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Larry King Marriages, Larry King has not had great success with getting married. Here is information about his many marriages.
Born: Larry King aka Lawrence Harvey Zeiger: November 19, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York. First Marriage — Frada Miller How Larry and Frada Met: Frada and Larry were introduced to one another by his cousin Julie. Wedding Info: Frada and Larry were married in 1952 when Larry was 19.

Annulment: Their marriage was reportedly annulled in 1953 by their parents.

Larry: “… the source of our attraction was that she was lonely just like me. My brother was the best man. Frada and I got an apartment in Queens and a white couch. But it never amounted to anything. We were together for maybe six months.”
Source: Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. 2009. pg. 52.
Second Marriage — Annette Kaye
Born: Annette Kaye was born abt. 1923.
Wedding Info: Larry and Annette met in 1958 and had a very brief marriage. They divorced in 1962. Annette later married Richard Love.

Died: Annette died of lung cancer about 1994.

Larry: “The marriage was very short.”
Source: “Larry King Files for Eighth Divorce.” 4/2010.
Larry: “I never told anybody about the first time I got married in Florida. Not even my brother. There was no wedding party. I was this young kid, and I got into an affair with a beautiful woman ten years older than me … After she got divorced, she told me that she’d done so because of me and insisted that I marry her. She could be very controlling, and I was never good at saying no. We were married at Broward City Hall … I never lived with her. I can’t remember seeing her much after the wedding — maybe a couple of times. Divorce papers were filed as a matter of course.”
Source: Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. 2009. pg. 89.

Third Marriage — Alene Akins
Wedding Info: Alene and Larry were married in 1961.
Divorce: Larry and Alene were divorced in 1963.

Alene’s Occupation: Play boy bunny.

Larry: “Because in ’61 you got married if you wanted a family.” They divorced after having one daughter, King said, because “we really never understood each other.”
Source: “One-marriage couples lose out, 3-time groom King says.” Logansport Pharos-Tribune. 9/29/1989. pg. 10.
Larry: “I met her [Alene] while I was doing a show at Pumpernik’s about Play boy bunnies. She came with her cousin. Alene was too young to be a Bunny at the time … But she would become one, and I was attracted to her right away.” Source: Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. 2009. pg. 89.

Fourth Marriage — Mary Francis “Mickey” Sutphin
How Larry and Mickey Met: Mickey met Larry when they were both working at the same Miami radio station.
Wedding Info: Mickey and Larry were married on April 19, 1963.

Divorce: Larry and Mickey divorced on December 6, 1966.

Fifth Marriage — Alene Akins
Wedding Info: Alene and Larry remarried in 1967.
Divorce: The second divorce of Larry and Alene was in 1972.

Larry: “When Alene returned from Iowa, the sparks came back from wherever they’d been, and we married again … My marriage to Alene did not work the second time either.” Source: Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. 2009. pg. 91.
Sixth Marriage — Sharon Lepore
Wedding Info: Sharon and Larry were married on September 25, 1976.
Larry and Sharon divorced in 1983.

Sharon’s Occupations: Math teacher, production assistant.

“That marriage didn’t work, he [Larry King] said, because they competed for attention.”
Source: “Names in the News.” Altoona Mirror. 9/29/1989. pg. B2.
Larry: “My marriage to Sharon didn’t work out … The real problem was that my relationship with Sharon was either a ten or a a one. It was never a six. Even after Sharon and I divorced, we still dated.”
Source: Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. 2009. pg. 123.

Seventh Marriage — Julie Alexander
Born: Abt. 1948.
How Julie and Larry Met: Larry met Julie on July 11, 1989 at a charity roast of former 76ers coach Billy Cunningham. According to the August 23, 1989 edition of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Larry proposed after their first date on August 1, 1989 in Chicago.

Wedding Info: Julie and Larry were married on October 7, 1989 in a Washington, DC restaurant. Guests at their wedding included Ted Turner, William F. Buckley Jr, Lynda Carter, and New York Governor Mario Cuomo. Paul Anka serenaded them at their wedding.

Divorce: Their marriage was described as “on-again, off-again” and the couple were generally only together on weekends since she kept her residence in Philadelphia and he worked and lived in Washington. Larry and Julie separated in 1990 and divorced in 1992.

Julie’s Occupation: Philadelphia businesswoman, owner of a lawyer replacement/recruitment firm.

Previous Marriage: Julie had one previous marriage.

Larry: “This is the first time I’m walking down the aisle with no only someone I love but also someone I adore and who is my friend.”
Source: “One-marriage couples lose out, 3-time groom King says.” Logansport Pharos-Tribune. 9/29/1989. pg. 10.
Larry: “I deeply care for Julie and regret that our marriage has not worked out.”
Source: “Larry King headed back to divorce court.” Elyria Ohio Chronicle Telegram. 11/14/1990. pg. 3.

Julie: “We’re together forever.”
Source: “Larry and Julie King reunite.” Syracuse Herald-Journal. 5/24/1991. pg. B2.

Walter Scott: “Shortly thereafter [after divorce], Larry King finally admitted what everyone already knew: ‘I’m not good at marrying.’”
Source: Walter Scott. “Personality Parade.” Parade Magazine. 1/30/1994. pg. 2.

Eighth Marriage — Shawn Southwick
Larry and Shawn Southwick were married on September 5, 1997. Shawn Southwick and Larry King Marriage Profile
Larry King Jr: Born in 1961. His mother is Annette Kaye.
Andy King: Born in 1962. His mother is Alene Akins.
Chaia King: Born in 1969. Her mother is Alene Akins.
Kelly aka Elyssa King: Her mother is Mickey Sutphin. Adopted by Sutphin’s husband.
Chance Armstrong King: Born in 1999. His mother is Shawn Southwick.
Cannon Edward King: Born in 2000. His mother is Shawn Southwick.
Larry: “I’m not Solomon. But I’ve had so many experiences as a father. There’s a son that I adopted, a daughter that I lost, a son that I found, a daughter, two stepdaughters from my marriage to Sharon who I’m happy to help out whenever I can, a step-son who came aboard with Shawn, plus Chance and Cannon.”
Source: Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. 2009. pg. 266.
Larry: Talk show host, actor, author.
Quotes About Larry King, Marriage, and Divorce:
Larry: “I think in my life, I have loved three people. Married all three. The other marriages I wasn’t in love, it was the thing to do. I used to say, ‘what if your wife called urgent, CNN called urgent, there are two lines over there, which would you pick up?’… I used to say CNN, now it would be the wife.”
Source: Ashley Reich. “Larry King: Host Opens Up About Divorce, Marriage.” 12/21/2010.
Chaia King: “This book [Daddy Day, Daughter Day] is dedicated to my parents, who have given me enough love for many lifetimes. I have been blessed to know both of them. They are wonderful people, incredible parents, and two of my best friends. Divorce is a tragedy for many children, but my mother and father treat each other with respect and spend time with me that is filled with love. I hope that divorced parents can strive to love their children freely without placing them in the center of emotional issues. I also hope that children can understand that they are always loved, even if their parents are not together.”
Source: Larry King, Chaia King. Daddy Day, Daughter Day. 1997.

Larry: “We are shocked when people marry several times, but if society would admit it, the truth is that many couples who’ve been married 50 years probably met other people and were afraid to move on. So there may be some envy in our shock, too. There must be some people who get lucky at 20, but that would be the oddity.”
Source: Larry King. “I do … I do …” USA Weekend. 9/29-10/1/1989. pg. 4.

Larry: “I don’t think I’m suited to marriage. Sometimes I worry I’m too selfish to have a relationship. I think I’m going to be sleeping alone for a while, a long while.”
Source: Good Housekeeping. 10/1989.

Larry: “I’ve always considered myself a good dad. I just wasn’t a very good husband. I was always off in my own direction. Even when I was married, a part of me always felt single.”
Source: Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. 2009. pg. 90.

Marty Zeiger: “The thing is, Larry is actually very traditional. He didn’t believe in living with women. He married them. So the multiple marriages can be explained in part by what happens when tradition meets impetuousness and restlessness. It was leap before you look.”
Source: Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. 2009. pg. 93.

Herbie Cohen: “… Larry is in love with being in love. If Larry loved someone, instead of sleeping with her, which would be the way most people would handle those situations, Larry married her. Strange as it may seem, getting married that much is his conservatism.”
Source: Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. 2009. pg. 94.

Larry: “When I look back, there are a few regrets. I certainly wouldn’t have gotten married eight times. But I don’t dwell on regrets.”
Source: Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. 2009. pg. 288.

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