetsePonant, which now claims she did not know some of the clothes.
Leader of the village also kept changing stories about what remains. He said in the first half of the body sculpture was full of dust, but one population, and Leuba Nthaile stood up and said thevillage head were misleading. Nthaile commander said he did not go to the scene, and therefore it was misleading for him to say that the dust rising from the remains of sculpture or alleged.
“What I meant is that I went to the coffin and when you take advantage of the dust escaped from it,” Moalafi justified the remarks he made in earlier on what remains.
It Moalafi who spoke about the deceased relative, who claimed that he came to confess to him that he knows where to be found Bonanni because it has a traditional healer had told her he could find. Once again, raised further doubts when some Dintatile Bonanni allegedly called a man whose names are known by this paper, and told him that “, please refer to the man because the people are threatening to kill us. We did not spend your money, we will return it.”
Although this was allegedly said in a kgotla meeting in front of villagers, Dintatile denied ever uttering such words. When approached this week for comment, Dintatile that his words were twisted.
“I have invited the person who we were said to have sold the Ponant and told him to return to the Kokong to be able to clear our names. What I said was ‘please come back because we are being accused of selling Bonanni you, people kill us’,” he explained.

Police accused of failing Kokong in this case samples were taken to the forensic laboratories to verify the findings. And mummified muscle tissue have maintained the DNA and blood samples from Kebaemetse Bonanni and his mother, his sister Keorapetse Noko used in the test. According to the scientists Foreinsic, Billy Sethato who tested the DNA (), and get a glimpse of the samples provided are consistent with Noko Keorapetse being the biological mother of both KebaemetsePonant and the source of muscle tissue provided. Sethato more findings indicate that the source indicated that the muscle tissue of males.
And DNA is a complex substance found in the cells of the human body. It carries the genetic information that determines the natural characteristics of the person. For a particular individual, find the DNA in cells is the same in all parts remains the same for their entire life. With the exception of identical twins DNA of every person is unique despite the fact that current technology does not allow to examine each one difference between people. Each individual inherits half of its articles of DNA from each of their natural parents.
And techniques used by the Botswana Police Forensic Science Laboratory to look at nine specific areas of hyper variable DNA molecules called short tandem repeats (STRs) that are used together with the sex determining region called amelogenin. These are regions of DNA, which is known to show great variation between individuals, and thus can be used for identification purposes.
Techniques of DNA profiling can therefore be used to exclude anyone categorically as a donor from an unknown source of DNA or biological parent and another individual may often provide very compelling evidence of association.

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