Ken Burns’ New Documentary To Air

October 1, 2011 by USA Post 

Ken Burns' New Documentary To AirKen Burns’ New Documentary To Air, Advocates hope fore the prohibition of alcohol failed to stimulate debate on drug prohibition, violence in the Black Market and the criminalization of more than one hundred million Americans
The history of our country’s disastrous period of alcohol prohibition will be broadcast into homes all across America this weekend, when PBS broadcast of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick prohibition, a three-part series in America is not “noble experiment “the prohibition of alcohol.

Advocates of drug policy are very pleased that the filmmakers as Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have taken on this issue – and we hope that the series reminds Americans about the futility of prohibition and its devastating side effects.

“Alcohol prohibition did not stop people from drinking more than drug prohibition prevents people from using drugs,” said Tony Newman, director of media relations for the Drug Policy Alliance. “However, the ban led to Al Capone and shootouts in the streets. It’s the same today. There is that marijuana or coca plants that have caused 50,000 deaths in Mexico in the last 5 years – but because the plants are illegal and therefore unregulated, people are willing to kill each other on the benefits that can make them. ”

“Making drugs illegal has created a market for violent crime, where the posters will face off for control of the territory in much the same way the gangsters did during alcohol prohibition,” said Neil Franklin, a former Baltimore police narcotics and executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. “The only difference between the two bans is that they came to grips with the failure of the experiment to ban alcohol after just 13 years, while the ‘war on drugs” that President Nixon declared 40 years ago, is still being processed more harshly and expensive than ever. ”

“My two children have had problems with addiction. My family has suffered not only the devastation of this disease that threatens life, but also the destructive effects of prohibitionist policies of punishment and incarceration,” said Gretchen Burns Bergman, lead organizer Moms of America to end the war on drugs. “Mothers were instrumental in ending alcohol prohibition in the 30′s, not because they wanted to promote the consumption of alcohol, but because they wanted to end the gangland violence and loss of life caused by organized crime, fueled by the ban. Mothers are required to join the movement to end violence, mass incarceration and overdose deaths that have resulted from the prohibition and failed war on drugs. “

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