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November 2, 2011 by staff 

Juggalos Gang Washington State, The FBI just came out with a report that officially classified as Juggalos a gang. And one of the places where they are supposed to expand the state of Washington.

Juggalos, for those who do not know, are followers wearing clown rap duo known as Insane Clown Posse, whose lyrics tend toward the horribly violent. It’s a strange subculture, popular among street children, as I wrote in a cover story last year about the murder of a troubled 25-year-old child named Noel Lopez. A Juggalo and a street kid Lopez was savagely beaten to death.

At the trial last year, the prosecution intended to argue that the murder was “gang related”. This approach, which I found somewhat exaggerated, never took the test because the culprits were established.

Perhaps the recently released FBI report, known as the National Threat Assessment band, would have given legitimacy to that argument. According to the report:

Most of the crimes committed by Juggalos are sporadic, disorganized and individualistic, and often involve simple assault, personal drug use and possession, theft and vandalism. However, the reporting of the open source suggests that a small number of subsets formed Juggalos and participate in more organized gang and criminal activities, crime such as robberies, thefts, robberies and drug sales.
“Reports of open source,” incidentally, is the code for implementation of Articles mill media – the same source for a felony of the place mentioned in the evaluation of the FBI. Last year, a teenage couple walking by the Lake Wilderness in Maple Valley was shot by a 18-year-old, identified with the Juggalos.

However, rather than shooting or the murder of Lopez indicative of gang behavior? Lopez’s case, at least, seemed to be about two beyond the control of young men who were responsible for implementing some unwritten rules of the road. Some of the people in your clan tag rag prompted them, but no final script looks exactly organized.

Juggalos interviewed by Seattle Weekly insisted he was “down with the clown” was not violence. On the contrary, it was “family” and “loyalty” and others who can at least say they belong to something. Our sister paper Riverfront Times reports that some Juggalos, against FBI trash talking, are starting charities.

Before you start putting a halo of these guys, however, let’s reflect on some letters from the Insane Clown Posse Chicken Huntin song “‘

So tell Mr. Billy Bob I’ma cut his neck up Slice, push, chop chop, stab, cut What can you do with the drunken hillbilly Cut fcking eyes and feed your Aunt Em Milly
Juggalos if you are a band or not, this is a subculture that flirts with violence.

As if on cue, came the news until yesterday that police arrested two boys in Chimacum high school who tried to take a machete and a butcher knife to school. Initial reports of the incident parity in school tensions between two groups of students, one of them Juggalos.

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