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November 4, 2010 by USA Post 

Kinect Review, Over the months of buildup, KINECTS Microsoft is finally available on store shelves. He has been promising a new way to play games and experience, but it’s something we’ve heard from other game makers in the past. The question you really want to know is: If you go out and buy KINECTS? Hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll have your answer.

Many of you probably know already, but for those who join us, KINECTS is essentially a camera that is on top or below your TV. Once plugged into your Xbox 360, the camera can track your movements in front of it, allowing you to control game characters and events by simply moving your body. The camera also has built-in microphones KINECTS it, allowing you to speak basic commands to your 360 as “Play Disc” and “Fast-Forward.” You can also use it to chat with friends.

If you already have an Xbox 360 you can buy the standalone KINECTS camera and 150. In addition to the camera, you also get a free game packed “. KINECTS Adventures” If you do not have an Xbox 360 you can buy a package and 300 that includes a 4 GB console and KINECTS “Adventures KINECTS.” There is also a packet and 400, which includes a console 250 GB instead of 4 GB one.

Short Answer: Between $ 150 and $ 400.

At baseline, the technology behind KINECTS is very cool. Sensors in the camera enable the system to track the movement of your body in 3D space (in this case, your living room) without having to hold anything. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before in video games, and more advanced technology than we have seen in the Wii.

Indigence. Because you KINECTS followed with a camera, you have good lighting and an ideal environment. If you miss one or the other, you’ll see that the camera has serious problems keeping it, often glitching, you say you’re not standing in front of him when you are very sure. Even the lighting acceptable KINECTS seems to work fine about 90% of the time and you’re more likely to encounter problems monitoring body, even in the best case.

The space required is probably the biggest problem facing KINECTS. You need a lot of it. The point where the machine is idle, you need at least 7 square feet of open space in front of your TV. No couches, no tables, no nothing. Just open space. If you live in a metropolitan area, it will probably be a problem. Personally, I was forced to build a makeshift shelf behind my TV in order to have enough space.

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