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January 8, 2012 by staff 

Josh Mcdaniels PatriotsJosh Mcdaniels Patriots, Dale, Christian and Chris discuss the rumors that McDaniels may be coming back for a bigger role than simply offensive coordinator. But what would that be? Could he be the head coach in waiting? He might have to wait a while though. Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I went back to Josh McDaniels for just moment Chile’s — a young. Writing today’s Boston Globe and uninteresting. Paragraph. I’m gonna quote from a directly she’s talking about a league source. Talking about the situation says the league source indicated that — Daniels title and responsibilities upon his return to New England. Re began as a personal assistant in 2001 and worked as — offensive coordinator. Likely will be more than just — Wharton. It is unclear what that means though and whether he could be head coach in waiting. And here’s the part that she adds that. Stuck out in my mind as soon as I read that paragraph by satellite that makes cents. He’s gonna have something more than just — a coordinators. Title because in her next paragraph. Offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia. Currently holds the title of assistant head coach. And has since Belichick came to New England in 2000. He — taken that title away from Dante Scarnecchia that will not happen and sell I don’t know what title. Josh McDaniels will have but it won’t be assistant head coach year because that jobs filled and they’re very happy with a guy who holds that –

I know teams have also gone with the idea of an associate head coach as well. And that may be more title and anything but but that’s a possibility in in — to the possibility I think that. I think that there are grooming him for more in this is only natural question to ask. But I believe that they — grooming him for. It’ll bigger things down the road — possibility the agreement did did he is when Belichick decides to step aside within the next say five to ten years. But he would be to — identical to the Josh McDaniels why would you wait that long. I’m — I’ve heard this already.

They’re grooming him to be that the next guy — did well but but let’s go back around like a wave and Armenia let’s go back and it Daniel from an okay. You coming here is offensive coordinator. And and Bill Belichick says to you — one when I — You’re gonna be the guy Josh you’re gonna you’re gonna take over the program the very next question out of Josh McDaniels mouth would be — when’s that going to be built. And let’s just say — timetables right okay in a best case scenario Josh that’s five years from now. Worst case scenario it’s ten years from now come — guys — all okay I’m I’m — for that then no problem.

Glove he would have gone Q there was always the possibility of going to Kansas City and him essentially filling nets in Burlington city being the they probably closer to five years — that job but. I just think it’s a realistic possibility that he is a guy who is going to be next in line whatever is. Again I’m renting it could be — boxing it’s going to be within you know six months or it was six years but they’re grooming him to be the next then got alien going. Wouldn’t head coach — had to resort to — stock get a chance that the next five to ten year we talked about how bill O’Brien. Me — jumping decided to move when he decided to move and take that it coaching job there’s desire would you wore a head coach. Or when your assistant coach to be head coach to be able to move on to that corner office on your own program run for interest in I think for him there’s a level of comfort here. That meeting necessarily there wasn’t there there wouldn’t be year in Kansas City or San Francisco were seen — wherever that.

I think if you become a head coach if you fail. That gives you like more credibility. And the ability to become like maybe a coach in waiting. You know I hate the whole coach in waiting philosophy — it’s ridiculous to even if she he’d say she noticed a year. The office — coordinator this is what your power level is as focused on his job yet don’t worry about I’m with a Christian on this doll or — nicotine — it’s like a guy. It’s like you don’t talk but injuries when you’re gonna be back from injuries don’t give a timetable Judy don’t know if you could meet that timetable. Then your forced — bill why did you meet the timetable while. It’s just it’s it’s a ridiculous. Assumption to think that. Can have a job opens up. It’s just a bit vicious OK okay with the status of like the comfort level that he gets of being. In New England always been having a chance to win having a good great cornerback — really need to tour as much musical tomorrow up. But does — need to coral him doesn’t need to like he’ll find out what he can do. This is the best job in the world. Okay like being a offensive coordinator slash quarterback coach for Tom Brady who you and you notice since 2001. You have a relation with him upstairs Los Padres saying you know and then not gonna — to you. Also prior leave also mean look at Bill Walsh you and you’ll — his legacy was awesome. Utility in 11 so what’s left 49ers Joseph Montana left you know whatever the Eagles try to coach Stanford and kind of screws it up a little bit. But to leave and a high — best joke.

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