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February 7, 2012 by staff 

Jim Ragsdale Spaceship Crash Site, “Skeptics of UFO crash stories have clamored for one, firsthand witness to the crash of a nonterrestrial object, with bodies, who would sign an affidavit (signed by Ragsdale on Jan. 27, 1993) and whose story checks out. There is now such a witness in the person of Jim Ragsdale, who has lived in Roswell for many years and has been telling his crash story, completely at odds with the [original] press release and Brazel story, since soon after the event. Ragsdale has, indeed, signed an affidavit, and with his public accounting of what he witnessed, the case for Roswell becomes that much stronger.”

Jim Ragsdale’s first Crash Site: (This is the site, now owned by Miller “Hub” Corn, which was originally owned by the McKnight family. It is about 35 miles North-by-Northwest of Roswell.)

Jim Ragsdale was a truck driver living in Carlsbad at the time of the Roswell incident. His story begins:

”We (Jim and his girl friend, the aptly named Trudy Truelove) were lying in the back of my pickup truck, buck n*ked, drinking beer and having a good ‘ol time when all hell broke loose.”

(Later stories, including the version in The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell by Randle and Schmitt, changed the pickup truck into a World War II era jeep. But that doesn’t have a bed with sufficient room to lie “buck n*ked, drink beer and have a good ‘ol time”. So when Randle and Schmitt used the jeep, the reader is left wondering what Jim and Trudy were doing while camping. The book also changed it into a wild night with lightning and thunder, with a 30 to 40 mile an hour wind driving dust and dirt.)

About 11:30 P.M., Ragsdale said he saw an object roar overhead and slammed into the ground a mile or so from where Ragsdale was entertaining his young companion.

After the rain ended (I’m not making this up you know!), Ragsdale and his girl friend got dressed (well, his testimony never says this, but it seems logical that they got dressed rather than drove around while buck-n*ked.) and drove across the rocky terrain to the edge of a short cliff. Using a flashlight in which the batteries were failing, they saw a ship stuck in the side of the cliff. As the flashlight was failing, they decided to go back to where they had been and to return in the morning.

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