Katie Couric Bathing Suit

February 5, 2011 by Post Team 

Katie Couric Bathing Suit, Katie Couric as the reigning queen of American media? I’ll take it. But first, let me tell you about the irony of my favorite girl in the wonderful world of American machismo: the two rock anthems blood athletics stadium, lust and triumph: “We Will Rock you “and” We Are the Champions “are Freddie Mercury and Queen. This probably comes, no doubt, practically spoon-feeding absurdity and irony for children from birth. But then, how could it not the ideal preparation for a weekend like this in which the Fox Television Network, after a marathon Super Bowl (pre-view and play) showed any new American commercial might concoct, will Follow up with a special episode to promote her new show of the most phenomenal.

Which happens to be “Glee”. And it will be all about conflicts and Gleek jocks. Somewhere in heaven, Freddie Mercury is crowned with an irony that simply cannot be disabled. A champion indeed. Nor is he alone. Here on earth, this post-Super Bowl edition of “Glee” will confirm that at this particular historical moment has become the celebrity of the iconic American television: Katie Couric.

Not Oprah. No Betty White. No Jon Stewart. But Katie Couric.

It is everywhere, the woman herself, rumors of his, the chatter around her.

An unfortunate brush with the disease turned me into something of a standstill in the last 10 days, and, accordingly, I watched TV a bit more than usual.

As I channel-surfed crazy, I came across the dazzling toothy smile and penetrating gaze concerned Sarah Palin to favorite newswoman around. And Couric is one of America’s best-known “Gleek, ie a system whose affection for the show at Fox high school musical is so extreme that she stuffed an edition of CBS ‘Sunday Morning” with a report on the show.

Therefore, the role of “guest star” on Sunday, as she, in the special edition of “Glee,” which was made to follow the “Super Bowl” of how the responses followed Republican State of the Union Addresses Democratic presidents. Whatever one may say about the empire of the Australian Communications conservative Rupert Murdoch, this particular piece of cultural contextualization, whether deliberate or not, as radical as any I’ve encountered in a long time.

On the other hand, Couric, in her actual work on the evening news anchor and editor of “CBS Evening News” was one of those shaken by angry counterdemonstrators Egyptian broadcast on Wednesday (more on other Networks: CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour ABC).

And this, of course, is the main story Couric that moment in history. With the Middle East in such turbulent times unpredictable, we could see the tremors of the largest political realignment since the fall of communism. That’s the kind of thing the network news anchors nearly sent to cover, as they gut their overseas offices or eliminate them altogether.

That’s what television network news in a traditional and sometimes good. Not even the new cable television is also open to minority groups nowadays you hear someone speculate aloud if, in fact, is not the punishment of modern Western civilization for 9 / 11. But the assault on the special meeting of government by protesters and new media, is clearly electrifying, no matter how it happened.

And that’s what news organizations want from their work even better to witness. So there’s Katie Couric in Egypt, being jostled and manhandled by people who care about the world of beer flooded superhype pizza-fed.

These people know that E! American magpies are channeling all the gossip whether Katie will be signing on the dotted line to become New Megamillions for Oprah when the current and all time Oprah evacuates syndication day?

Do they know that as I channel surfed, I saw in passing a segment on “TMZ,” where the guy randy resident longhaired surfer considered a coup swimsuit Couric and responded to her name enthusiastically to the question “Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer? Who do you prefer? “

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    She’s one obnoxious woman, but those tittays are kinda nice.
    Yummy and big !
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