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May 9, 2011 by Post Team 

Jumping The Broom MovieJumping The Broom Movie, Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton, as Wright) cannot seem to take a break. He is young, beautiful, intelligent and successful. The only thing missing from her perfect life is the perfect man. When she meets Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso, Miracle at St. Anna) in a freak accident, things seem to be improving. After an affair, he proposes marriage and plans to get married in Martha’s Vineyard before moving to China for the work of Sabrina. Only one small problem – the Watson and Taylor have never met. I am sure that any married couple can say that when you marry someone you’re not just getting married, you’re marrying his family too, and this is a lesson that Sabrina and Jason learn in the new romantic comedy Jumping the Broom.

Jumping the broom is as much about the importance of family as it tries to find true love. Jason and Sabrina do not know very well, and I’ve only dated six months before tying the knot. Jason has met Sabrina’s parents, but his family remains a mystery until it was presented to the nuptials. When we first meet Jason’s mother (Loretta Devine, For Colored Girls) is no surprise that he had doubts about entering it. Is irritable and rude and was determined to reject Sabrina from the beginning. Sabrina text message to her mother who was willing to meet her (instead of calling in person), and Taylor’s mother proclaims “One strike!” I admit that a personal phone call may have been more appropriate, but actually committing a cardinal sin here? Ms. Taylor will undoubtedly love her son, but becomes suffocating warm embrace, and the passage of time exposed to Jason as a darling Mama’s Boy who cannot find their own voice. Sabrina’s mother (Angela Bassett, the latest of Notorious) is more refined and courteous, but it is a mark of shrew. She is good at keeping up appearances, but has some secrets of his own, including a marriage on the rocks.

The Vine Taylor reaches as Jason’s uncle, cousin and best friend of her mother. The Watson arrives, as well, including Sabrina’s father, cousin and aunt. At first I thought the writers Gibbs Arlene Elizabeth Hunter and some of the characters portrayed as caricatures, because no one is obviously jealous, mean, and negative. But when I thought about it again, there are usually at least one or two relatives who can never seem happy for you, even if it should be. When Jason’s mother sticks her nose in the family business of Watson and exposes a secret from long ago, the wedding is in jeopardy. Sabrina is really wants to marry a man whose mother is determined to hate? Jason will be in front of it and find a backbone? If a man cannot tell her mother “no”, before the wedding, what will change next? Mom Taylor must decide whether to have a daughter in law or losing a child, the choice is easy and difficult at the same time.

Laz Alonso and Paula Patton did a good job with their performances, and shared a natural chemistry. While Paula Patton must continue to improve her skills, she defended herself in scenes with Angela Bassett, whose performances are usually above reproach. Romeo Miller, DeRay Davis, Tasha Smith, and Meagan Good were effective in their roles, but I have to give the nod to Mike Epps (Lottery Ticket), as the voice of reason in a comedy for her sister did not seem bitter to loosen the grip the mother of his child. I liked the movie and found it comforting, but there were a few cringe worthy bits of dialogue. As the fish out of water-Taylor came to the Vineyard, passed a few boats. The boats have nothing to do with the slave trade, but when a character said that he feared being sent back to Africa. After learning that Jason and Sabrina would be moving to China, another asked: “Would not even allow Black people in China?” Find jokes like these trite, infuriating, and no sense of humor. I know that the authors wanted to compare the Taylors and Watson, but that change need not be so strong. I guess if you highlight the divisions between families deliberately, it becomes even sweeter when everyone kisses and makes it into the final.

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