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June 18, 2011 by Post Team 

Jurassic Park 4Jurassic Park 4, One thing that can unite the entire Internet community is the bacon. Bacon and to a lesser extent, Jurassic Park 4 rumors. That’s why the news has just put out by the Hollywood Reporter will ignite speculation, once again, on the possibility of a resumption of the much loved film.

According to THR, Steven Spielberg has been holding meetings with screenwriter Mark Protosevich and “turning ideas how to restart the franchise from Jurassic Park.” So yes, it’s going (wheeeeee). Field of Spielberg and Universal Picutres stressed that they are not beating a script, as these are only preliminary discussions super.

Protosevich wrote the 2006 action remake of Poseidon, the adaptation of the Will Smith vehicle I Am Legend, and the criminally underrated masterpiece visual cell. So-ish sounds promising.

Jurassic Park is a great movie. Two and three, meh. But for anyone my age (or, like me, obsessed with dinosaurs at a young age) of the original holds tons of sentimental value. For me it was one of the first movies I’ve ever truly loved. Many people feel the same way you do about it, so the rumors of the Internet where huge “4? Mentioned.

The last big rumor JP4 happened in 2007 when Laura Dern told it was definitely happening. She told MTV -

“It’s happening. It is rumored that [my character] Ellie Sattler can be back in the woods, back on the island,” said Dern, saying the film hit theaters in 2008. He added with a shy smile, “You know, there’s a guy I know who told me he wants me to have something to do with it. [So] I have an appointment with a dinosaur again. My 5 year old is excited. ”

Then, reports emerged that the dinosaurs in the movie were to be equipped with weapons-grade by the government to end the battle. And the Internet collectively sh** a brick. But never that version of the film came to theaters and fans wondered if he would see Dr. Grant and Ian Malcolm on the screen again.

But now it seems that things are moving in the right direction at least. Or wrong direction according to this writer in The Guardian -

First, let’s get the obvious form. Jurassic Park IV will be terrible. All the signs are there. Michael Crichton has died. Stan Winston has died. The last time Steven Spielberg waited so long to revive one of its franchises, Harrison Ford finished blowing in the sky in a refrigerator. The omens are not good. In an ideal world would have become extinct Jurassic Park, once and for all.

He suggests that crowdsourcing the plot of the upcoming movie to save her how horrible it is bound to occur. Interesting idea – let’s keep that in mind.

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