Kourtney And Kim Take New York

February 8, 2012 by staff 

Kourtney And Kim Take New York, Last week, it was reported that Kris Humphries wanted his split proceedings from reality queen Kim Kardashian televised. The alleged reason? He wants to expose Kim and Kourtney & Kim Take New York, the TV series he filmed with her during their brief, 72-day marriage, as phonies. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with top celebrity divorce attorney Raoul Felder, who weighed in on why televised proceedings could be great for Kris… while being Kim’s worst nightmare.

Wetpaint Entertainment: It was previously reported that Kris wanted an annulment, not a divorce. Do you need to go to court to get an annulment?
Raoul Felder: Yes, although there is usually not a jury, just a judge who presides. But whether it’s an annulment or a divorce, it needs to be granted by a judge or it’s not legal.

Can both sides call witnesses?
Absolutely — Kris, especially, will need to. You have to have at least one witness who can corroborate that fraud was committed. Kris needs someone who was there when Kim said something along the lines of “I never really wanted to marry you,” or “I did this for the publicity.” If that someone happens to be a member of the production crew, Kris’ team can subpoena him. If they think something along those lines was caught on tape, but never used on TV, they can subpoena the raw footage.

So you think this is a smart move on Kris’ part?
I think it’s a brilliant move. If it happens, Kim will be subject to cross-examination. She will have to answer questions like, “Did you discuss the wedding and the marriage with your publicity team? Did you have a strategy?” She will have to answer truthfully.

California is a state where cameras are allowed in the courtroom as long as the judge agrees to it. What will a judge take into consideration when deciding whether or not to allow cameras into this courtroom?
He may feel the people have a right to know. This was a very public union and he may feel they opened themselves up to this based on the fact they put their marriage on television in the first place.

Another reason is the fraud issue. If Kim is found guilty of defrauding Kris, it opens her up to possibly getting sued by others. A lot of vendors donated their time, money, and services to this wedding. If it’s proven Kim never had any intention of staying married, they could potentially claim she defrauded them, too.

Would you ever be interested in representing Kris?
I don’t need to. He’s obviously getting great advice.

Do celebrity courtroom breakups make for good TV?
The only other one that comes to mind is years ago when Marvin Mitchelsen represented Joan Collins when an ex of hers challenged their pre-nup. Joan fainted in court. So yes, I think it could make for great television!

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