Jordan Powers: Teacher’s shocking affair with student

March 2, 2012 by staff 

Jordan Powers: Teacher’s shocking affair with student, A Modesto, California teacher named James Hooker is having a shocking affair with a student who just turned 18. The father left his wife and children to be with Jordan Powers, who is in his daughter’s class.

Just last week, James Hooker resigned his position as a teacher at Modesto’s Enochs High School. Jordan’s mom Tammie Powers called the teacher a “master manipulator.” Can you even imagine being in her shoes? Now she is working to find out if there is any way to charge Hooker with something criminal. She does not believe that the relationship started after Jordan turned 18. Do you?

Amazingly, despite all the backlash and the fact that he left his own family, James Hooker does not have any regrets about his relationship with student Jordan Powers. Wow! Something is not right here.

Now Jordan has stopped going to school, and she will finish her senior year with independent study. This also does not seem like a healthy decision. Now she will be with the 41-year-old all the time, so she will lose all sense of reality it seems. Plus, how is this couple going to earn a living since Hooker quit his job?

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One Response to “Jordan Powers: Teacher’s shocking affair with student”

  1. Richard Noe on March 2nd, 2012 3:32 pm

    I believe if there is no evidence to the contrary, I’m not one to assume different from what has already been presented. It’s not illegal for two people to have “personal” contact when one is a minor and one is not. It is, however, if the contact is “sexual.” I have spent hours counseling relationships, generally in those who have been through trauma, and the affect it brings to interpersonal relationships. In doing so, more and more relationships, I found, were true, to the extent of having noticeable differences from the “norm” or “material/ego” driven relationships. And in this, I’ve seen some who have left marriage, weather or not they had another partner, simply because their love was material and was not true.

    [If] their relationship is based on true love. It’s sad that the other relationship ended, but this would be where the two need to be. In listening to Jordan speak, she doesn’t sound stupid, or lacking intellect or common sense. She’s sitting in front of the news channels and speaking with conviction, and firmness. If this were a pedophile pursuing a young girl, as I’ve seen before, her conviction would be scattered (as seen in those with mental manipulation or brain washing) and she would not speak in the articulate manner that she is.

    If this is true love, then it is of the hear…therefore is what many articles call “ageless love”, because true love is only found of the soul and not product of the material world. Romeo and Juliet, a symbol of true love, and what many (girls especially) use to represent the perfect love or “soulmate.” In my research, I found Romeo was 49, Juliet was 14. In today’s society, people shun those with age differences, but use a representation that has such differences to describe the “perfect love.” True love is also called perfect love, and 9/10 of the time are divine inspired, as to their coming together. This is where my counseling has often come in. I counsel what are called “runners.” A runner is someone who has been guided to finding true love with someone else, but through the pains of the ego, and past experience, they run, because the energy produced in truth, conflicts with that which is not, creating confusion, and activating a “flight” mechanism….In other words, the “Ego” wishes to remain in charge, and tried to remain in control, instead of allowing the heart to take over control.

    Some say this trend began in the 80′s to 90′s…and could be because the end times are coming close. Others say it’s because their is to much darkness, so true souls to one another reconnect so dim the darkness, whereas they have the natural ability “together” to manifest divine love. I’ve read papers which have stated that after the end of this matrix, all that’s allow in the new is truth, and everything that is not will collapse before. So, some of these relationships connect to set that standard. Who knows which is the true, but what I do know is some of these relationships produce energy, and are built on a truth that in all the years I’ve researched relationships, is a rarity. I can also state with total conviction that if the foundation of their relationship is true love, only those who have experienced this level of truth will have understanding of it. One cannot understand, what he’s never experienced.