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Kathy KarraschKathy Karrasch | Governor Jim Gibbons says he is not taking any bribes or kickbacks, nor did he fooled around ever on his wife.

Gibbons was to respond to the questions of a personal nature in the very deposition taken earlier this month.

He was questioned by the lawyer for the Las Vegas woman claimed that Gibbons groped and assaulted her in the parking garage after a night of drinking.

Mr. Gibbons finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place legal, with a federal civil suit on one side, and the battle long divorce from the other. Governor has a lot of important issues in store in Carson City, but can not overcome their legal problems.

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Lawyers in each of those actions have been asked whether Gibbons is immoral and reprobate. Questions raised in both cases have focused heavily on personal matters, which extended to the Governor by public life.

In October 2006, then-gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibbons appeared in a news conference, accompanied by his wife, Dawn, told reporters that he was a happily married man. The event was held so that Gibbons can respond to the allegations that he had groped and assaulted a ccktail waitress Chrissie Mazzeo hours after drinking at a restaurant in Las Vegas.

Criminal charges were never pursued Gibbons was elected governor of days after the press conference. But Mazzeo in the civil suit in federal court is still alive.

Mazzeo and her attorney Bob Kossack think the governor is lying, and not only about events in the night, but in the question about his personal life.

In the February 5, 2010, Gibbons was questioned, under oath, for four hours, and provided, in the opinion Kossack, contradictory versions of events, including the status of his marriage.

In his statement under oath, asked if Gibbons was, in fact, a happily married man in 2006, and I answered yes. But in other parts of the certificate, said Gibbons Kossack his marriage to Dawn was “tense”.

When asked about his sex life, Gibbons said there was no close relationship with his wife or any other woman since 1995, adding the comment “I’m living proof you can survive without sex for a long time.”

Gibbons testified that he had never been unfaithful to his wife, and specifically denied the existence of s3xual relations with two women linked to him in the media accounts – Leslie Sferraza Durant, a former Pl**yboy model, who accompanied Gibbons to the Reno Rodeo, and was seen with him in restaurants different and Kathy Karrasch, and married women as the exchange of hundreds of messages in the late night text with Gibbons.

Both Karrasch says Durant friendships with Gibbons has Platonism.

Las Vegan Wendy Mazaros says it has direct knowledge of Gibbons romance with Leslie Durant. Mazaros given under oath in a private Gibbons case of divorce, and says she was in the room with Leslie on 90 and that Leslie is expected to marry one Gibbons.

“It was a big role in love,” she said.

Under oath, Mazaros also said Leslie accompanied on several trips out of state, see Leslie picked up packets of cash from the business to be delivered to Gibbons, who was not in the office during that time period.

In a statement, Gibbons emphatically denied ever accept any kind of bribery or extortion, and denied ever lived in an apartment in Reno, Mazaros referred to as the “love the apartment,” or visit the apartment in San Diego, and denied ever accept any amount of money in a restaurant in Reno.

Mazzeo’s lawyer, Bob Kossack declined to be interviewed on camera, but says that the deposition of the governor did not agree with the statements made originally to the police and the media.

During the deposition, Kossack Gibbons Mazzeo showed pictures taken in the night of the alleged incident. Gibbons said he did not recognize her.

When asked whether he had told flirty or naughty jokes on / off while having ccktails with Mazzeo and others, Gibbons said he was not a good joke teller and said he did not know the meaning of the term “pun.”

Denied playing footsie under the table because Mazzeo said he was wearing cowboy boots

Kossack says that other witnesses under oath that there is flirtatious behavior and that Gibbons had his arms all over the Mazzeo once and two others from abroad.

Gibbons says the only time he touched Mazzeo was when I stumbled as he helped her find a vehicle.

He told police Mazzeo suddenly turned away from it without explanation, and it went directly to his room. In the deposition, however, said in a long story about the loss of the key to his chamber, which may be responsible for the existence of a difference based on the time exactly happened to his room.

Gibbons lawyer Pat Lundvall says her client has done a “wonderful” during the deposition. Says he was open and honest and answered all questions, even in the afternoon session when he joined them lawyers Chrissie Mazzeo.

Kossack lawyer, Bob says he has not yet decided whether to seek depositions from Leslie Durant and Kathy Karrasch.

Governor and sedimentation, which filled nearly 200 pages when you copy them, and provides an explicit profile to other aspects of his life, including employment history and education.

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