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May 10, 2010 by Post Team 

Kagan Supreme CourtKagan Supreme Court:The news of the night that President Obama will nominate Elena Kagan Solicitor General today to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens in the Supreme Court has produced a string foreseeable improper, very partisan and very often the comments from readers.

Those who would oppose any proposal for a Democratic president would worry about excessive liberalism. Some worry that Kagan has been a judge, although it has been the case with judges in the past. Others think it’s okay.

As Robert Barnes and Anne E. Kornblut write, “Kagan is the government’s lead lawyer representative on appeal and the Supreme Court. She was confirmed last year by the Senate on a 61-31 vote and was the first woman confirmed to the job.”

Many of the observations during the night broke the rules and tips Post comments on the story had to be closed for a while now and are under observation. I have often defended unedited comment on the base tables that provide a real window into what people feel and think, but a certain level of civility is a reasonable minimum standard.

Jeffwacker start with, who wrote: “There will be inevitable opposition from people who wanted someone to share all the views of their policies. In fact, I anticipate that some of these problems come from the left, as is fairly centrist Kagan . In the end, however, is difficult to argue that lack of preparation or the intellect to serve on the Court … ”

Aaron20011 said: “A smart choice. The Republicans will make some noise, but it will be easily confirmed in the final. Estimate that I’ll end up being confirmed by 65-70 votes in Senate.”

query0 asked: “So the Party of not trying to block the nomination after winning his previous appointment Kagan by a significant majority? Unfortunately, I’m afraid so.”

vwcat said, “will be nice to see another woman on the court.”

postfan1 wrote: “She is an imposter instructed to left, which has no judicial experience. guaranteed to bring the liberal views of the academy to the court. This is part of the course to the blatant political appointments to the court.

GMSS said: “The lawyer of the western U.S. or attending institutions outside the Ivy League missing in the bank.”

NoWeCant wrote: “Another bottom of the barrel left-wing activist get their hands on power. On the positive side, with no experience of being on the bench it will be more free activist and member intellectually timid on the court. Meaning less likely its impact on the vote of Kennedy. Repubs best approach November ”

Camasca said: “Only one or two appointments and more women are going to have a bank that reflects more accurately the gender divide in the country. It was time.”

KarlD wrote, “The Republicans and the neocons are encouraging the selection everywhere (in cups). Excessive executive deference, citing lack of opinion, the bonds of Goldman-Sachs, record low publication, the cowardly refusal to Harvard defend their principles in the recruitment, hiring for diversity (38 white, one Asian), unkempt appearance: everything a Republican could love. ”

All comments on the main article is here.

There are also comments on the articles, including the sidebar Barnes Robert Kagan’s biography.

twm1 wrote: “For all the right side going to parrot without thinking that the Republican Party to make the point that she has no experience as a judge, I would point out that Lewis Powell and William Rehnquist had no experience as judges, when Richard Nixon appointed them. ”

jkarlinsky said: “So you do not have judicial experience. Great stuff. Scalia has no experience in honesty. Thomas has no experience in intelligence. and Alito and Roberts, what can you say about the clowns, who were nominated by bozo Kagan head … should do well. ”

SavingGrace wrote: “Funny how Obama panders to the electorate in favor of your selections. Unfortunate that he could not have chosen someone for their ability alone, without paying tribute to gender, sexual orientation, and academia. Personally, I would rather see a judge with a rich record of sound decisions that support the intent of the Constitution. ”

thelaw1 wrote: “Obama replace a liberal with a liberal. Stevens, Kagen, and Obama are fellow travelers. So the court remains as it was.”

samuellenn wrote: “The problem is that is has no experience as a judge who is clearly an intelligent lady, but the problem is that Obama has experience we need someone to love someone is not america hows program change for the worse I guess libs can not wait for social justice. “

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