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Jodie Marsh BodybuildingJodie Marsh Bodybuilding, Glamour Girl Jodie Marsh stunned fans with a new look muscular – but says her physical wave is fighting for her kids. Jodie was famous for flaunting her body with clothes tiny but has admitted he was secretly dismayed her “loose” appearance – and was even two years without sleeping with a man.

But after a grueling two months of weight training regimen and diet, culminating in competing in a bodybuilding contest last weekend, Jodie believes that men have never wanted her more.

Jodie, 32, said: “I never have attracted the interest of both guys in my life.

“It was a real revelation. Over the past two years who underwent a total drought of men.

“Nobody was talking to me. I despaired of ever having a boyfriend or even date again.

“But since he became a bodybuilder I suddenly have about 50 guys interested in me.”

It’s very different time Jodie was so desperate that participated in a TV show to find a husband called Totally Jodie Marsh.

Over time they elected a former Jordan, Matt Peacck. They married in September 2007 but with the inevitable sad division in December 2007.

Jodie has also been linked with Kian Egan of Westlife, Fran Cosgrave and Calum Best, but has now found happiness through bodybuilding.

Responding to critics who say her new look makes her look extremely manly, Jodie said: “I do not give as *** what you say I feel sexier than I have for ten years ..

“I do not think I look like a man. I’m only 5 feet 2 inches normal clothes and just look well toned.

“There were times in the past when I hated the way I looked.

“Once I was on the Jeremy Kyle Show because it was suicidal. I had such low self-esteem.

“When I look back at some pictures of me in my” good times “make me feel physically sick.

“I’m very lazy, fat and full of cellulite. I used to hate my body, but now I totally love it.”

Jodie first weightlifting took two years ago but two months ago began an intensive training for the bodybuilding contest that saw her drop from a size 12 to size six and losing 20 pounds of fat.

She managed to change spending eight hours a day in the gym and consumption of fifteen egg whites a day, washed down with protein shakes.

Jodie, Brentwood, Essex, admitted. “Sometimes I felt like I was dying There were times when that collapsed, crying, feeling that he could no longer was so weak that one day I could not even carry. My own gym bag.

“But I was determined to do. I did in eight weeks, you need a bodybuilder nine months to do so.

“I had to pull my body fat from 25 percent to ten. The judges want to see the full muscle definition.

“To do that I went to an extreme diet. Bodybuilders preparing for a competition and goes on the protein diet and eating only chicken and fish.

“But I am vegetarian so that everything could have been egg whites and protein shakes. In the morning we would have seven scrambled egg whites with a cup of green tea.

“Two hours later have a protein shake. Then a few hours egg whites, followed by smoothies, water and black tea.

“I was not allowed fruits and vegetables and of course fat free milk so no. Sometimes I was so weak she could not string a sentence together.”

During the definition phase extreme, Jodie was also having to perform a brutal daily workout.

She revealed: “I woke up at 7 am and heading for the gym was three hours of cardio, two hours of weights, an hour of crunches and three hours of practice to raise ..

“For the contest you have to do a routine that consists of the holding of eight states that showcase their muscles.

“They are very difficult to make and keep – the muscles are screaming.

“It was literally seven days a week. I would get home at 9 pm you have to take my four dogs for a walk before getting into bed.”

Jodie, who was training for the Reduction of last week Physique Association (NPA) Mike Williams Classic and the Pro-Am Bodybuilding Championship in Sheffield, admits that her diet was dangerous.

She said: “My face was drawn and my parents told me, ‘You must stop this, you’re wrong” I never would recommend it to anyone else I’ve done it once but I would never do .. back on. ”

Your training program has also made her wild breast implants seem much more striking.

But Jodie said: “My bust has actually gone from a 32GG 34C.

“I lost all the fat from my breasts for the implants I had years ago are now very important.”

Some people claim Jodie new look would not be possible without the help of steroids or other drugs.

But she explains: “Before the contest he had to take a polygraph test to prove that the drug had not taken any banned substance.

“I have my body through bloody hard work and nothing else.”

Jodie battle to be fit for the contest was filmed for a reality show DMAX UK satellite channel called Jodie Marsh bodybuilder, which will air in January.

His determination was rewarded when she was in fifth place in the competition. Jodie said: “I was absolutely delighted that the placement order if I have never competed before is unheard of ..”

For the contest, had to slap Jodie so dark especially used by bodybuilders false – so obscure that some critics claim that seemed to have been dipped in creosote.

Jodie said: “I know that the normal light that seemed ridiculous, but on stage the lights are so bright that the chlorine in the muscle definition.

“We need a tan to make the muscles stand out. On the day I had to have four or five layers of matter.”

Jodie is also needed to be tan so deep it covered her 100 tattoos. She revealed: “You get to have lowered the judges believe tattoos affect the appearance of muscle definition ..”

After her success, Jodie is determined to carry out the competition and has her sights at the World Championships in May U.S. next.

She said: “The first time I went to the gym when I was 29, feeling fat.

“I just wanted to do the treadmill and bicycle, but I ran into Tim Sharp – five-time finalist of Mr. Great Britain – and he got into bodybuilding I loved the way my body did not look as toned so fast ..

“I also got hooked on bodybuilding gives buzz. By Tim I have now found a whole new career and new life.

“Before getting into bodybuilding I was depressed and suicidal.

“Now I have a life ahead of me. I have a new big body and I feel at peace with myself.”

Jodie hopes her new look and new program will inspire people to take a healthy lifestyle.

She said: “Anyone who feels fat and flabby as he did could change what I did for the competition was extreme and I’m not advocating that no one else ..

“What I am saying is that trying to do the exercise, you get the couch. You do not know how much your life could change for the better.”

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