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March 9, 2012 by staff 

Kurt Cobain Cause Of Death, It was a Friday, April 8th, 1994, and after a long week at work I was sitting down to watch some TV and opened the TV Guide. I had listened intently to the tragic news all day about Kurt, and was really surprised when I sat down and saw the information shown in the photo below. I showed it to my girlfriend and she agreed we should keep it.

On the day the body of Kurt Cobain was found, this was the TV guide from the Madison, Wisconsin daily papers weekly TV guide (photos below). This was a nationally syndicated show in its first season, airing this particular episode for its first time ever and so it was the same for virtually every city in the United States that night. I saw this and was so struck by how odd it was that I saved the entire TV guide for 4 years, which was when I first heard that Kurt may have been murdered. I located the TV guide and took pictures of it. I first published this on my website in April, 1997.

It all began for me the day Kurt was found and I saw the TV Guide, and that same night with 5 o’clock news reports that it was a confirmed suicide, suggesting a serious rush to judgment. Kurt’s daughter only has one parent left, and it is important that she know for certain that her mother was not involved if in fact she was not. It will be terrible for their daughter to grow up with any doubts about her only surviving parent, but it is terrible for a young girl to grow up believing her Dad bailed out on her if in fact he did not. You can blame Courtney Love’s bizarre behavior in recent years on her guilty conscience, but also consider it could be out of extreme grief and devastation over being accused of killing her husband and the father of their child. Being falsely accused is a painful thing. It has been widely reported and confirmed that Courtney Love’s own step dad believes she was involved in Kurt’s death, which causes everyone to wonder a little. But I have met some crazy parents in my life.

Kurt Cobain was an amazing artist and deserves that all of the truth be brought out once and for all. A lot of people saw Kurt Cobain and may have perceived him as somewhat of a Pied Piper of youth leading them towards drug use, heroin in particular. If Courtney Love is completely innocent, she should be spearheading the re-opening of the case, for their daughter if nothing else. Kurt Cobain was extremely important to millions of people. An investigation needs to be done, for the sake of Frances Bean Cobain, for Courtney Love, for the families of the 68 people who committed suicide after Kurt was found dead, and for the literally millions of fans of this amazing artist. In the relatively near future I will attempt to consolidate all of the sites which have a petition to re-open Kurt’s case into a single site with some corporate sponsorship or something to insure that it stays up, is the only list being done and that it is presented every year until it is done.

Below you can find a collection of information, photos and videos.
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I don’t believe any DNA evidence was collected from the scene, which was bulldozed a short time later, after Kurt was cremated also, taking the body and the scene out of the investigative picture. Below are photos of Kurt in the greenhouse.

Where is the blood in these photos? Most head wounds bleed excessively. This is not crime scene photos by the police – these are independent photographs by reporters and individuals. No cleanup occurred prior to these photos. But in neither of the two angles above do I see a single drop of blood.

Would a huge amount of heroin slow blood flow that much, or had Kurt already overdosed and was on the verge of death when someone pulled the trigger for him. Or was he literally dead already when the trigger was pulled? These questions still bother me. Courtney had just gone through an overdose type situation with Kurt exactly a month earlier in Europe, photo below:

Apparently a small amount of blood was located to the left of Kurt’s head, as depicted in Tom Grant’s sketch of the scene.

Here is a question: If someone had 3 times a lethal dose of heroin in their body, and they were shot shortly thereafter, would they tend to bleed less as a result of reduced heart rate? If so, would a difference in blood amount be contingent upon how much time elapsed from the introduction of the drug into the body? In other words, if Kurt was on the verge of death or just deceased at the time he was shot, would there be less blood flow than there would be from a man conscious of his actions and their implications, with his heart racing a mile a minute knowing he was about to depart this world?

Update – I’ve come to find out that “dead men don’t bleed!” If the heart is not beating, a body won’t bleed. In Kurt’s case, as you can see above, there is little or no blood visible in these photos. So, what about a person with a huge dose of heroin in them and a reduced heart rate that results. Do they bleed significantly less? Not sure. I have a video I will not post here of a man committing suicide at a press conference. It is so gruesome I could barely watch it. He puts the gun in his mouth and fires upward into the brain. I would guess that in less than 30 seconds several pints of blood have flowed from this mans wound. Where is the blood in the photo above – if you saw this video of this other person committing suicide, you would never imagine it possible that Kurt did not bleed extensively, MUCH more than what is shown in the photos above.

Below is the note found near Kurt Cobain’s body. Notice the extreme difference in the handwriting between the first 3/4′s of the letter and the last 3 to 4 lines. It is so obviously different from the majority of the letter. Some suggest that the difference was due to a large dose of heroin being administered or taken during the course of writing the note, but the dose in Kurt was many times more than a lethal dose and most believe he would have been completely incapacitated immediately after the injection, and thus unable to continue writing and certainly unable to complete a letter and then handle a firearm.

Here is the translation of the note in pain text:

Actual hand writing by Kurt at time Smells Like Teen Spirit was written:

Handwriting sheet found in Courtney Love’s backpack the week Kurt was found:

I would like to see an extremely detailedanlysis of the note above for sure. Which if any letter are in the note as shown above and in Kurt’s suicide note.


Singer of an L.A. punk band called “The Mentors”. Claims Courtney offered him $50,000 to kill Kurt in December 1993. Hoke was administered a polygraph test by Dr. Edward Gelb, who one of the country’s leading polygraph experts. Hoke passed with 99.7% certainty that he was telling the truth. Found dead on April 19, 1997 after friends say he went for a walk with someone they’ve never seen before.

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