Last Minute Halloween Costumes

October 29, 2010 by Post Team 

Last Minute Halloween Costumes, So I waited until the last minute, thinking all the time he did not care for Halloween, and now the guilt sets in is a party, dinner, party in the neighborhood who want to pass, and you have nothing to wear.

We were like his bad drunk last year two. It gets old fast.

Or maybe your child suddenly decided that he or she wants to stay home and handing out candy, you wander the streets with the suit. Maybe I just woke up in a good mood and has decided that Halloween is a good excuse for being a bit silly today.

Well, fear not here to help.

You can dash to the shops to pick up the scraps mid-priced, but the first step might be looking in your own closet.

Ask yourself first: “Do I look like someone?” Blondes with waifish bodies can remove Paris Hilton or that girl means “Gossip Girl” with little effort. full dark figures to embed Snooki of “Jersey Shore” or perhaps “Ugly Betty.”

If your natural look extravagant are not a source of inspiration, you have to decide whether you are a visual pun, corny joke or kind of person walking stereotype. These types of suits will be the best last-minute options.

You can go to an archetype: the nerd, the tourist, the Witch, the politician, the whore.

Or you can go to one of our favorite costume jokes: the wail. Went down the Internet, and our internal children to compose a list of some easy costumes designed to make people feel sorry they asked, “What are you?”

1. Take a quarter and a hammer, and tell people you’re a “room of pounds.” Note: Take the cheese is optional, given the joke is pretty cheesy.

2. Dressed in black, tie a cup around his neck and proudly that you are “a shot in the dark.”

3. Wear all black, and put a postage stamp (enlarged if possible) on the chest. You are the “black mail.”

4. Place the sugar cubes (or candy) all over yourself, and call a sugar daddy or sugar mama.

5. Tie an old CD around your neck, carry a lighter and you are a CD recorder. (Work on DVD, too.)

6. Draw the letter “C” seven times in the face and arms with security ink, or attach paper cut C of your body and have only become “the Seven Seas.” Note: This can also be a disguise for up to seven friends.

7. Get a small weight like a dumbbell or weight paper, and occasionally look at your attention. Why? You’re watching your weight.

8. Draw the letter P around their eyes, or simply draw a dark circle around eyes with black makeup and carry a “P” on his shirt. Yes, you are a black-eyed pea.

9. Photocopy of a room, and the tape to the back. You really have to explain that?

10. Make a colorful name tag. He walks around saying things like “I would buy a vowel” or “The world’s oceans by 500.” Why? You are a game show contestant.

11. Put a piece of styrofoam beneath an old shirt. Stab a fork through it … carefully, and tell people that it is “done.”

12. Paint a shoe box black and attach it to your back, and may be a refrigerator magnet.

13. Put crosses all the clothes he wore, and now you’re a cross dresser.

14. Get a cat and a dog stuffed animals. Use tape or string to attach to an umbrella, and suddenly you’re “raining cats and dogs.”

15. Find a larger stuffed dog and attach it to a long-sleeved shirt with safety pins (or something that if you can) and you are a trainer of attack dogs, but not very good.

16. Carry pom-poms, and put a sign that says “Go ceilings!” on his shirt. Why? You are a fan. Note: Cheering help the effect, “Give me a C.”

17. Wear all black and white cups attach wrinkled, plates, napkins, milk cartons, etc. to you, and you’re white trash. ” An old but good one.

18. Use normal clothes and make a banner that says “Nudist on strike!” Think of your political platform, “I remain fully clothed until Kim Kardashian stops taking it out,” or something like that.

19. Use masking tape to make vertical lines on a white shirt, and you can be a UPC bar code.

20. Buy a cheap bra that fits your torso, but has extra-large cups. That belt over your clothes, and things with the bottles or packages of herbs and spices. Now you’re a spice rack.

Well, do not blame us for trying to help. Imagine how bad costume ideas that will be saved.

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