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Lauren Alaina, Matt Dillard comes from a family that took in more than 700 children home. It is country boy a big ol ‘with a hat and overalls, and Josh Groban sings like an angel. I love this child, and I am glad he is through, because if this beauty queen has got a golden ticket, he should, too. Hope he does, because he is adorable.

Alain Lauren was introduced as the best audition of the day, and I agree it is good mindblowingly. She is 15, but connects to the song and the emotions of sad Tim and Faith song she sings. I had goosebumps. This kid … it is known, all you crazy kids – that’s what the talent is. She has a beautiful voice, humility and presence. It is simply fabulous. And when she sings, “Do not want to Miss A Thing” with Tyler, her parents look like they will explode. Her love.

Chelsee and Rob also said “No” – in love with each other. They are partners in ancient song and former lovers who claim to have no romantic chemistry more. But boy, can they sing together sweet! The judges think they will get back together. I too fear that the boyfriend is grilled fresh Chelsee. I love them.

Allen Lewis is a person who scares a little racist references ice cream, chase women around the waiting room and I would be very slow to anger, because it is a scary person. But it seems kind of sweet. And crazy.

I hope stormi beauty queen is good, because I cannot take more than that. She has a pretty voice, but it could be embarrassing if all she does is blown this thing. I agree with JLo. Her voice is not strong enough. This is the first time I’ve never missed Simon this year because he could have cut the track. Again, it has its share of pretty non-talents, too. I feel you, JLo.

I feel the work ethic of Adrienne, a farm girl adopted by the agricultural population of a different race sweet. This is my favorite kind of hearing, because it is the point – even without the backdrop beautiful, she can sing. So it goes. And I liked to call her father, who reminds me so much of my late grandfather – a taciturn, hard-working guys in the South who do not get emotional – “Who will pay your way?” Has he asked when he said her good fortune? But he did this great laugh and you know he was so excited. Her love.

Kamel is apparently the soloist of a choir who cannot hear.

Clown Town Brigade continues, with some bad singers and a kind man in a full body suit. I would pay to have seen this hearing.

Jackie Wilson, you might be surprised, is not an African-American singer who died the legend of good and glory, but a sweet blonde girl with a boyfriend a thousand years. Both sing beautifully.

Lauren Alaina: Easily the highlight of the show in terms of talent, Lauren can be better heard by a female country singer on the show since Carrie Underwood. Her voice is not the original, but the quality of her talent for her.
After a stellar episode “American Idol” audition in Milwaukee, the show went a little south to more than one this time. Nashville brought us a lot of people who are not only below the level of talent Wisconsin, but not as original or interesting.

That said, there were still some standout major singers of the group below. (In case you do not include the theme here, all these people were finally passed through.)

Time to pack. No need to bother to go through the rest of the season 10. Regarding “Idol” producers are concerned, we met our next champion and her name is Alain Lauren.

The first 52 minutes (27 January), Thursday evening, Nashville audition episode – full of bickering ex-lovers, ex-teen Donald Trump trophy and far too many “crazy” people who were obviously in jest – c ‘ was like that once in ’97 when I went to see Blur and had the band open their friend’s terrible for them so they waited incredible in comparison.

Blur, as there was no need to build up a weighted average of the headliner. Truth is, the voice of Lauren Bryce was the first this season to make me cck my head sideways (at Little Forrest Gump) and do my arm hairs tingle. She showed emotion control and transmitted as a seasoned professional in Faith Hill Like We Never Loved At All. ” Then of course she joked with a mist in the eyes of J. Lo, quipping: “You’re too pretty to cry! Was it created in a test tube “Idol” or what?

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