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November 2, 2011 by staff 

Judge William AdamsJudge William Adams, They say that revenge is best served cold. In the case of Hillary Adams, a Texas woman who recently published a very disturbing video of her father beat her with violence, revenge is almost frostbite.

The video was made in 2004. I posted on YouTube last week explaining that her father “took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punishment for using the Internet to buy music and games that were not available for legal purchase at the time.” Her father is not only the average Texas. William Adams is a public figure, an Aransas County Court at Law Judge. The video was released after she posted it to Reddit, a site where users would be especially favorable to corporal punishment by a judge for illegal downloads. Redditors launched a campaign of surveillance, the number of accounting for local authorities and the media (and antics that the judge in ordering pizzas to his house). From there, the video gained national attention in a day of blogs, as well as local media in Texas. The sheriff’s office is launching an investigation.

Did I mention that the video is seven years old? Why publish it now?

Well, Judge William Adams has an elected office, and his daughter would prefer not to wait. “Judge William Adams is not able to be close to the system of law, you can not even have a trial as he is a father,” he writes in the description of your video. “Do not let this man never be reelected again.”

A viral video of beating your daughter with a belt must be even worse for public office that nu*e photos of what’s below the belt. Someone has already created a “No Reelection Judge William Adams” Facebook page, which has attracted thousands of fans. Sorry, Facebook users. Aransas County has an election next week, but the end of Adams is not on this occasion. Of course, the public attention this could lead to his resignation, however, tells a local news affiliate that the incident “happened years ago,” he “apologized” and “not so bad as it appears on the tape. ”

That looks pretty bad, especially for someone who grew up in a home that bad, even spanking. (The video makes me wonder if the other children who suffer violence at home may use the tool to help public shame, or if you are trapped in one because it was a public figure.)

The power of video here is pretty amazing. Hillary had Adams, now in her 20 years, suddenly came forward and said that her father beat her as a child, you probably would not have much traction. However, the video puts the incident in the here and now, almost making the seven years that have elapsed negligible. Adams certainly could not imagine his daughter’s punishment in the privacy of his home could return to haunt him years later professionally.

The delay in publishing the video reminded me of a story I wrote a year ago that involved a Harvard law student, who spoke in a private email to the possibility that intelligence is linked to genetics, and at both race. His friend then saved that email (as most of us), and a year later, when their friendship soured, email sent to some people, including a member of the Student Association of Black Harvard University . As with Hillary Adams, Harvard frenemy knew the right audience for your smoking gun to take to ensure you receive wide attention. The e-mail very quickly went viral, and the law student’s name will probably be linked to “racist” in Google search results for the rest of her life.

Of course, as Herman Cain could attest, it has always been the case with high profile people as candidates for president to keep things from her past returns to haunt them, but without any type of digital evidence. But that’s because these people are in the center of media attention tonnes. Now even if you’re not a media figure, the past can return to the fast and furious if there is a video, recording, or e-mail that you can easily spend online.

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  1. tasha gloom on November 2nd, 2011 8:32 pm

    WHY is this man still walking the streets?