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February 12, 2010 by Post Team 

john-mayer-150x150John Mayer Play boy Interview Text,John Mayer Play boy Interview Full | singer John Mayer, @ johncmayer on Twitter, put this 3 – Tweet participate in feeding him:

Re: the use of ‘n-word’ in an interview: I am sorry I used the word. And it is a shame that this did so because the point I was trying / to make it in the spirit of the exact opposite of the word itself. I had the arrogance to think that I can use intellectualize / because I am aware that there is no intellectualizing the word that is so emotionally charged.

Mayer was bad luck to meet him in Pl**yboy (WARNING: [NSFW) access to a wide audience on the Internet within one day the snow, and when Twitterati generally in the home and are looking for something to talk about. And people did not talk. Between, OM, bracingly candid statements made by two to get as much attention.

First, N “word.” From the interview:

I have come on …. Very strong for this reason blacks love me ….. Somebody asked me the other day, “What I feel now to have a lid with?” By the way, is a kind of a contradiction in terms, because if he was really cross the hood, you can call it a pass NEGRO. Why do you pull a punch, describing it as a cover to pass if you really have a hood pass? But I told him: “I can not really have a hood pass. I had not entered the restaurant and asked for a table, and said, ‘We’re full”.

What caught my attention more than this one:

Pl**yboy: Do black women throw themselves at you?

Meyer: I do not think I myself open to that. My Dick is kind of like white supremacy. I’ve got the heart and Benetton Fukin ‘David Duke parents.

I had an interview with the eggs, and punchline of this joke falls … Limp. I can roll with some pretty rough humor or adventure, but this is not a historical fratboyesque cheap shows a profound misunderstanding of the superiority of whites. Today whites had condemned “miscegenation,” but white supremacy resulted in a large number of mixed race – the type of force. Meyer’s father is Jewish and I wonder how much he knows or cares for about violent history of the White surpremacists toward the Jews in the United States and abroad.

But what I said earlier, also appeared on the nose, and preaching even for my tastes sector. Indeed, it is an insult to black people say I love you and deeply misunderstand the difference between truth and humor. Maturity beyond the race for the (again, and comments) cultured on women by name and in general, and an obsession with universal experience, 32 as if each man shares the same perspective. (Note the words “This is what you do ….” If all men do, in writing, and let me know.):

…. During sex, and I’m just going to run the Filmstrip. I’m still masturbating. This is what you do when you are in the 30, 31, 32. This is my problem now: Instead of confronting a new person, I would like to return to their homes and not repeat the amazing experiences I’ve already had.

Hey, if that was his thing, and this has nothing. But it seems that overgeneralize arrogance and self-serving.

Using n “word” publicly often results in an apology, and this is no exception. I believe that the use of the word is not enlightened, but not at all like, “says comedian Michael Richards. But there are a lot of what is happening in this interview about race and gender. I was wondering, on Twitter, and after doing my share of venting, and listen, if we talk in directing a more positive direction. The people in my circle on Twitter really had some wonderful things to say. Including:

@ From bookofjames: the premise of your query does not really get to the root of the problem. Racism can not be effective “treatment” by the screening.

I replied, which was open to the random, Twitter fied pop culture for teachable moments, and gave my two Tweet For example:

I had a friend Asia and America who have used the words from another group for Asia and America. This was for more than 20 years in college. / I use the term, and a white student was studying me that it’s okay to use. That was a moment learned. Stuck with me.

I hope that the conversation was in the thinking for us, we have to send SMS form on Twitter. I also hope this experience has given the entire Meyer some food for thought. I have sympathy for the fact that celebrities make every step of those who had ├╝ber among the public. No one, but two of Meyer’s songs (including “stupid mouth”) contains the line “I did not occur again,” and now may feel like taking his advice on. But that would be a shame. Sometimes the only way to learn is from tampering, and get checked … And then you know that the check for yourself.

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